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Zomei M8 Tripod ▶︎ Funky and Affordable Camera Stabilization

Photo Moment - October 15, 2018

You're looking to get a shot with an angle of perspective that a regular tripod struggles with, now what? Enter the Zomei M8! This versatile stabilization option is sure to solve that problem and any other you may come across. 

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Comments from YouTube

Its like a mic stand
my tripod snapped in half so i was looking for a new one. great review! great energy too!!
glad to help, and thanks!
Where can i buy the screw for the monopod?
Contact the manufacturer
Hi, looking into some cheaper but decent tripods. Will this hold gripped D810 with something like 70-200/2,8 or UWA with 2,8 safe? I guess the weight of camera with lens is about 3 kg. How is you M8 working after the year? Thanks.
You’d have to check the actual weight specs for that tripod. It’s been working great for me, I really like it. That weird angle option has proved very useful in the studio for top-down photos. I always put a sandbag on the tripod because it’s completely off balanced but it works great!
@PhotoJoseph thanks for the answer. It should be 12kg max. So if it is kinda 1/4 rule, my setup should be fine. I was thinking about cheaper z818, but m8 seems better for me as 6,6" person
Great review. You remind me of Alan Harper.
Thank you bro
Tip try showing the tripod up close
About the extra column, my best guess would be as a replacement of the central column is use to get extra low down the the ground.
Looks a lot like TM2534T from K&F Concept.
Good information, but man you talk fast, I think.
Picked one up because of you guys. It is a GREAT addition to my beginning photo/video setup. Works awesome. Thank you. I hope you get credit from amazon.
Thank you! I’m really enjoying mine too. Quite versatile!
great tripod,great video
Is the center column replaceable with the short tube segment so the camera can be closer to ground level when the tripod legs are splayed?
Keep watching…
Yes that is correct and is what it is for
Why the Q&A is unlisted:
Because of reasons explained in the VidSummit summary. Basically it has to do with channel “quality” (as determined by the algorithm). Q&A videos are never watched as much as the main video (understandably and expectedly), and having lots of low performing videos hurts the channel. By keeping them unlisted, and linking at the end of this video, those who want to see it still can, but the channel isn’t penalized by having low performing videos on it.
I believe the extra column is to attach to one of the legs to turn it into a monopod :)
Looks like you can do a slide with the bar
Hm, no I don’t think it’s that smooth.
And you didn't even mention that it can turn into a monopod! It does it all.
you clearly didn’t watch to the end…
#Busted. I did skip through, I admit.
I have exactly the same one! Except mine is "K&F Koncept", haha... Solid, even after a year. :) Stiff even.
Nice. Yeah I’m sure there’s a lot of the same stuff under different brands. And I solved the stiffness with an Allen key.
I saw a review on the K&f version and thought it looked good with all its features, but it did not look stiff. I'll prob go for the K&F version as I have a few camera mount adapters from the and they are very good quality
It’s probably identical with different labels on it :-)
It's a Manfrotto 055 knockoff ..yawn.
I did a quick search and 055 are legs… so you’re talking about legs and some additional head. This may well be a knockoff, but it’s nearly half the price of the legs alone. So, for those on a budget, or needing an extra tripod, this is a pretty good product.
point well taken!
Great video. I sent you a DM a Twitter. I had a question.
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