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AppleScripts Debut on ApertureExpert

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October 6, 2010 - 9:03am

I’ve been working with Morten Scheel (@AFringeDweller) for a while developing some AppleScripts for the ApertureExpert community. We’ve come up with some pretty clever ones to start with, and we’re looking for more to develop. If you have any ideas, please contribute them to the new AppleScript Forum!

Here’s the starting lineup, all available in thew new store at

Convert Master File Format

We’re really excited about this one! You know how your library can end up bloated with huge RAW files that you don’t want to delete, but know that you don’t really need in the original, space-hogging RAW format? These are your non-selects… the shots that aren’t good enough to share, but aren’t so bad you’ll throw them away. This script is for those photos. It converts your RAW image to any format and size you like, such as “JPEG - Original Size”, and preps the original RAW file for deletion. The script is well designed to be completely risk-free, giving you many opportunities to change your mind before the original RAW files are gone for good. [Read more] [$1.99]

4-up; Auto Levels & Curves, RGB & Luminance

A long name for a script that does a lot—it combines the power of AppleScript and Adjustment Presets into just one click! Last week I wrote a tip titled “Understanding Luminance vs RGB in Auto Levels & Curves, and Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts in Aperture 3”, explaining how to simplify the process of comparing four different auto-adjustments. This script takes it a step further and completely automates the process—with one click, you’ll have four version of your image presented for Full Screen review, each rendered with Auto Levels (Luminance), Auto Levels (RGB), Auto Curves (Luminance), or Auto Curves (RGB). As a bonus, the package includes the Adjustment Presets needed to run the script, so you don’t even have to build those. Just install the set and start comparing! [Read more] [$1.99]

Calculate Storage Space

A simple script that calculates the storage space taken up by a collection of images. Wondering how much space your rejected files are actually taking? How big that group of non-selects really is? Just select and run the script, and it’ll tell you how many MB — or GB! — are being consumed. [Read more] [99¢]

Open Master in Lightroom

Not too many people need this one, but someone asked about it in the forums and we delivered! For users of both Aperture and Lightroom, this allows you to select an image in Aperture and with one click, export the Master and open it in Lightroom. [Read more] [99¢]

    More to come!

    This is just the beginning. Check ‘em out now, and keep coming back for more!

    And don’t forget… got an idea that you’d love to see implemented? Wondering if something is possible in AppleScript? Head on over to the AppleScript Forum and tell us all about it.


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