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What V60/V90 SD Card do you need for GH5 v2 400 Mbit All-Intra Recording?

Photo Moment - October 11, 2017

Got a GH5 with the version 2 firmware update, and anxious to shoot 400 Mbit? Not so fast. Or rather, *really* fast… SD cards, that is. V60 or V90 is the spec, but what does that actually mean?

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The number of bits per byte has varied over time. When I started in computing, "byte" was a loose term for a number of bits. It used a 6 bit character set, but the hardware dealt with bytes of varying sizes. At work, we had an IBM card punch on out CDC 3200 (google :CDC 3200" Monash for some history).

Within the IBM world, we had 8 bit characters stored in 8 bit bytes, but as soon as you started sending stuff down random bits of wire (telephone service, the various LAN topologies), error correction of various forms as added, start/stop bits, parity, SYN characters, ECC. The bit rate is what the hardware uses, but there could easily be 10-11 bits/byte.
That is fascinating. Thanks for sharing all that, I actually had no idea!
exar got taken over, I think it went back into making cards quite quickly.
Yeah, but they've lost their mojo. I'm all-in on Angelbird and ProGrade.
@PhotoJoseph Surveying eBay, I see Sony's in the game now.
Yep. Again… Angelbird and ProGrade. Smaller companies making great products who stand behind what they make.
If you have a problem with your SD card, it's good to use that switch before attempting data recovery. One of the manufacturers has done away with it, I think it's like the x on Lexar cards - rule them out.
That's a great point. I have to admit that little switch has been more annoying than useful in the past, but you make a good point.
Lexar were bought out and restarted their Professional range of portable storage in 2018. Their cards now have V30/V60/V90 branding on them
U3 stands for 30MB/s write speed, not 300 megabits. 8:08
Btw the SD Association is creating a mess with all these different standards and logos ...
Very interesting and informative video for all pro videographers thanks joseph 🙏🏻
They probably changed classification to set apart cards based on their use. Class is for stills, U is for HD video (perhaps from UHD) and the newest V is for 4K, 6K, 8K video.
Was this shot at 5FPS 😆
What are you talking about…
@PhotoJoseph just watching the video and it keeps skipping frames and yes I checked it's not just my screen your video is very low fps or is frame duping due to software
ahh this was a live show, and yeah it looks like there were some issues in the transmission to YouTube. It happens… out of my control.
@PhotoJoseph oh okay didn't realize that
The 300mbs extreme pro from sandisk?? Or did they release those after this video came out?
Don’t know. Does it have a V rating? If not, it’s dead to me.
Any comments about the Angelbird V60? Do those also take 5 seconds to start recording again?
Also, do the Delkin V60 ones have that 5 second problem in all of the recording formats or just on the most demanding ones?
Great video, very nice research
Any card with a V60 or V90 rating will be fine. If it isn't they faked the rating 😬
FYI I bought two of the angel bird for my gh5 and it could not even handle 120fps. I bought the delkin and it works but lots of buffer after recording.
What about for the g9 is it worth it uhs ii card?
Yes. Writes faster, clearing the buffer faster.
Actually you can shoot in the anamorphic mode without a desqueeze if you want to shoot 4:3 in 4K.
DONT BUY ADATA! Just got it and my brand new GH5 and it doesn't work at all... go with the Angelbird like this guy says!
Hi Joseph. What about the SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO UHS-II SDXC Memory Card ? Thanks!
AFAIK that one is not V-rated. Should work, probably will work, but without the rating I can’t recommend.
Have you reformatted the card since you bought it? All cards need to be formatted in camera.
PhotoJoseph yes 2 time still doing this.
I have no idea. Weird. Can you try any other card and see if it happens? If it does, reset the camera.
PhotoJoseph it work fine no Problem in. A. Diferentes card. if I try using recoding mode 4k 400b 10bit in a single card it stops card writing speed too slow and if I put it too recod in 2 card at the same time no problem this is crazy.
One of the cards came bad from the factory! Thanks
It's so ironic that your video came up as a suggestion for me to watch. I was about to pack my camera and accessories up to return to the camera shop. I learned so much from watching your video. The salesperson owes you BIG TIME! Thanks for the information. SUBBED!!!
Love to hear that, thanks! Please tell them at the camera store to watch and tell their customers to watch, too 😝
Sony M Series 128GB SDXC UHS-II U3, normaly working ??
Working great! And much more reliable than the Adata's
+Beso Gociridze my pleasure!
Great Video! Thank you!
+Supermat Thanks for watching!
Correct I tweeted this with images of the 2 cards and Lexar actually responded to my tweet advising me to contact the reseller which I did and I was refunded my money however this is a scam out of China bought on eBay. Makes me wonder just how many fake cards are being bought,
+sector9films Do you have photos of the cards?? If so please email me directly. I want to do a story on this. But I need photos of the actual cards (front and back).
Yes I do I’ll email them to you
I have 2 Lexar SD XC 64mb 150MB/s X1000 cards. Labels on the front look excatly the same however flip the cards over and there is a difference 1 has 2 rows of contacts and works at the higher bit rate in my GH5, the other, 1 row of contacts and does not. Bought online separately, most ebay sellers do not provide an image of the back of the disk to reveal 1 row or 2 rows of contacts. I am returning the card with 1 row of contacts.
+sector9films The one with two rows of pins should say UHS-II (or just a “II”) on it. If the one with one row of pins says UHS-II then it’s counterfeit. UHS-II has two rows of pins. See this article:
I watched this in the mind set of a photographer who never uses the video function on their camera (yet). It was still incredibly informative and I really enjoyed it. I checked out your "BH Photographer Wishlist" and noticed you put a "SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO UHS-II SDXC". I am curious as to why you chose a UHS-II card when you were saying in the video that the II was more in regrards to videographers than photographers.
If I never really use video would I be better saving my money and getting "SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I" which is a 3rd of the price?

