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More job opportunities at Apple that smell like Aperture

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August 19, 2013 - 7:00pm

An anonymous reader emailed me these two new job openings at Apple. Both have the scent of Aperture on them, so read the tea laves as you will… but I think we’re getting closer.

RAW Camera Software Engineer


We are looking for a senior software engineer to join the Advanced Imaging team to help develop the next generation imaging technologies with emphasis on digital photography. This candidate will play a significant role in designing and implementing image processing pipeline to ensure optimal quality results. The responsibilities also include characterizing digital cameras from sensor, lens, to spacial reconstruction and color calibration.

Apple Product Documentation - Instructional Designer (for photography applications)


The Apple Product Documentation team is looking for an instructional designer or a photographer to write user documentation for its photography applications.

The ideal candidate has:

  • Expertise in photography, compositing, photo asset management, post-production photography, and multimedia production with the ability to translate this knowledge into simple and engaging documentation for photo hobbyists and professionals.
  • Writing or teaching experience in photography and related subjects.
  • Exceptional writing skills.
  • The ability to synthesize and simplify complex topics and procedures, including explaining concepts and features to beginners.


Apple Aperture

“The responsibilities also include characterizing digital cameras from sensor, lens, to spacial reconstruction and color calibration.”

Spacial reconstruction? That could be interesting…

“help develop the next generation imaging technologies” - could be years away…

Certainly sounds like Aperture related. But if they are currently looking for those positions, it doesn’t sound like for a product that would be released in the near future. Next year at the earliest.


Some have noticed they’ve also been adding Aperture software QA in CA and tech support people in TX this summer. So where does that put them in the cycle?

I think Aperture, iPhoto, iPhoto iOS, and maybe something new for iOS will be seeing some love very shortly… probably with Mavericks.

Ask yourself why iPhoto hasn’t seen much love either… core imaging services updates are required for any kind of image processing stuff… something likely with any major release of Aperture or iPhoto. So we are all probably waiting on Mavericks unless of course you think Ap3/iPhoto won’t see ANYTHING really new until the next-next OS X…

Now that iPhoto/Aperture are pretty much the same thing under the covers I am betting you will see both have -re-vamps of some sort either with Mavericks or right after but not have to way until the NEXT-NEXT OS X major release.

Just my 2¢.

As for the new hires - take this more as Apple is not going to give-up on doing it’s own media production apps on OS X nor iOS - no how, no way. They have been down that road with just about everything and it’s too close to what people want to do with their hardware for them to ceed to other companies whims.

There have been on-going hires for imaging related tech for quite some time - like last year when rumors were speculating Aperture 4….


FWIW, Apple has been adding software developers and such to the iLife/iWork/Aperture teams over the past six plus months. The Instructional Designer listing has been previously posted (a month or so ago if I recall) on their job openings site.

They better hurry up, I’ve been an Aperture user since 2.0, still dealing with bugs at 3.4.3 and I am wavering here, playing with my free download of Lightroom5. The only problem right now is Most my Plug-ins are Aperture specific. :(

All I care about is that Aperture 4 is near(er) reality.
I hate Lightroom so much it hurts.
My workflow involves both Lr and Ap but what I wouldn’t give to simplify, and by simplify I mean kick that Adobe dog to the curb.

New Mac Pro. Aperture 4.0. FCPX 10.1. Aperture for iPad. (Or iPhoto iOS linked to OSX version…) Let’s do it!!!

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