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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

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YoloBox Pro COMPLETE Tour!

Photo Moment - December 09, 2021

The YoloLiv YoloBox Pro is an impressive all-in-one switching and live streaming solution with Green Screen, Graphics, PiP and more. But is it perfect? 

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This outline is loosely pulled from the video…

Hardware and Input Ports Tour

Hardware and Input Ports Tour

  • You’ve got three HDMI inputs, each one with a scaler on it. You can bring in just about any flavour of 720 or 1080 into this and it’ll scale to whatever production size you’re doing
  • You have a type of USB port which actually supports webcams
  • An ethernet port
  • An HDMI out which can output your program or can output the same interface, so think of that like a multi-view out and that’s actually how I’ll be recording the screen for you to see throughout this demo
  • A type-c USB port which isn’t really used that much yet right now you can plug a keyboard into it. You can also bring audio in through that, probably a couple other things, but in the future, they will be adding webcam support, so you’ll be able to plug a usb cable from here into your computer and treat this like a webcam
  • There’s a headphone jack two audio inputs one at mic level and one at line level
  • Another USB-C port specifically for charging
  • On the other side, we’ve got a ¼-20 hole for a tripod or that little mount that we saw in the box
  • An SD card slot which is very handy; this is both for recording your show and for loading graphics onto the device
  • A sim card slot; this device actually has a modem built into it so you can live stream with a SIM card

Creating a Live Stream or Monitor Mode

Creating a Live Stream or Monitor Mode

  • Now let’s go back to the main screen and create a show. To do that you tap on the plus on the bottom right corner, and you have two options: you can create a new live show, or you can create what’s called a monitor mode.
  • Monitor mode is just like a regular live event except that it’s not set up to go live anywhere, so you can use this either for practice just for playing around with things in here, without having to set up a live show.
  • Or, you can also use it if you just wanted to do a live stream on the hdmi output onto a projector or something like that.

Add Video/PDF from SD Card

Add Video/PDF from SD Card

  • If I tap on add video source I can now add additional inputs to this. We’re going to start with something off of the SD card. You’ll see that I can load up to two videos off of sd cards. I’ll start by tapping on an SD card video 1 it’ll scan the card and i have one video clip on here called drone. We’ll go ahead and add that in and now that’s ready to go.
  • I’ll add another video source and for this one, I’m going to choose pdf. It’s kind of a neat feature you can actually load a pdf onto your sd card, and then play that from the yolo box.

Adding Split Screen, Side by Side, Picture in Picture Layout

Adding Split Screen, Side by Side, Picture in Picture Layout

  • This time, I’m going to choose the side by side video. It comes up with selecting a source. So let’s go ahead and put me in hdmi 1 on the a side, tap next and then for the b source.I’ll go ahead and though use hdmi three that’s the computer tap next, and now i’ve got this side by side.
  • The same process can be applied to Split Screen and Picture in Picture layout. 
  • I can reposition myself wherever I want, change the scaling of my picture, and even change the aspect ratio.

Green or Blue Screen Keying (Chroma Keying)

Green or Blue Screen Keying (Chroma Keying)

  • So let’s get a green screen set up here, and now we’ll drop out that green screen. We start with the source in this case hdmi 1, and you’ll see there’s a little icon up there of a person in the corner, we’ll tap on that enable keying switch, and just like that the background is gone. 
  • You have 2 different colour key types, green or blue.
  • I can change the similarities which is basically an expansion or contraction of how much is being keyed of that colour, and then there’s the smoothness, how smooth do you want those edges to be.

Green or Blue Screen Keying (Chroma Keying)

  • The background image is something that I can add in here adding a picture of anything off the sd card.
  • What’s much more interesting of course is to use another video source as a background image.
  • I’ll go to add video source, do a picture in picture video, choose the hdmi 3, which is my computer as the main screen, tap on next, and then tap hdmi 1 as the subscreen, that’s my keyed video and there we go.
  • There’s me in the corner, I can make myself a little bit bigger or smaller wherever I want. Now I have a beautiful keyed video, and we’re ready to go.

