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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

This is a collection of all PhotoJoseph LIVE shows, from the PhotoJoseph YouTube channel. Additional episodes are listed below!

ATEM Mini Master Class V3 — Five Hours (in 4K)!! LIVE Webinar

Photo Moment - March 18, 2022

This is a massive, five hour long LIVE webinar (this time, in 4K!) on Blackmagic ATEM hardware, including Introduction to ATEM, setup, switching basics, transitions, upstream and downstream keys, Supersource, media player, audio control, recording and streaming, macros, ISO Recording & bRAW to Resolve, HyperDeck for Recording & Playback, the VideoHub 40x40, ATEM Streaming Bridge, Web Presenter, and a tour of how I ran this webinar, including bitfocus Companion, El Gato Stream Deck, mimoLive the UltraStudio 4K Mini and more!

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Can we record super source to SSD?
@@photojoseph thanks
Super source is in the program recording, yes.
This is a very informative video. Question for the Audio can you place a ZOOM H6 into the ATEM? I have an ATEM television Studio HS8 ISO
@@photojoseph thank you. Perfect thank you so much for your help.
Yes, line out of the Zoom to one of the audio inputs on the ATEM. Be sure to set it to line level.
Hey Joseph - I just finished your 4.5 hour ATEM video, and I am thinking about watching this one next for updates! Quick question for you - What are your thoughts on using a usb-c multiport hub to simultaneously record out of the ATEM mini pro to an SSD and then also stream (currently Zoom Webinar or GoToWebinar) with the ATEM via usb-c all through a hub? If that is not recommended, I think I may be missing the step of how to connect to the computer for the stream while eating up the USB-C port for the SSD. Thank you very much!
@@photojoseph Thanks so much for the reply Joseph. You definitely answered my question - but to explain further, I will be live streaming hybrid CME courses for doctors starting in January and my goal would be to run the ATEM into Zoom Webinars via USB-C as a webcam but I would love to have the program feed recorded separately at a higher quality than I will get out of the Zoom recording. The goal is to use that as a final deliverable to the client after the stream is over. I will be recording on my camera (Canon XA40), but I am trying to avoid having to re-edit the powerpoint changes as the presenter works through his slides with my higher quality footage. All that being said, it sounds like the multi USB ATEM extreme or perhaps using a Atomos monitor/recorder to record the program would be the only way to get what I am looking for. Thanks man!
Thanks for watching. What you’re asking for isn’t possible. If you want to use usb for both recording AND feeding to the computer in webcam mode then you need the Extreme model with two USB ports. A hub won’t work because these are two different protocols, and the ATEM switches depending on what you plug in. It can’t be both at once. But the design idea is that you use the built-in encoder for streaming, not OBS or whatever you’re using on the computer. Of course there’s reasons to use something else as you may be doing, but again if you want both, you gotta go Extreme.
I have never seen a video where the presenter digresses more than you do. Are you capable of maintaining a concise line of thought? Brutal!!
I’m curious how far you got in this LIVE presentation.
What in ear monitor do you use? Can you make a video about in ear monitors please.
Is it possible to record 4k videos on a memory card on a Sony camera and simultaneously record the iso recordings on SSD?
I don’t shoot Sony; I don’t know.
1:17:18 out of sync now
Sooo helpful, thanks! Quick question on streaming straight from the ATEM... What if I made a local network just to control the ATEM, but also connected the ATEM to a computer that was connected to the internet for streaming. Would the ATEM be smart enough to still push the stream out to the internet connection via the computer, while still letting me control it from a device on the local network?
@@photojoseph I see. Thank you!
No, that’s not how networks work. If the computer is on a network then add the ATEM to the same network.
Just had a question. Is it possible to live stream? Let’s say on a social media platform, a live news broadcast ? If so how? For example, if there is a live court room case, how can I live steam that to my social media channel using the atem mini, pro , extreme ?
That’s precisely what these devices all do. They have built in live streaming encoders.
which pocket cam and lens do you have right in front of you?
looks like the pocket 6k with maybe the EF 24 L?
I watched the entire thing. I was curious why someone would use Vmix at like 10x the price (all in) when the Atem seems so capable. I now see the Atem is amazing but entry level at best. Thanks a ton.
