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How to Add a Wireless Microphone to iPhone 7, iPhone 8, or iPhone X REVISITED!

Photo Moment - April 18, 2018

Ever tried adding a wireless microphone to your iPhone 7, iPhone 8, or iPhone X? Turns out more adapters than you realize might be needed…

It used to be simple. You could use a RØDE smartLav+ and connect directly. Or use any wired or wireless mic with a simple TRS to TRRS adapter and be good to go. But now you also need a Lightning to headphone jack adapter. Which actually may not be enough. So maybe you need an Apple Camera Adapter (?!?!) and then a USB audio adapter. Confused yet? It's nuts… but this is what it takes today.

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That should cover it… but the industry is always progressing. Who knows?! We may have to update this again in another year

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PhotoJoseph Great video! I have a similar thing I’m trying to do, except I am not using actual microphones ... I run live bands and I want to record the videos with iPhone, Android or DSLR, but take the audio directly from the mixer .... so I am thinking of taking a dedicated AUX mix from the mixer, into a wireless transmitter, then to the wireless receiver, and into the recording device .... now because I’m not using any microphone on the recording end, I’m hoping there is a cheaper alternative for the wireless packs? As I don’t require high quality Lav mics etc it’s a direct audio feed.

Any suggestions?
Maybe a test of the RØDE SC6-L could be included next time, to see if that works with the Sennheiser radio units.
I seriously doubt it. It’s a $10 adapter.
PhotoJoseph are you able to gain a 24-bit, 48kHz audio sample rate from the Aukey USB-3.5mm adapter? Finding similar items that only offer up to 16-bit, 44/48kHz.
would you recommend using that usb to lightning cable and Aukey adapter just for a lav? or is it better to use the SC4?
Hi. I tried to connect Iphone 12 pro max to my G3 Sennheiser wireless mic system using all the options mentioned on the video. None of them works. Any other newer suggestions?
@@photojoseph could you please add a link to the 2019 newer vudeo?
Did you watch the newer 2019 version of this video? Linked in the description. Also surprising to hear these didn’t work. They’re tried and true. Odd.
Nice. this is the first video explaining why the TRS to Lightning connector doesn't work. Undoubtedly, the same problem with the levels. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Glad it helped!
What’s the best cable solution today?
I haven’t see anything new
Wireless, meaning no wire...
From subject to camera
You are my hero !!!! You have the cool plan b solution
Haha right on!
Thank you so much, great video and excellent information, well presented
Hallo! Your video is really helpful but, I bought the lighting jack adapter for my iPhone 11, rode sc4 and the app filmic pro and he didn’t recognise the record output from my DJ mixer. The app recognised the microphone and with the headphones the microphone is working. Have you got any tips to record the audio from my mixer? Thanks
Sounds like either a wrong cable from the DJ mixer or maybe it's outputting line level when the camera is expecting mic level.
Way did organize, boring
best video for explainning the plug that you need to get the external mic plug in
Is there a seamless way to transition back and forth from wireless lapel mic (using iphone) and the iphone's built in mic?
1.Band w/iphone mic
2.Sermon w/lapel mic
3.Band w/iphone mic
4.Speaker w/lapel mic
Hello PhotoJoseph. You're solution for adding a wireless microphone to my iPhone 8+ using the 3.5mm to 3.5 audio output cable included with my Comica CVM-WM100 Plus, a USB Audio Stereo Sound Adapter, and the Apple USB&Power Adapter have been working great streaming Facebook Live - UNTIL I upgraded to iOS14. After I upgraded, it no longer worked. But I think I discovered why, and stumbled upon a workaround. When doing Facebook Live with this method, I always used to plug in the adapters and Comica receiver BEFORE selecting the button to go live on Facebook Live. I think with iOS14 and it's heavy emphasis on privacy regarding USB connections, the iOS upgrade for some reason does not enable the connection to my lav mic setup. It does not sense the connection, and as a result, defaults to the built-in onboard mics on the iPhone when I start to stream with Facebook Live. To fix this issue, I have to physically plug in the iPhone adapter to the iPhone AFTER I select the blue button, and wait a couple of seconds until the red Live box appears on the stream. At that point the iPhone senses the adapter connection and records the audio from my Comica wireless mic setup. You may want to check this out, verify, and pass this along to your followers. We use this system to live stream services at our church and I really panicked when all of a sudden my setup did not work. Also, one more point, this problem only seemed to affect Facebook Live (the only streaming app I use); when recording video with the built-in Apple Camera app, it didn't make any difference when the adapter was plugged in. If plugged in prior to recording video, the external mic worked just fine, as before.
Even nowadays – great video and solution! Thanks a lot!
Very helpful thanks!
