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Wiral Lite Cable Cam

Photo Moment - January 25, 2019

The Wiral Lite cable cam is an affordable, portable, easy to set up wire cam! It's very cool, really fun, and opens up a whole new world of cinematography.

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How would YOU use this thing if you had one? Give me some ideas that I can shoot!!
Don Kingery mine neither. Still waiting and they are not responding to emails I was promised mine would arrive a month ago but since then nothing... I feel your pain.
Its perfect to shoot basketball games in local youth leagues or voleyball, where can i buy it in mexico?
There’s a link in the description!
I'm a beginner film maker and like you want to post short films on 1 channel how I film on the next one I'm wondering since I'm a young age I only have a mobile device but I have enough money to get this and I understand I should get a camera before this but this would come in handy with a lot of my shots so is a mobile device supported
Shaun any small camera will work
Thank You for Your last scene ;)
Haha glad you enjoyed!
love your videos man!
Thank you!
Hello Joseph - thank you for your video presentation and highlighting that issue surrounding the tightening latch / buckle.... I have sent an email to Wiral, together with the YouTube link to your video and have queried this possible problem with the belt slipping etc. I will let you know their reply - is this something that they are aware of.... although your video is last year in Jan 2019, and they may have corrected it.....
actually since then I've come to understand that this is by design. If it's too tight, then the camera is likely to bounce. It needs some slack, and this mechanism helps to ensure the "right" amount of slack in the line!
Thank you Joseph for responding to my message - which is very useful to know that the cable line doesn't need to be highly tensioned - I can understand now, why there needs to be a small degree of slack! My Wiral Lite ('Viral' Lite as the Norwegians pronounce it), is arriving on Sunday. Best wishes Alan London UK
Right on, enjoy! It’s a fun device. Can be tricky to get a really smooth shot with heavier cameras but it can be done.
Is there any way to shoot looking down the line without the line showing up in the shot?
Tilt the camera down far enough that the line isn’t visible.
(Nm) Neuton meters = torque. That number is the foot pounds of torque that is suggested.
Awesome. If only I could measure that reliably with my arms… 😬
Cool product video!

How much control do you have over the speed? Can you slow it down, like, a lot? All the videos I've seen of this product show it moving rather fast, and non one has mentioned anything about speed control.
Actually the speed control is pretty good. You can go quite slowly, plus there's a time lapse mode for VERY slow movement.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for the reply Joseph!
thanks for the review... see somone who used it in a great way :
Wow that's a really well done video. Great use of the WIRAL as well. I'm guessing that the WIRAL shots were done with a GoPro or equivalent, given the apparent lower bitrate and resulting in much more blockiness for those shots? Thanks for sharing!
@PhotoJoseph You're the expert! They used a GoPro that's for sure.
But maybe the clip on the tree is designed like that so as to supply exactly the correct level of tension to the rope? As you said “who knows what 40 Nn is??”
Turns out you’re pretty much right. I’m planning a follow up video
This is amazing, you look exactly like me!
Here's an example of what you can do with the Wiral Lite.
The technology is good but who has time to setup all that... Its a fast pased worls
LOL not every shot is run-and-gun!
Needs a better motor, one that runs truly silent (it can be done). Needs better dampening of cord vibration. Remote needs much work, you should be able to set a continuous speed with auto-off in normal mode.
Is there a slow speed setting for running it VERY slowly?
The time lapse mode I suppose is the way to make it the slowest. Haven’t played with that though.
Do the controls allow for delicate slow movements, with stops and starts, without causing shaking?
Yes but it takes practice
been using this a few times now and i is way to wobbly. almost impossible to get smooth footage
Hi, thanks for the funny and informative video! I'm looking for an easy to operate affordable system for my 5DMKIV with either prime lens or a 24-70mm... Maybe capable to carry an extra stabilizer like a crane 3 lab... I know the cam itself is heavy, but do you think this nice little system could carry a 5DMKIV? Stabilizing could be done in after effects... Btw I would mostly need slow cinematic movements. The speed mode looked just crazy :)
You’ll have to check the specs for max weight. Don’t forget to include the lens in your calculations!