Thanks for your time and your great videos!
If you don't use video, you don't need V30 or V60 at all. Get a card that has the C10 rating and you're good to go. If you're shooting continuous photos on these new cameras, you might need a faster card, but I'm not sure about that.
GH5 has a 100GB size limit per file and will break them after 100GB even with exFAT.
+Michael Ma Oh how interesting! Do you know why?
Probably so we don't put all our eggs in one basket as card sizes become bigger in the future. Only guessing though. Tried it twice so far.
There are reports of the Delkin V90 cards failing even with the 400 mb/sec mode.
+mpgxsvcd yikes
All Intra should be used when there is subject movement or camera movement like panning. However, All-I can actually be inferior to IPB in cases where there is no movement and the scene is highly detailed.
There is no such thing as dropped frames in recording with the GH5.
I can’t believe you hadn’t heard of the Adata until now. I posted about that card 3 months ago? They work perfectly with all modes and they have no issues closing out the files.
There is a lot of misinformation about memory cards out there. Yes any memory card can fail. However, I have no issues with my Adata card at all.
I agree, but the question still remains. Have you recorded for more than 40 minutes continuously on your card with a GH5 at 400Mbps or otherwise filled the card with video at 400Mbps to confirm 100% that the card indeed is good? Or are you basing your “no issues with my ADATA” statement only on shorter recordings at 400Mbps which don’t fill the card?
Yes I just ran the test on the 128 GB Adata card. It recorded for 41 minutes and 21 seconds continuously without failing at all with UHD/4K @ 30 FPS All-I 400 mb/sec. It rolled over to a Sandisk 300 MB/sec card after that and recorded for another 20 Minutes and 50 Seconds.

The Adata V90 card is a legit card.
+mpgxsvcd Thanks for testing and reporting back. Super useful for anyone looking.
I have a ADATA 256GB V90 Card and at first use it stopped recording with the 400Mbps as it said it wasn't fast enough. Since then I got a few of the same errors, but most of my videos record fine, a few however keep coming out as corrupted, so I am not sure if its just my card that is causing the issue or not, but it seems to be a reoccurring issue and having read reviews and seen videos about the card, its not just me experiencing this.
The Delkin cards can actually take up to 8 seconds to close out the 4k @ 60 FPS files. Also my testing indicated that when Auto ISO was disabled the issue went away. There may be other situations that also cause it but I couldn’t find any.

Do the Angelbird cards work for the dual record function? I thought there were issues there.
Interesting re: Delkin. And for dual record; yes I've heard that too. Don't have an official statement though.
I have an ADATA V90 128 GB and it works great on fw 2.0
+EzzenzDK awesome 👏
Be sure to record for as long as the card allows you to record.  I've read reports on the 256GB ADATA V90 card that you get write errors on the GH5 after 34 or 40 minutes.  Seems like a serious issue, so be sure to test your card thoroughly.
Anglebird has SanDisk inside there Atomos Master Caddy, could be the same case with there SD card's?
Maby that's why SanDisk don't use the the V90 label on there card's, Anglebird could be SanDisk but with V90 label?

Just a my thought....
+Six String Studio AB interesting
Awesome review! Thank you!
Sorry the SD card review site I sent to you last time caused you troubles from Panasonic //ㅅ//
+M. Robert Marks no worries! Was a learning experience
I am using the ADATA 256Gb V90 SD card. It has no problem writing the 400Mb/sec All-I files and there is no lag time to finish the write.
+Lowell Sherris Awesome, thanks. Was hoping to get some experience with the ADATA cards on here!
I've read Amazon user reports about the 256GB ADATA V90 card that says they get write errors on the GH5 after 34 or 40 minutes.  Seems like a serious issue, so be sure to test your ADATA card thoroughly.
The cheapest 256GB SDXC UHS-II U3 V90 cards that I have bought and used with my GH5 with the new 400 Mbps ALL-I format are the ADATA Premier ONE UHS-II / U3 Class 10 V90 memory cards that you can buy from either or

The ADATA 256GB V90 card costs $289 US and comes with a lifetime warranty:

ADATA also make a MicroSD version of this card that comes with a UHS-II SD adapter and it also works perfectly when shooting 400 Mbps footage with your GH5.

