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Missing Projects on Import Following Aperture 3.0.2 Upgrade

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March 29, 2010 - 2:06am

Well that was weird… let’s see if anyone else saw the same thing.

I updated to Aperture 3.0.2 last night, and as you can see from the previous post, just imported some images. I did two imports to two new projects, and when I went to look for the projects… they were missing!

(I had imported to a New project, named in the Import window, and that new project lived in a 3rd level sub-folder.)

I searched for a just-imported image in the Photos view, and found it. Good! Choosing Show in Project revealed the photo inside that third-level folder, but not inside any project. That told me that the images were in fact where they were supposed to be, but just not showing up.

I relaunched Aperture; no joy.

Finally I launched with Command-Option held down and chose to Rebuild Database. That fixed it. The projects showed up where they were supposed to be.

And, subsequent imports have worked properly.

So there you have it… if you’re missing projects after the 3.0.2 upgrade, rebuild rebuild rebuild! (And back up first… ‘cause you never know.)


Apple Aperture

Yep, I’ve seen it too. Same symptoms, same fix. And this is on a very small test library. I’d say that the beautiful thing that is Aperture 3 will be ready to come out of beta by version 3.1 at this rate.


Me too, and I foolishly reimported the 1000 photo library twice, then read your post, and am now deleting 1000 duplicated versions…. Thanks for the advice, it could have been 2000!
Graham (UK)

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