Graphics Overlays: Importing PNG Files, Custom Lower Thirds, Scrolling Captions

Graphics Overlays: Importing PNG Files, Custom Lower Thirds, Scrolling Captions

  • let’s go on with overlays.Here at the bottom, tap the plus button to add an overlay. There’s three different types: an image overlay, a lower thirds, and a countdown timer. 
  • We’ll start with image overlays. This is going to allow me to pull any image off of the sd card now.
  • This can be a full screen image, basically a photo that will just overlay everything covering the entire image or it can be a png file, which you can then scale and reposition wherever you like.
  • Let’s go ahead and use something like a fancy lower thirds that I created earlier. There’s my fancy lower third, I can change the scaling of that, I can tap that move it around on the scene and put it somewhere else.
  • if i go back into that lower thirds editor. Again you’ll see there’s a variety of different options in here, including one called a rolling caption. If i go into the rolling caption, i can now enter any amount of text in here, and have it scroll across the screen.  

Creating a Countdown Timer

Creating a Countdown Timer

  • You have the ability to create a customised countdown timer for any duration that you want directly in the device. 
  • Tap on the countdown timer, we have a couple themes to choose from. You can change whatever the show start text, the font, the colour, and tap on done. Now I have that countdown timer.
  • When I’m ready to start a show, I can bring that up, you can see that it makes the whole scene dark. As soon as it counts down to zero it automatically disappears. 



  • Next let’s go to the scoreboard. If you’re live streaming a little league game, and you want to keep the score on screen for the friends and family watching at home, you can do that. It’s pretty neat.
  • The first thing I can do is position this wherever I’d like, make it a little bit bigger if I want to, so let’s make it nice and big and put it on the bottom of the screen here. 

Comments from Your Live Stream!

Comments from Your Live Stream!

  • The next one here is comments. Yes you can have youtube comments showing up directly on the device here and then even load them to screen.
  • If i want to show the comment up on the screen, tap on the little bookmark icon there and it loads it up on the screen it’s actually generating a graphic in real time and loading that to the screen. 
  • I can change the font, transparency, the positioning, the scale, and so on a lot of control over where those comments will go.

Encoding Settings: Bitrate (CBR, CQ or VBR) and Framerate (FPS)

Encoding Settings: Bitrate (CBR, CQ or VBR) and Framerate (FPS)

  • Next we have encoding settings. You have 3 different encoding settings options, CBR(constant bit rate), CQ(constant quality) and VBR(variable bit rate), and you’ll see there it says this is the default and recommended,so whatever bit rate you choose and you can choose that down at the bottom.

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Can you connect the Accsoon wireless video transmitters to it? So have four wireless transmitters plug in that I can vision mix?
Good morning,
I’d like to buy a yolobox pro soon.
I wanted to know if it was possible with the yolobox pro to make stream in vertical format 9/16 (smartphone).
Also can I use my Iphone as a camera by connecting to the yolobox pro? If Yes How can I do?
Thank you very much,
A good day.
No, it doesn’t do 9:16
@PhotoJoseph Thank you for your answer .

