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9TO5Mac Interviews Photographer Lucas Gilman with New Mac Pro and Aperture 3.5

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October 23, 2013 - 7:00pm

The photographer featured in the Apple Special Event Keynote yesterday, Lucas Gilman, has been interviewed by He talks about the Mac Pro of course, and his experience with Aperture 3.5. It’s not a super in-depth interview, but suffice it to say, Mr. Lucas enjoyed the Mac. He also confirms that the display he was using is a Sharp 4K display (so not a prototype Apple 4K display—but we can still hope!) Click through to read the article.

Apple Aperture

Good read but just wondering if he is using a/the newer version of Aperture. Time will tell.

I was a bit perturbed by this interview.
Is it me or did Mr. Gilman seem to avoid directly answering many of the questions?
I may be imagining things but it has me worried that he was more than a little vague about the performance gains of the new Mac Pro, since what he was used to was an iMac. It’s odd that Apple didn’t get the perspective of an ‘old’ Mac Pro guy, could they not find one?
Also, the bizarre choice of Pixelmator on the Performance section of the Mac Pro page on has me scratching my head. If this was a dig at Adobe they picked a peculiar place to do it.
Were the gains on Photoshop too meagre to show?

If you read the features page on the new MacBook Pros, there are numerous mentions of Aperture, under the Retina screen, performance and storage sections. To me that suggests that Apple plans a big push on it, probably in line with a new version.

Although iPhoto has been updated on the Mac, it’s really just an incremental update to version 9.5, and is missing most of the features found in the iOS version (such as brushes).

I suspect that both iPhoto and Aperture are due for major architectural changes, and that the new versions are so radically different that they were only able to tinker around the edges of the current versions and do the minimum required to make them work with Mavericks.

I suspect that new versions of both iPhoto and Aperture will be launched simultaneously, with a new architecture, probably a new library format, and much tighter integration with the iOS photo apps via iCloud. I think the next few months are going to be quite exciting…

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