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Downloading OS X Mavericks

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October 22, 2013 - 7:31pm

Downloading Mavericks!

Downloading OS X Mavericks now. Perhaps there will be a compatibility update for Aperture that will show up once Mavericks is installed? If anyone beats me to the install, let us know if anything for Aperture shows up after that.

Apple Aperture

5.29GB? Wow. Wasn’t the last OS update less than 4GB?



I should know in a little while as I am in the process of downloading Mavericks now. I am at the 4.90 GB mark. It is a very large file of 5.29 GB. So it has taken a while to download. I assume it will take about 20 to 30 minutes to install.

Just some friendly advice is to make sure you have your system backed up before you start this update.


It’s slowing down in the uk must be a lot of people doing the same

Well it is just what I figured. Downloaded is completed and installation has started with a time frame of about 35 minutes.


Joseph, shouldn’t you be working on getting the new site up rather than playing around with OS updates?


Ok it took me just under 95 minutes from download to installing of Maverick. Had no issues when installing. Both Aperture, iPhoto and along with Lightroom 5.2 opened and ran with no issues as far as I could tell. Aperture Library/Lightroom Catalog are stored on a Drobo 5D via Thunderbolt. Also did some fast testing with Nik Software with Aperture and had no issues. Now need to test other plug-ins.


Any guidance on using iphoto x or whatever its called with an aperture 3.45 library? Does it upgrade the library?

Just installed Mavericks on my rMBP and I’ve gained ~15GB of disk space

Before Finder reported ~191GB free (before I d/l Mav) and now it reports 206GB free.

Normally would expect less disk space after a major OS u/g

Just finished installing Mavericks on my “test mule” 2009 Mac mini. The following updates became available:

Aperture 3.5


Downloaded Mavericks on my Macbook Pro 17 and this came up.
Install Failed: The OS X upgrade couldn’t be started because the disk is damaged and can’t be repaired. After your computer restarts, back up your data, erase your disk, and try installing again. Great never had any issues before this upgrade.

Mavericks seems to use the battery a lot faster on my MacBook Pro.

I had the same issue as Fred Cassara when downloading Maverick i.e. The OS X upgrade couldn’t be started because the disk is damaged etc.

I had to use the disk repair utility (the was a record count issue) and then re-install (50 min download and one hour install).

I’m still having issues with Safari so have switched to Firefox.

I downloaded Mavericks when it came out - no problems at all at any stage and I have 44,419 photos sitting in Aperture. (Yes, I know, a clean-out is overdue!)

Everything works a treat.

John B

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