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Recent Spam Blast

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April 28, 2010 - 5:33am

Dear ApertureExpert readers,

It would appear that I’ve been targeted by some smarmy disgusting spam-bot creature. Unfortunately those of you that have subscribed to updates all got emails about it (and believe me, I heard about it, too).

This site is set so that only members can leave comments, however it was also set so that anyone could post references. Every single one of these spam posts was a reference. I have now set the site so all references have to be approved (meaning only *I* will get spammed). So that should cut down the emails to you.

The site is still however set so that anyone can create an account and post messages. So far, all of you are legit and the only spam I’ve seen here is from reference-posts. If I start to see spam from regular registered users, then I’ll have to start approving each post as well—which obviously is NOT what I want to have to do.

How do we fight this?!?! If you see an offensive post, let me know (chances are I’ve seen it already, but I’d rather hear about it more than once than miss it entirely). If the spammers go down that road I’ll have to approve every single user—but how do you separate legitimate users from spamming scum? Hard to do. But I’ll do my best to keep this site clean and still usable and interesting.

Thanks for your continued support. Keep fighting the good fight. 

(And seriously… does anyone buy their crap because they posted it on a site like mine? I mean… really?!?!)

-Joseph @ApertureExpert

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