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Live Training “Image Treatments”

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August 18, 2012 - 7:57pm

In my question of “what Live Training should I do next” (since we’ve pretty much covered the entire app now), a suggesting I rather liked was for me to take the audience through the treatment of a variety of images. I could do my own photos, but I think it’d be more interesting to do audience-submitted shots!

So here’s what I propose… if you want to submit a photo for consideration, upload a zipped folder it to this site’s dropbox including the RAW image and a text file with your name and email address, time zone and rough availability (evenings, weekends only, etc.). I’ll want to include you in the Live Training so we can discuss the image, and how it could or should be treated, live, which means you’ll need to be available when I do it. I’ll pick a time for the Live Training based on image submission. And yes you can submit more than one photo.

I want a variety of images with a variety of needs, for example difficult to recover or retouch, photos you thought were going to be awesome but just don’t “do it for you” now that they’re on screen, or even old favorites simply to get a different perspective on how to treat it.

Depending on submissions, I may do the Live Training later this week or on the weekend.

Sound fun?

Update on August 25, 2012 - 8:08pm by Joseph @ApertureExpert

I have quite a few submissions, thanks folks — but can always use more!

Here’s the thing… I don’t have time to set up a real Live Training right now, as I’m leaving town tomorrow for several days. I think what I’ll do is record one or two of these and publish them; I’ll release them on YouTube for free at the lower quality, just as I have been for the last few Live Trainings, but there won’t be an actual Live Broadcast. And of course you’ll be able to download the high rez videos as well.

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Hey, that sounds like a great idea!!

I'd much rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

Sounds like a cool idea :)

You are reading my thoughts, Joseph!

Also would be awesome to see some sort of list of most necessary treatments.
Something like professional’s checklist, before you can switch to the next photo.
For example (from my list):
- Spots on a sensor
- Skin defects (blemishes, etc)
- Strong high contrast shadows on a skin
- Highlights on the skin
- Wild hairs
- Cromatic aberrations (like with trees and leaves)
- Vignette (if it is not intended)
- Details in white (like on wedding dress)
- Details in black (like in shadows)
- Halo effect (like on window frame)
- etc…

Yeah, I know, maybe this sounds obvious, but believe me - not for newbies :)
To be honest, I’ve updated my list just watching AE LIVE TRAINING sessions.
Of course these are not rules, just something you should pay attention to.

The next usefull thing is to define some ways to fix the item in the list using Aperture. Like:
- Spots on a sensor: Retouch brick
- Strong shadows on a skin: Dodge brush, Retouch brick
- Highlights on the skin: Retouch brick, Burn brush, Highlights&Shadows brick
- Vignette: Vignette brick, devignette brick
- etc…

Actually, this is quite funny, there are no books about these things. It is always about “HOW TO USE X IN LIGHTROOM”, not about “WHAT TO FIX”. And I suppose this is not a matter of taste, because at the same time we have plenty of books about composition on a market. And composition is definitely about taste.

If we have Managed library, is there a way to (easily, like an Export Preset) export the RAW file, or do we need to—sneakily and unofficially—go digging around in the Aperture package to get to the master files?


The command you are looking for is File > Export > Original.

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