Don’t buy this crappy shit!! I bought one during the Kickstarter campaign and can tell you that the customer support is really messed up!! I received a broken batterie and after 8 Mails and two weeks without any response the company told me as follows: Bad luck, we can’t do anything about it...!!! What! I payed $400 and they not even want to send me a replacement..????! Side note: how the batterie is placed inside the cable cam, is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen..!! So save your money and buy something without endless troubles!
Unfortunately it’s nothing more than a gimmick toy for shaky shots
Are you saying that because you have one or just based off this video? I own it and I don’t feel that way… I’m curious if you actually do.
PhotoJoseph Based on the footage you shot. I think it can work for things like YouTube videos but I would never be comfortable selling that footage to a client.
First time using it, as explained. I will be using again soon so you’ll know more in a future video.
@PhotoJoseph I would love to see a follow up video about it. Thanks
Dude your camera is upside down
Fun and informative. 😊
Mine's arrived today 2days short of 15months.
Bought mine September 2017. Got it 2 weeks ago. Haven't tested it just yet. Thanks for the upload!
I'm amazed you don't have more subscribers. I think your content is really good!
Thanks, I appreciate that!
The best real world test of the wiral I have found yet, bravo gents!
Thanks! I'll be doing more for sure.
Great video! First time! Haha. I haven't done many tests with my Wiral Lite, so I appreciate other people making videos. Thanks!
The Indiegogo campaign here says, "Back now for shipping in December". Is that NEXT December, 10 months from now? I have not received my unit and it was promised to ship months ago, several times, over and over. Please DO NOT take any more orders since the current orders from more than a year ago still remain unfulfilled. How on earth can you take more orders with a promise to ship (in December???) if the current orders are not yet fulfilled??? Does this not make sense??? People keep giving thanks for updates (that never deliver as promised anyway), but we do not want updates and failed promises. Does it not make sense that we want units from a year ago delivered instead of having the company market for new orders that will further delay shipping. FOCUS!!! on shipping current orders so that you do not FORCE backers to post NEGATIVE reviews about the WIRAL. Every bad review is because of WIRAL. Does this not make sense???
According to their January update, look at the comments. Don has been grumpy on there as well but they got hit by customs issues with the batteries and now I'm sure Chinese New year will delay them as well. I'm 756 on indiegogo which I think is almost 1000 more than Don and I don't have a shipment notice either. Wiral contacted me and said it is waiting in the warehouse ready to go but shipping is just taking DHL time. For me summer is almost over and certainly the holiday season!
@Richard Vowles Richard, that is almost more update than I have gotten from Wiral. Thanx
@PhotoJoseph - Well, after waiting for 1 year before production got started, then its like 3-4 months to get shipping sorted out my patience is stretched to max.
@Richard Vowles - I'm kickstarter backer in the 39XX region. Maybe it will ship after chinese new year for delivery in march.
Don - we backed the Indiegogo Campaign and have recently received ours. Hopefully not too long before you get yours.
Hello, if have the same. I think you use the cord clip by the black belt the wrong way, try to bring the beld from the otherside in the metak clip then its strong enough.
I'll try that when I get back to my studio!
It works great with the Karma Grip... It would probably work even better with something like the DJI Osmo Pocket..
I ordered mine back in October (now it's the end of January 2019) and I'm still waiting for it, I hope it comes soon.
I ordered mine April 2018 and got it in December
I ordered mine in December 2017 on Indiegogo, and I got mine in December 2018. It was worth the wait! We had to wait for them to finish developing the product, so I think now people just have to wait for more production and shipping. Good luck! :)
@Jacob Crawford - Nope. Customers which ordered the kit with extra spare battery was delayed because DHL refused to ship the units without propper packerwork and correct packaging of said extra battery. As shipping of lithium batteries is heavily regulated this should have come as no surprise to Wiral. I backed on kickstarter in November 2017 and now in february 2019 I have still not received a shipping update.