it's not possible even with a suitable camera like logitech Streamcam ?
or it's just that the Yolobox will not rotate like a tabs?
As a result, the Yolo box recognizes only one 16/9 format?
wow its a great video presentation thank you sir joseph...
Which is better to use for livestreaming the yolobox pro or a pc?
Is there a way to display the MAC address? The school system I work for has their network set up so that in order for a hard wired Ethernet device to function on the network, the MAC address must be added to the network configuration on the server side.
One of the most recent updates added that.
Could not figure out how to setup ZOOM. FB and YouTube were super easy but could not get it working with zoom.
It’s not showing up as a webcam in zoom?
Great video, thanks :). Has anyone figure out how to do replays on the yolobox pro?. I stream soccer games and I want to be able to replay the goals, so the last 10 seconds everytime someone scores. Thanks in advance.
Great video best review 👏 👌 👍
One question can we go live on tiktok using this device
No, but they make one specifically for TikTok. Very very indifferent product. Aaron showed it live from NAB here:
Onde adquirir este equipamento qual o telefone para contato com a ponto de adquirir este aparelho para o brasil
Oi bom dia o my Friends manda este aparelho para o brasil quanto custa onde comprar no Brasil bom dia
Hello, a question I am doing my first tests with my two cameras and my Yolobox Pro and when I record I feel that there is a small margin where the image does not match the voice. I have already done several tests and if it is the same problem It is like half a second of difference between the image and the voice. Do you know how this detail could be solved? I will thank her.
Is your audio coming through the camera, or directly into the yolobox?
Amazing! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
You’re welcome
Can you connect a gopro to it? Will it take 5G data?
GoPro via HDMI, yes. However be aware that GoPro cameras have a very very long latency. The device has 4G/LTE antennas only, but if you tether via wifi to a 5G phone, then you'll get 5G speeds.
@PhotoJoseph In the future, They'll probably come up with a 5G model don't you think? I'm looking at this one for church and/or video podcasts.
That seems logical. However unless you're in an area where 5G is prevalent and 4G is not, 4G is plenty for live streaming.
Thank you Joseph for the great content.
The color is off coming from my camera and stream to you tube. Do you know if it is possible to color correct the streamed video? Thank you
no, you need to color correct the camera. If what you're seeing in the camera is different than what's hitting youtube, then there's something else wrong.
Great video! Thank you so much! I'm curious about the setup and stand you mounted the yolobox on. Do you have links to purchase those?
I built that stand. However if you want something awesome, look at these:
@PhotoJoseph Awesome! Thank you much!
Could you tell us your experience handling audio with an interface to a usb port?
I haven’t tried it
can this be used to stream on Zoom and teams
You don’t stream to zoom and teams, you use a webcam. And yes, this can be used as a webcam, although with limited capability (for now)
@PhotoJoseph Thanks a million, really appreciate
Is there a way to have an animated lowers 3rds
Not on this, no
@PhotoJoseph thank you
Maybe it'll come some day!
The 3.5Gb limit is maybe because of copy to FAT file systems so its a problem to copy a full file to some old computers and systems... maybe a reason why the split the recording.
Does connecting a webcam give you any webcam camera controls?
Perfect Joseph
Thank you!
Does YOLOBOX have a scaler? Can I plug in different resolutions and it will see them? Or do I have to set every imput to the same resolution?
Yes scaler built-in!
and I'm here trying to figure out how you got such a clean feed of the Yolobox UI. Your editing is great <3
Thank you kindly. UI is captured from HDMI out to a recorder.
Hi Joseph
Thanks for the great video really appreciate your in-depth explanations and tutorial
Especially about not being able to connect an atomos ninja recoder that was driving me crazy the reason it was not getting a signal. I did send an email request to yololive as you suggested. Do you happen to know what the priority is for that feature on their end please? Thanks
They are constantly improving; that’s not so much a feature to add as it is an anomaly to find a solution to. It used to not work with ATEM either but they figured that one out. Maybe it has to do with the chip or hdmi hardware they’re using. I don’t know but I’m glad you contacted them.
I’ve tried different webcams and nothing 😤
