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Upgraded Library is Smaller!

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February 17, 2010 - 3:48am

That’s a shock… the 17,000+ image Aperture 2 Library I’ve imported into a clean Aperture 3 Library was 21.27 GB originally (without Previews). It’s now only 16.65 GB. That’s a nice surprise! I’ve already run Faces on it (big mistake… running Faces on a concert series; hellloooo audience!!! Talk about a chore rejecting all those unknown people! LOL), and have upgrade about 2/3 of the Library to the new processing engine. That’s almost a 22% size reduction. Nice.

Apple Aperture

I’ve imported to Aperture 2 my library of 14000 pics from iPhoto 09. I haven’t had any preview-pics set to a smaller size like I now did in Aperture 3 which had then importet the Aperture 2 library.

Everything’s working perfectly fine with the library but I’m wondering if there’s a command to re-generate all previews in smaller sizes to free some diskspace?


There sure is.

1. First make sure your Preferences > Previews are set the way you want them (I have mine set at 1/2 size, quality 8)
2. Click the Photos built-in album in the Library pane to reveal ALL photos.
3. Select menu Photos > Delete Previews for Library
4. Select menu Photos > Generate Previews for Library

This will take some time; overnight or more. But it’s a process you can pause if need be.

HOWEVER… before you do that, I wrote a post a while ago about Preview management and discussed if it’s even necessary to have all those previews. Check it out before you proceed; it’s titled Reducing Library Size—Dramatically and while it was written for Aperture 2, it still applies to version 3.

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Thanks a lot Joseph for those Tips! Will do so!

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