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Wireless Strobes on the LUMIX GX85

Photo Moment - August 01, 2016

PhotoJoseph explains how to use wireless strobes on the Lumix camera.


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what is best budget off camera flash for gx85? with trigger
Happy to find all this informations thank you for this work 🙏🙏
thanks for watching!
Something is off on that last part with the little flash. Firing Mode has to be set to TTL or it wont work by choosing A, B, C group and set it to TTL ...

If you choose Wireless setup (flash) External Flash off click it Firing Mode is off...but that doesn't work...

choose Wireless setup (flash) click A Group and that sets Firing mode to TTL...then hit the return arrow several times to exit.

You might want to edit the video to remove the mistakes.
This video is almost four years old… and this was recorded live, so if you saw what you think is a mistake, but it worked, then it wasn't a mistake.
Hi.. I have an issue... the tonal of the object after use an external light become very reddish, especially skin tone... how do I fix that issue
White balance
I can pull an 18megapixel photo out of my 6k video file and miss nothing at all. Detailing ever 60 of a second, so old mirror cameras are old, old flash equipment is just that old. I have been doing this for almost thirty years. Techno headaches aside, led rules and my Lumix has much better colors than the old fashion mirror cameras. I have two sd card slots with some v90 cards on board. I don’t need to be jerked around by my lights. Flash speed and sync is for new bees. Put up three large led lights, line up twenty people and let’s shoot. I’m smooth, flash and sync batteries, will it flash etc... that’s all I need is headaches from old out of date equipment. No I not buying a mirror camera, but I might buy that PhotoJoseph led light system. Try CES.
Does that Lumix have a sync port ? Can you use a cable
Thanks ! I just can’t get that sync port on my g9 to work. Might just get a flash with a sync port. I thought there might be away without more hardware. I have an email into Panasonic. Led is the way I want to go.
I’m confused. Sync ports are for strobes. LED are not strobes. What are you trying to do, with what hardware? And this video was about the GX85 so I assumed that’s what camera you were asking about. The G9 does have a PC port.
Trying the Rotolight, Jason is down here in La. On camera light video, soft fill in a flash scene, but I’m going all led. I can freeze anything with light so cob lighting will dominate soon. Color temp strength and easy to power.
They do now, Rotolight has a nice sync port on their led. Led’s Will dominate the market soon. Cob !
OK, I’m not going to argue something I’m not familiar with, but I have a hard time believing that LED can generate a pulse anywhere near the durations of traditional strobes (i.e. 1/25,000 second) and at the power output at a cost that’s not massively prohibitive… but sure, LED may catch up. Dominate soon? Seriously doubt that. I own a lot of LED lighting, including some pretty expensive units, and they don’t output anywhere near the light I get from even a tiny $200 strobe. Anyway… the G9 has a PC port that works with traditional strobes. If Rotolight is putting PC ports on their LED “flashes”, then that’s probably on them to fix to make compatible with one of the oldest light triggering technologies out there (certainly the oldest you’ll find on modern cameras). And I don’t know who Jason is, but if he’s the Rotolight guy, send him my way. If he’s got LED tech to rival traditional strobes, I’ll put him on the show.
Will the LX100 flash work on the GX9 ?
It should; it works on the GX8. Here’s an old article I wrote about that:
Thanks for the quick reply. One more question , will the Olympus FL-LM3 work on the GX85 and can you do HSS ?
Thanks ... recently bought the Panasonic Lumix GX85 and this was VERY HELPFUL :)
Hi, I have switched to m43 from Sony mirrorless. Is it possible to trigger my nissin i40 (Sony mount) to fire off camera using a cheap m43 flash trigger mounted on gx85. Thank in advance.
I am not familiar enough with Nissin to know for sure but I think so. I believe these units are all the same when it comes to wireless triggering. You just need to have a Panasonic-compatible command module. I think. Check with Nissin or with B&H.
May I ask ?
I am just buy lumix gx85 is it can be use Tethered Capture with mac book? and how to useTethered Capture with mac book .