Bummer. My Logitech one worked. Have you checked the Yolo website?
Can I get one. thanks
Of course, right here:
Before i run n buy this I would love to know if ur going live, does it record from the live stream or record from the camera itself Because if the internet is poor then the recording will be poor.
It records the encoding before it streams
One more thing so many wires for mobile. Can We use some wireless connection for cameras
The HDMI output compatibility sounds like a HDCP issue as the devices listed that aren't working are ones that have recording ability. The problem here is Yololiv probably can't legally disable any content protection on the output, very frustrating for those of use using it for legitimate purposes.
Fantastic tutorial I feel as a amateur I fully understand the capabilities, as I don’t want to do live streaming is there a 4k alternative I can purchase thanks
No, but if you’re not live streaming then there’s no point in buying this
Please add the Bible on it for churches
Which bible? 🤨
Can it be mounted in Hindi as well?
“Mounted in Hindi”? Huh?
Where did you purchase the base for the Yolo. Can you please provide a link. Thanks!! Also great video.
I built that, sorry. It’s just painted wood and a small ball head
How does it attach to the wood? Countersink and glue it? Can you take a pic?
@DCAFlyBoy just a hole and a ⅜-16 bolt through it to attach to the ball head. The stand is raised off the table with little rubber feet. Can’t post a photo here but it’s very simple.
Can you invert video if one of your mounted cameras has to be upside down?
I don’t think so. Great feature to ask YoloLiv for!
Bruh! (homeboys phrase for "BRO", A derivative of (" My Brother" ) Your presentation is SO simple, well constructed, and easy to follow and understand, I MUST suggest your channel to all my contacts/friends! You stand out among the plethora of self-described "gurus" of tech that I simply HAVE to endorse your channel! Please keep up the good grind!
Thank you!!
I was convinced that the Teradek Wave Streaming Monitor was the choice for me, but this Yolo Box is waaaaaay better.
2nd video link didn't pop up
ATEM v Yolo… still not done. I got sidetracked with paying gigs and GH6 launch and other stuff. It’s next on the list though.
@PhotoJoseph ok! Look forward to it! 👍🏾
Was your SD card formatted in fat32? If so, that would be the reason for the video record limit. I've run into that problem even just loading files onto a card or thumb drive. I had to reformat to exfat to get the card (or drive) to even accept the file...
Yolo said it was an Android limitation, so… 🤷
@PhotoJoseph The 4gb limit with fat32 is tied to the number limitations within a 32bit OS and everything therein. Android as an OS BEGAN 64bit compatibility back in 2011 with Android 5.0. In 2019 in fact Google began a REQUIREMENT that all apps on their play store be compatible with 64bit cpu's. As such, while fat32 is specifically a format designed for a 32bit OS, the limitation is in the fat32 format and not in Android as an operating system. Yolo does actually list "continuous recording" as one of the things they're working on bringing. If the OS itself could not support it, they wouldn't bother working on it. I think someone over there might have just given you an excuse to try to pacify you for the moment... hopefully that improvement will come sooner rather than later. : )
Your video is priceless! Thank you! Which microphone do you use exactly in this video? I went through your homepage only to see that you suggest many microphones (sennheiser, etc.)
I use a Sennheiser AVX wireless. This video has the included microphone, but I’ve since upgraded to a direction lav, the Sennheiser MKE104S-EW Cardioid Lavalier on the AVX. It runs into a mix Pre 3 running the NoiseAssist plugin. This is all because my environment is quite noisy.
Joseph Amazing Video. I am now working with streaming for my church and I'm trying to get the edges removed off of the sides of my overlays any help would be Appreciated this is all new to me. We are using the Yolobox Pro for our Ministry for YouTube and Facebook Live
@Longrev4 ah, load a PNG with transparency. If you have a logo with transparent background, export that as a PNG file from photoshop or whatever editor you’re using.
@PhotoJoseph thank You Sir and I'll let you know what happens
@PhotoJoseph I normally use Microsoft Paint for editing but I'll Upgrade your channel is Amazing and again Thank You
It WORKED IT WORKED no I must go Back and Redo all of the Overlays so that they can show without a Background
@Longrev4 awesome
Just bought Elgato facecam and nothing happens when plugged on the Yolobox pro. It works pretty well on the mac though, any help?
Never tried one. You should ask YoloLiv.
Very thorough video, much appreciated!!!