Exploring Norway That's terrible! I'm sorry that has happened to you and others! How ridiculous that they let the extra battery cause so many problems! I hope they fix the problem soon.
Hi my friend I am a follower of your channel and I always see your excellent videos. I wanted to ask you a special favor ... I am in a photographic project for my country (Ecuador) and I would like to know if it were the case that you came to do PHOTOGRAPHIC TOURISM in my country ..
What would you like to know? or What would be your concerns, doubts or needs to make the decision to come? Thank you I hope your concerns please. Tks a lot.
Shows how good the stabilization is on the go pro but how bad the wire cam is with gh5
I need to spend more time seeing how stable I can make it
I’m wondering if waiting for the line to settle then a gradual speed up on the Wiral would help. I noticed a fast then stop start in the video. Rather than letting it settle then building up to speed rather than just hitting it wide open would help. I’m thinking the stop and start with such weight is why. Don’t know. Don’t own one. Just brainstorming
Meh - I reckon it has limited uses and way to wobbly
You seem to need a gimbal.
I wonder how well it would work if you mounted the camera on a gimbal.
Probably too heavy
aaah this is so cleaver !!
"dude... your camera's upside down".... lol.. love it... thanks for sharing!
Awesome but it doesn’t handle enough weight (3.3lbs total). I’d replace the cable and flimsy strap with proper cable and secure fasteners. But I imagine the motors are probably too weak to handle a camera, lens, and gimbal (7lbs). You might try to (safely) load that thing up and see what its motors can handle. If they can do 7-10lbs then we’re in business. Hopefully the weight limit is really due to that cable and strap.
You try it… not interested in busting my new toy! 😁 Since this is called "lite" though and costs just $350 I think the low-weight expectation is fair. I do wonder if they have a bigger version, or what it costs to get something like this big enough to do what you're asking?
Something big enough to hold a mirroless camera and gimbal would be nice but I'm thinking the Osmo pro would be the way to go with this. Im keen to try mine out with my Osmo+
@Extremekid Productions This might do well with the Osmo Pocket I'm thinking!
Across your front lawn on Halloween to photo all the goblins and trick-or-treaters?
Haha neat, but you could gimbal that
Does it work with the super stabilization on the GoPro Hero7?
That's what was on it for the first shots… the Hero 7 Black
Hang it under a bridge and shoot the river.
Hook it up alongside a bicycle path and shoot the bicyclists. (Or the dogs walking along the path.)
I like it
Received mine just before Christmas, have run a few indoor test but need to wait for the weather to improve before it goes outside.
In april I’ll traveling and visiting Zion, bryce, Grand Canyon where drones are prohibited. I guess this could, on some points act as aerial views where I normally would use the drone. But I see the mount is not a gimbal?. Anyway, I like it
That's a great point… there are locations where drives simply aren't allowed. The cable is 100m (328.08 ft) so anywhere you could stretch it, hell yeah! And no the mount is not a gimbal.
Just a word of advice before you go.. The Grand Canyon is a national park. You might want to make sure that there isn’t a fee for photography or videography with setups like this... Or you can just go for it lol! :)
cobr3n Thanks for the advice, I’ve indeed learned that the NPS is not very open for new things :). Little update, I purchased a dji Osmo Pocket, great little stabilized gimbal camera so so so small. It has tracking and all, I tried it with a rope under a small decline angle hanging the osmo. Great footage so the idea can work. Will see when I get there if it is possible or not... Another person suggested a small kite with cam, the NPS doesn’t seem to have issues with that. (Totally off topic of Photojoseph great item)
HeliSnowy no problem and yah I have the Osmo Pro. Can’t wait to see what type of shots I can get with the Wiral and that camera.
Joseph out in the wild! :-) Nice piece of kit! Could do some post stabilization of course, it might be the difference in weight?
Yes you definitely could, but of course that's rarely as good as getting it right the first time. I definitely have some learning to do here.
Im betting if you could get the line tighter it would help
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