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  • Released: 2019/02/16
    0:36 hr

    Luminar 3 with Libraries: Layers

    Live Training Session 2007

    Layers are a curious feature in Luminar, where they are very rarely needed. But let's see how you can use them, and where you probably shouldn't bother.

  • Released: 2019/01/26
    0:33 hr

    Luminar 3 with Libraries: Masking

    Live Training Session 2006

    Masking is a powerful way to control just where your adjustments are applied. And how they're handled is in many way a major advantage of Luminar 3.

  • Released: 2019/01/12
    0:49 hr

    We're finally wrapping up the Filters in Luminar 3! There are a bunch more, getting into the Professional and Utility categories.

  • Released: 2019/01/05
    0:57 hr

    Let's have some fun, and explore the Creative filters Luminar 3 with Libraries, including filters like Cross Processing, Golden Hour and Sunrays.

  • Released: 2018/12/29
    0:36 hr

    This session continues on with the many Filters in Luminar 3 with Libraries, focusing mostly on corrective filters today.

  • Released: 2018/12/21
    0:53 hr

    There are a ton of Filters in Luminar 3 with Libraries, and we'll look at a few of 'em… plus learn the do's and don'ts of working with these adjustments!

  • Released: 2018/12/15
    0:51 hr

    Luminar 3 with Libraries: Library Workflow

    Live Training Session 2001

    One of the big new features in Luminar 3 with Libraries is… you guessed it… Libraries! Learn all about what they are, and how to get the most from them!

  • Released: 2018/12/08
    0:46 hr

    Luminar 3 with Libraries: Overview

    Live Training Session 2000

    The all new Luminar 3 with Libraries is here! Learn all about the latest version of Skylum's Luminar, including Libraries and the new AI Sky Enhancer tool.

  • Released: 2018/11/24
    0:22 hr

    FiLMiC Pro: Remote Control

    Live Training Session 1906

    It's one thing to shoot video with the device in your hand… but what about controlling that camera from somewhere else? It's possible with FiLMIC Remote!

  • Released: 2018/11/17
    0:23 hr

    FiLMiC Pro: Playback & Editing

    Live Training Session 1905

    Now that you've shot a bunch of clips, how do you see and edit them? FiLMiC Pro has some basic tools, but you can also use LumaFusion or iMovie!

  • Released: 2018/11/10
    0:23 hr

    Exposure, focus and zoom pulls require skilled hands, advanced cameras, or… FiLMiC Pro. Learn how to do them in this video!

  • Released: 2018/11/03
    0:24 hr

    FiLMiC Pro includes some pretty great control over white balance, gamma curve, shadows and highlights, and even color. Here's how to take control.



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