I want to IRL stream via multiple cameras from a motorcycle over multiple modems (round Robin). Can this device do SRT out?

I’ve looked at other solutions but the most cost effective (with lowest ongoing costs) would be for me to write my own SRT bonder (via laptop or jetson nano) and send to OBS on my home PC.

This device seems to do everything I need apart from provide bondage.
Oh I see you’ve already seen the one! Wow that’s quite the challenge. Separate the challenges. There are multiple cumulative bonding solutions on the market. Teradek is the best known. You can feed a single HDMI camera or a switcher (ATEM, Yolo, whatever) into the Teradek. I wouldn’t rely on streaming home then restreamjng from there. Too many points of failure. If you need multiple destinations, stream to a service like and let them distribute. Keep your bandwidth requirements on the go as low as possible.
@PhotoJoseph ty 👍

I did try getting obs on jetson nano (lightweight, low powered Linux box) so i could feed two cameras on the go. But I had to recompile obs for arm64 with limited success (problematic SRT/nvidia hardware encoding).

I found that h265 over SRT (better compression and UDP being a big win) is much better than RTMP over Tcp (for bad network conditions).

LiveU expensive (doable) but also an going cost of subscription. They only permit IP bonding via multiple modems through a subscription.

Home streaming eliminates ongoing subscription (if I wrote my own bonder) and, though I take your point onboard, my home internet is stable and I can show ‘reconnecting video’ in OBS server side if I lose the motorcycle stream.

So many options! but it’s tough to stream at speed (tried 4 modems and speedify with limited results last year).

Teradek sounds interesting, will review it next.

Appreciate your expertise and you taking the time 👍👍👍
@batmanonabike this sounds awesome, man! Not just trying to “upsell” you here, but if you FYI if you join the channel as a member you will have access to a private Discord server which has a handful of folks who’d love to talk about this. It’s a wild challenge for sure! And I’d love to hear how it goes. Would make a great story! Where are you riding from/to?
So it does everything my cell phone does with more inputs and no built-in camera.
Amazing class…thank you so much. I have a question for you. I am working currently with a small budget and I am hesitating between Yolo an ATEM. I want to be able to stream on Mixcloud as Dj and make a live show. I want to be able to stream there with no issues and create on the spot something interesting and dynamic. I want to be able to record and stream. I have DSLR camera Canon and Webcam. I am a MAC user. To stream directly my Dj performance with these two camera device on Mixcloud which one is the best tool for me? Keep in mind that I must blug my mixer directly so that people could here my performance. (Sound) btw I am insisting on streaming only on Mixcloud because the pay all royalties to the artists. It is less hassle for me and I dislike the other platforms. Do you have any suggestions…please
Well, the webcam ties you to the yolobox as there’s no way to connect a webcam to the ATEM. I would have said ATEM wins for audio, however Yolo added an audio mixer in December that I haven’t played with yet. So it might be just as good. The Yolo is probably the better choice because of its portability. You need the Pro for the advanced audio features and line-level input. Those are my thoughts. FYI if you join the channel as a member you will have access to a private Discord server which could be a good place to ask questions and discuss this with others, and of course you’ll be helping support the channel! Details at
Regarding the 3.5GB recording limit, is it possibly due to the FAT32 formatting of the SD Card? Yolo specifies FAT32 formatting and the maximum file size in FAT32 is around 4GB. Alternatively, it may be a limitation of the Android OS used in the device. Just some thoughts.
Pretty sure it’s an Android thing
Hi Joseph! Nice review! 🙂 would also like to know if streamyard works with yolobox pro?
If you can set StreamYard to use a custom RTMP then sure.
nsufficient authentication scopes on yolobox pro with YouTube...any ideas?
I don’t know what you mean but that sounds like a question for tech support
nsufficient authentication scopes on yolobox pro with YouTube...any ideas?
I don’t know what you mean by “authentication scopes”
It was an easy fix...I just deleted the current YT on the yolobox and it load a new one properly. When creating an account with YT, it takes 24 hours to be able to post a live stream. attempting to stream before the 24 hours created the error message. At least that is what it seemed to be.

Thanks for you response....good job on your videos...jh
Yolobox looks great. Maybe finally a replacement for the dying SlingStudio. I miss 1 thing. A more customizable split view. All my shows are Camera + Powerpoint. But I dont want these to be the same size. I realy need a 80/20 cropping so the camera/person only take up about 20% of the screen, and the Powerpoint the rest. Please take this suggestion to Yolobox. As soon as this feature is there I will buy the Yolobox Pro
Definitely an area for improvement. Please make this suggestion yourself to them! It’s good for them to hear from More people than just me 😊
@PhotoJoseph Will write Yololiv a message about this feature. I can see on their wesite that they already have 'Additional MultiViews & Overlays' as Upcoming features. But will push them anyway :)
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