For Canadian shooters: You can buy the 256GB MicroSD version of this card for $299 Canadian from
I've read Amazon user reports about the 256GB ADATA V90 card that says they get write errors on the GH5 after 34 or 40 minutes.  Seems like a serious issue, so be sure to test your ADATA cards thoroughly.
So if I am to get a Panasonic GH5 with an Atomos Shogun Inferno, V90 is pretty much the best way for 4k 60p 10:2:2
+JustSimplyBrandon No… the ATOMOS devices need SSD drives, not SD cards. Totally different. SDD doesn’t use the same ratings.
@photojoseph I had 2 Lexar 1000x SD cards ‘blow up’ in my GH 5 in the last 5 weeks. One under v1 firmware, another under v2. Basically canno read card, nor format. Have you seen this before? Know how to fix? Camera problem? How to prevent? Cannot seem to get V90 cards here in SA, and not keen to spend that kind of money if cards keep failing. Thx.
+Stanley Livingstone Yikes. Nope, haven’t heard that. But maybe they were rev A, as discussed here? I’d return them to the store if you can. Being that Lexar is out of the business I have no idea if they are honoring warranties or not.
Amazon and ebay are known for the low quality batteries, SD cards and other gear. They're basically knock offs with much lower speeds or lower quality.
The GH5 has an issue that UHS-I limits at 35MBS. Therefore needing UHS-II.
Other cameras and equiptment can reach over 100MBS on UHS-I.
Which UHS-I cameras and equipment are good for 100 MB/sec ?
They should have updated the firmware to accept UHS-I
Why wern't the Sony cards any good? They were your top choice on the last video and seem to have faster read/write speeds than the ones you mentioned in this video.
+Gareth Croft Fair question. No V60 or V90 ratings. There’s lots of cards that DON’T have the ratings; I picked a few that I had data on. Didn’t intentionally leave Sony out.
You should not believe what manufacturers say about the speeds. They lie most of the time, and they don't ever feel guilt. Similar to how 1GB is equal to 1000MB for manufacturers, when in reality, it has always been 1024MB. You buy a 32GB flash drive, and it's actually 28GB. I'm sure they do the same for write speeds. Sony cards have 300MBps Read and 299MBps Write. You can tell that's completely marketing by just looking at the numbers...

There are lots of people online complaining about Delkin and Adata. They have ratings and classifications, but they fail to record for more than a few seconds or minutes. This could happen because of the camera as well; The GH5 says 400Mbps, but it isn't a constant value, and it often goes up and down (350-450Mbps probably)....
Dslrvideoshooter says Delkin V60 fails.
Compact Flash cards have a controller. SD does not.
All SD cards have a memory controller.
+HermieDaddy I don’t think that’s correct. See this post which points to this wiki page then scroll to Technical Details > Interface. Controller.
You mentioned using the Write Protect switch when removing a used card, this is something I always do and advise people to do. Not only is it a great indicator that the card is used until I back them up and unlock the switch, but it may also save your footage from corruption. On a Mac as soon as you insert a card into the reader the system writes to the card, this can easily be seen as a series of folders that appear on the card .spotlight, .trashes etc. I am told Windows may do something similar invisibly but I can't confirm that. This does not happen when the card is write protected and I would rather back up my data before the computer starts writing more data to the card. Only twice have I ever experienced card corruption and both times were once the card was inserted into a card reader without the write switch being locked. Andy
+apntv That is spectacular advice. I’ve never heard that before but it certainly makes sense. Thanks!!
Thanks a lot <3
I have two 64gb Angelbird v90s, ordered straight from the company. FYI, works flawlessly, other then you cannot use the Backup Rec function in the new 400 C4k all-i or 4k all-i setting. I've contacted angelbird about this, and they produced the same "needs two identical cards" error like i did. They said they were in talks with panasonic about it, soooo ya. If you dont need to use backup rec in 400 Mbps C4k all-i or 4k all-i, then these cards are great.
+Royal Code Film Oh that’s interesting. Does that work with other cards at the same settings? I’ve never used the function.
I saw maybe 2 or 3 people have success with another brand, could be adata, not quite sure if that was it. I dont use the function either but sucks it doesn't work atleast with the angelbirds, because theyre definitely reliable cards.
+Royal Code Film I’ll see if I can learn anything about this. Thanks for the info.
Enrique @photojoseph  I am using the Lexar 1000x 64gigs
how is it? can you share which one exactly? can you record cinema 4k 10 bit?
That's what I'm probably buying for the GH5's 400mbps. Can you record until the card gets filled or the battery dies. Some people online say that it only goes to 10-11 minutes and recording stops, others say it can reach over 30 minutes. What's your experience?
I have had 2 of these Lexar 150 MB/s 1000 and they have both failed on me.
I am using the Lexar 1000x 64 gigs card, they work.
+Enrique Martin Great!
I have these and they have both failed !
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