I was so sure this was going to work. I ordered everything in the link. It does not work with Hotec wireless
Thanks Joseph! I am using it now and the results are awesome.
I’ve been laboring off and in for months trying to figure out if and why my hotec wireless is it isn’t working. The directions even say use the iPhone adapter specifying the trs trss, but I had no idea what that was I just looked at the picture! Thank you so much for this. My actors and I love you for this.
This is bad advice.. Surely you would have realised and told the public that powered mics are a line level and need a converter into a phone level, products like the headset buddy would fix that immediately..
by far the best video on wireless mics to iphone. Tks
yours is by far the best video on wireless mics to iphone. However, after purchasing all the different cables, and trying them all out, I still have no audio. I'm using the fotowelt air wireless mic with the USB hookup, and nothing. The fotowelt works great on my Ipad, but my iphone Xs has problems. Any suggestions?
can you come off a sound board for sound to this usb sound adapter.
Even after few years, your excellent explanation is still the best. I've searched around for the solution in using the ATW-1312/L wireless microphone system for my iPhone/iPad and McBook Air Notebook as an external microphone, but no one is able to provide a stable working solution as different people provide different suggestion. May I find out from you wether the Audio-Technica ATW-1312/L (Wireless Dual Channel Microphone System 10 Pro) with wireless lavalier microphone (model AT-831cw) connected to ATW-T1001 Transmitter, and with ATW-RU13 as Receiver Unit, would be able to work based on your solution in connecting the output of this wireless microphone receiver unit to the USB Adapter (the one recommended by you in your video), which is then plugged into the iPhone/iPad's Lightning port or directly into MacBook Air Notebook's USB port? Do I need to buy a Preamp Adapter to boost up the mic level signal of the output from this wireless microphone receiver unit, before plugging into the USB Adapter / USB port?
PhotoJoseph, thanks for the practical reply!
Sorry Caleb, I have no way of knowing if a specific hardware combination will work without testing them. I can't go buy all those parts to find out :-) I recommend building your system based off the best knowledge you can, and testing yourself, and if it doesn't work, you can always return the pieces that don't work.
What setup can be used for Android??
How much does it cast.
Links in description
how to connect 2 mic too one port iphone 7 plus?
Does this also work for Macintosh laptop?
Laptops don't have Lightning, so that's a different configuration. You may not need any adapters at all, depending on the model laptop you have.
Brain hurts! I’m switching to android
That’s not going to help. Many android phones no longer have headphone jacks, either.
Hi..I have seen this and think it is useful for the beginner like me. Can you tell me what the apps you use to monitor the microphone level in this video? I may not listen clearly so I can not this apps.
FilMiC Pro
Hi Joseph! I have an iPad that still have 3.5 jack. I'm using it to take online classes with a wire earplugs. I will like to connect a mixer with interface to the iPad to take skype or Duo calls.
How will be the configuration?
Will the same work on Android ?
@@photojoseph Excellent thank you
Watch the 2019 edition of this video… I have Android (well, USB-C) specific options
Do you know if the BOYA BY-WM6 UHF Wireless Microphone System will work with Samsung phone ?
not a clue, sorry
Who’s here during 2020 quarantine on the steep learning curve of working from home?! 🤪
me! Oh, wait…
Thank you so much as this is just the video I needed. however, I do have 1 question which is probably very fundamental. What cable do I need for the AF out to the Sabrent USB. Is it a simple TRS to TRS?
Sorry, "for the AF out"? Not sure what you mean by that. If you mean from the mic pack to the Sabrent, then that answer depends on the mic pack. The Sennheiser includes what appears to be a standard TRS to TRS but it's not. It's actually proprietary. Watch the 2019 edition of this video to see why:
What is the range of the wireless mic? I.e how far can you step away from it before the audio starts dropping off completely? For example if i was presenting at a whiteboard a few feet away from my phone/camera
hm where did my reply go! Most wireless mics are in the 100ft range, so a few feet can easily be handled by any system
What is the range of the wireless mic? I.e how far can you step away from it before the audio starts dropping off completely? For example if i was presenting at a whiteboard a few feet away from my phone/camera
Every wireless mic is different, but most mics will give you hundred feet line of site; less if not. Digital mics almost always have to be line of site.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I think I went through every example you used in the video. I had a feeling this was the adapter I needed but didn't know about the USB audio adapter. Since all college courses are temporarily remote, I can record proper photography "how to" lectures.
Excellent, glad to hear it! Also be sure to watch the 2019 edition of this video. It offers even more options:
Hi, I’m a piano teacher. I’m teaching via FaceTime, Skype, Google Duo, Webex, Zoom, etc. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max. I would like to be able to hook two mics to my iPhone. One would be on me for voice. The other in the piano to offer better sound quality to my students while interacting with them in lessons. Is this possible? How? I appreciate your assistance.
Absolutely. You just need a small mixer. What you need though will depend on your microphones, and how much you're willing to spend. Start by searching "iphone audio mixer" and you'll start to see what's available.
Thank you soo much! I was trying to connect the FIFINE wireless mic to my iphone and it wasn't working when I tried to record with video. As soon as you explained the bands on the input I switched to the 4 bands and it worked!
I'm still having problems with the iPhone Pro Max 11 recognizing the external mic when using the camera adapter for USB. I am using FiLMiC Pro as you suggested and the External Mic doesn't show up on the menu. Only the three iPhone mics. Anyone else experiencing this?
I am plugging the Samson USB into the adapter and then the adapter to the phone
@@photojoseph It's called a Lightning to 4 IN 1 Camera Card Reader. It has a USB, SD, TF and Lightning connection. I am using it to plug the Samson USB into my phone for lightning.
Jill, I'd appreciate if you could make this a little easier for me to help you… by "4 adapter plug" do you mean the TRRS to TRS adapter? If so, where does that come into play? By "SD disks with lighting outlet" do you mean the Apple Lightning USB adapter? Because the Lightning SD Card Reader doesn't have power and doesn't have anything to do with this. What about the USB adapter? The "Samson PXD1" is a wireless pack so if you're using the USB adapter setup then there's no need for the TRRS converter… yeah I'm confused as to what you're doing. Please be very specific — exactly what adapter(s) and in what order are being used?
@@photojoseph I have the 4 adapter plug for the camera, SD disks with lightning outlet for charging. Am attempting to use a Samson PXD1
You're gonna have to tell us a lot more, like what exact mic adapter configuration you're using.
Please speak slowly
You look like a nerd lol. Good video though
I always wondered what a nerd looked like. Now I know!
what if it keeps showing up as out put
I don't know what that means but watch the latest version of this video
will the USB External Stereo Sound Adapter work on iphone 6, I use it for filming cause its my old phone no longer in service but shots nice video?
It should
Surprised..... To be honest I thought if I buy an iPhone 11 I can solve lots of problems and, of course, I can get the best quality video results. However, I faced difficulties to have my external microphone recognized by iPhone.... Now I am waiting for 3 in 1 Lightning adapter. We'll see. Thank you for your information!
Good luck!
I buy one boya 3030 but not working in iphone x , also i have trrs converter but still no use, any solution!
Hm, should work fine… BOYA mic into TRS to TRRS into 3.5mm Lightning adapter… I do that often with other small shotgun mics. Sorry I don't have that mic so can't test myself, but usually these things turn out to be a bad cable.
Very educational. I would buy gopro 8
I'm having only mono sound with these adapters
Well, yes… most mics are mono. There’s only one setup I’ve come across that gives you a stereo option; watch the 2109 edition to see that.
I have been using the Trs to TRRS adapter with an iphone x and a sennheiser xsw-d. sound quality is fine but cuts out sometimes. any idea what can be causing that to happen?
Maybe a bad iphone then…
PhotoJoseph using the iPhone headphone adapter. Records nicely for a bit then I hear popping noises. No gunk or lint
Hm, and how is the TRS to TRRS connected to the iPhone; is it an older model with a headphone jack, or are you using the Apple Lightning Headphone adapter? If using an adapter, make sure it's an actual Apple one. I've heard of a lot of non-Apple ones that simply don't work well. Also check all of your ports for pocket lint. It's amazing how much gunk can get stuck in those little ports, screwing up your connections!
PhotoJoseph thought so too but it doesn’t do it with a Samsung phone. Same adapter
A bad connection or a bad adapter. Or perhaps you’re going beyond the range of the transmitter/receiver packs.
I tried the same setup but Filmic Pro did not recognize the device.
PhotoJoseph great let me try that setup when I can get my hands on one. Thanks for the input 👌🏼
Raphael Lim ah, so you didn’t try the same setup. Yes, the Apple part will be different, without a doubt. Lightning connectors are complex little computers (yes, each connector itself is a computer) and can’t be made cheaply.
Thanks Joseph, I bought a similar lightning to usb adapter and a usb sound device but it does not recognise the usb input.

Does it have to be the proper Apple branded lightning to usb adapter?
Without more information I can’t possibly help you.
Wow! Very helpful to a new person trying figure this out. The TSSR adapter issue is worth it own separate post/ video. You’re going so save many people hassle & headache.
Thanks, and be sure to watch the 2019 version too! (Link in description)
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