Thank you
Thank you for making this video! I was just wondering and I might’ve missed you saying this... does the tiny FL70-k flash work on other cameras such as GH5 and Oly bodies?
You kinda remind me of King Harald from TV Show Viking's.  Rock on Dude!!
Haha awesome!
Hi Joseph, I was wondering if it's possible to use Canon flash directly on the hot shoe of the Lumix camera? Thanks in advance
+PhotoJoseph ...Why didn't you explain that the Panasonic Flash system works just like Nikon's CLS (Creative Lighting System) and most of their cameras will act as a Commander with any Panasonic Flash installed. I even use the LX100 as a commander with the small flash, and I control 4 DMW-FL360L Flash units, in 3 Groups, & 4 Channels. These work in the 433mhz range,  and they perform well inside or outside on a normal size set (20 by 30 feet) and that Flashing light on the 360L is for communication. One of the biggest surprises I had, was the usefulness of the smaller DMW-FL200L as a Commander, or with it's powerful LED Lamp (easily enough for a Video interview) Btw, for off camera use, such as with a Flash Bracket, Canon Cables work the best (Panasonic doesn't make cables, or a Commander, like Nikon) but their Commander menu and Control comes from the camera, not the Flash. Yes, Olympus Flash units are the same, except for the name. If you would've asked, I could've sent you a few Flash units to demonstrate this properly. I find the FL360L units for about $150 (used) and the system works perfectly. My current Lumix cameras are LX100, GH3, and 2 G85's. I will skip the GH4, and wait for the GH5 update. I normally shoot Nikon, but have built up quite a kit of m43 Gear (all Panasonic) and I've been using them for video as well. You should contact Graham Houghton, as he is a Master of the Panasonic system. He has several books, and videos (E Books as well). You should take a look at them.
Not familiar with NIKON system so couldn’t compare… don’t know you so couldn’t ask you… thanks for the offer though. Few LUMIX cameras have built in flash anymore so you need a small unit to command it. Thanks for all the info though!
Two are you viewing the Lumix on your MacBook? Also can you reverse the Phottix Transmitter and Receiver to be able to hand hold the flash and manually pop flash off camera and have it trigger the Lumix shutter? In other words, have the transmitter be off camera and the receiver be on camera and trigger the shutter? Thanks!
Thanks for your video! What about HSS off Camera flash? I'm looking for it and found pretty nothing. May be you could make a super helpful video! I own a GX85 and a new GH5 and love making flash photography in exteriors where I need faster shutter speed to match the background. Love your videos!
I’ll address your comment LIVE right here on PhotoJoseph‘s Photo Moment 2017-07-10
Hi do you recommend a cheaper off brand wireless flashs to work with the Panasonic LUMIX DMW-FL70 flash?
There are a few (more than I thought). Watch this video and read the comments, and scroll around my channel for other flash videos. It's come up a few times and many viewers have made some great suggestions in the comments.
Thank you I been watching your channel for the last few month and been learning a lot. ✌️
+james chu 👍🏻👍🏻
Did you say the LUMIX LX100 external flash will only trigger other LUMIX brand flashes? Why wouldn't you just instead use one of the non-flash transmitters to trigger the flash(s)?
+David Rosen The point here was (I think; this is an old video) to get TTL. You can't do that with dumb triggers. But yes any cheap radio trigger will work if you are shooting manual flash.
Just been watchingthis highly enlightning video - no pun intended - and would like to report the following. I have a small Neewer Speedlite NW320, which is lumix dedicated, and this flash ALSO enables wireless operation, albeit on my GX80, as I'm English. I paid around £60 for this, and it's useful as a dedicated flash in its own right, having a tilting head. Thought you'd like to know.
+keithspillett Wow very interesting, thanks! I've seen some very inexpensive TTL lights for Canon and Nikon but not for LUMIX yet. I just pulled that one up on amazon and it says it's for Sony though… I'll look at their website later but if you can confirm that this is the right model for LUMIX as well that'd be great. Thanks again!
Joseph Linaschke I got mine off eBay over here, having searched for Lumix dedicated flashes. That was the one that came up. It came in a very nice box too. There was nothing in the instructions to say it WASN'T designed for Lumix, but nothing to confirm it either. All I can say is that it definitely functions automatically with my G7 and GX80s. I don't have another Lumix flash to sync from it, but I assume it will be OK because the menu jumps into action! I normally use radio triggers so it's no problem. Thanks for your reply and interest. It's great to be able to share this kind of info thousands of miles apart!
+Keith Spillett So cool! And yes, it is :-) Thanks again!
hello. do U think I can use same small flash from epl6?
nvm U cant cuz have that strange extra pice is blocking to put on
Hm, you're talking about the little bit on the back? I just looked it up and saw a photo of it; yeah that looks like it probably won't fit. And even if it did, while on the larger strobes the Panasonic and Olympus flashes are essentially identical, I don't actually know if they are compatible. And I don't have any to test with, sorry!
I have one left from my first camera was hoping will work. But is not. Any way thx for tips.
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