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  • Released: 2019/04/06
    0:40 hr

    RAW Power: Wrap-up + Q&A

    Live Training Session 2105

    In this final session on RAW Power, we looked more closely at batch processing on both macOS and iOS, and checked out the Camera-specific preset.

  • Released: 2019/03/30
    0:40 hr

    RAW Power: Editing Tools pt 2

    Live Training Session 2104

    In the previous session, we learned all about the editing tools. In this session, we saw them in use! Watch my editing decisions, made in realtime.

  • Released: 2019/03/23
    0:50 hr

    RAW Power: Editing Tools pt 1

    Live Training Session 2103

    In this session, we see every adjustment RAW Power has to offer, such as White Balance, Curves, Definition, Chromatic Aberration, Perspective and more!

  • Released: 2019/03/16
    0:32 hr

    RAW Power: RAW Processing

    Live Training Session 2102

    You know what RAW Power is really good at? RAW Decoding! (Bet you're surprised). This session covers all the RAW Processing capabilities.

  • Released: 2019/03/09
    0:23 hr

    RAW Power: Asset Management

    Live Training Session 2101

    Did you know you can use RAW Power as a standalone app, independent of Apple Photos? Learn all about its own asset management capabilities!

  • Released: 2019/03/02
    0:28 hr

    RAW Power: Overview

    Live Training Session 2100

    RAW Power is a RAW processor for macOS and iOS that works seamlessly with Apple Photos (or stand-alone), providing much more capability and power.

  • Released: 2019/02/16
    0:36 hr

    Luminar 3 with Libraries: Layers

    Live Training Session 2007

    Layers are a curious feature in Luminar, where they are very rarely needed. But let's see how you can use them, and where you probably shouldn't bother.

  • Released: 2019/01/26
    0:33 hr

    Luminar 3 with Libraries: Masking

    Live Training Session 2006

    Masking is a powerful way to control just where your adjustments are applied. And how they're handled is in many way a major advantage of Luminar 3.

  • Released: 2019/01/12
    0:49 hr

    We're finally wrapping up the Filters in Luminar 3! There are a bunch more, getting into the Professional and Utility categories.

  • Released: 2019/01/05
    0:57 hr

    Let's have some fun, and explore the Creative filters Luminar 3 with Libraries, including filters like Cross Processing, Golden Hour and Sunrays.

  • Released: 2018/12/29
    0:36 hr

    This session continues on with the many Filters in Luminar 3 with Libraries, focusing mostly on corrective filters today.

  • Released: 2018/12/21
    0:53 hr

    There are a ton of Filters in Luminar 3 with Libraries, and we'll look at a few of 'em… plus learn the do's and don'ts of working with these adjustments!



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