Sean from Northern Oregon. Question, and maybe you answered it, but when I switch sources while using an upstream key from say Camera 1 to Camera 2, and I have the upstream key set to my camera source (CAM1), the background as a graphic, then the upstream key turns off when I switch from Input 1(CAM1) to Input 2(CAM2), and I have to turn the upstream key back on. Since there is only one supersource, and I want the backbround graphic to change as well when I switch, am I setting this up wrong? As I get a vision for what I want a scene to look like, and have the whole thing change live, I just want the background to change, and be able to change the camera live as well. Not sure if I explained that right, but it is essentially like PIP with a background that I want to change when I switch. Is using an upstream key for this making it harder? In OBS I set them up as scenes, and this worked great because I could just switch the entire scene, just not sure how to achieve the same result on the ATEM as I do not want to use OBS if I do not have to (ATEM is encoding and streaming to a Facebook Business page). I wanted to ATEM to take the load off my computer, and to use just the computer as a control panel, or to load graphics. Sorry if this is long or confusing...
You need to use macros to set everything up and switch. Think of it like manually building the scene but you’ll record the steps and trigger from the macro.
Hey Joseph thanks for that really deep diving all around streaming and setup: one questions is still not solved to me: What would you recommend for setting up atem mini extreme iso and gotowebinar (not sure if obs is the right programm)
Just plug the ATEM into the computer over usb and choose the ATEM as the webcam in gotowebinar. That’s it!
Thanks for the great tutorial.. Question: did you ever figured out why the export XML option was not showing? I'm using Resolve 18 and want to export to FCPX but can't seem to find the XML option either except if I use the timeline export feature and then I see the options.. Thanks again..
I was looking for a different menu that didn't exist. You just go File > Export > Timeline and choose the fcpxml format on the export dialog.
You covered up the GUi when showing how to set the colour and then your audio goes out of sync with the split screen of you and Gary. How do avoid audio sync errors? Most importantly you tittled this ATEM Mini but you just cover the extreme.. thumbs down.
Did I? Sorry. The audio sync issue was user error. I figured out my problem though the next day (second half of this video). I actually hand a sync offset programmed into another piece of software that I didnt realize was there!
Neither here nor there. However when writing a Macro you mentioned that if you want the macro to switch to camera 2 but cam 2 is already in “program” you would need to switch to a different camera then back to cam 2.
I thought you could simply click on cam 2 even if it’s already in program and the macro would record it?
In last years video, I thinkit was anyway, you mentioned recording in BRAW when using the BM pocket series cameras, and replacing the 1080 footage with it when editing the pogram. Couldn't the same thing be done with the Lumix S5, recording to the video assist for BRAW an loop through HDMI out to the ATEM, therefore accomplishing the same thing as with the 4k pocket camera?
@@photojoseph copy thanks!
not really. Not even would you not get the automated matching to the source files, you couldn’t match them even manually because they will be different durations and have different timecode. Also you’d have to manually start and stop recording in the cameras. The best you would have is recording the braw or whatever format masters and re-cutting from scratch.
While the XML streaming file shows settings for 720p the ATEM doesn't appear to actually support that. Can BMD confirm why the XML file shows a 720p capability but doesn't actually do 720p? Or if it does support 720p, what might be happening that it doesn't work even if I've made the service for it. This is important as this impacts the ability to stream to Amazon Live. Oh and turns out Restream requires a fee for transcribing from 1080 to 720, so that seems a non starter as a potential solution. Thank you, Mark
Hello Joseph. Thank you for perfect video. I have question and i will be greatful for your reply. Is there way switch upstream keyed (but also dsk) camera to preview mode as first before program mode?
Could to use a USB c hub on the ATEM mini pro and connect the hub to the ATEM USC c port and the USB data port on the hub to a pc for streaming with OBS/vmix?
no. Different protocols and the USB port switches protocols depending on what you plug in.
Hi and great thanks for these videous👍💪. My question is how to set atem mini pro that it not show multiview when Inturn it on. I know how to switch it in software in pc, but is there feature when I turn Atem mini pro on it show large view without small views. This is complicate when I turn atem on without pc it shows all small squares not just one view. I’m pretty sure you showed this in some video but I don’t find it. Plese help me! And again thanks this nice forum you do1
Save startup state
Awesome work, as always Joseph!
Thank you sir
Can you test the Insta360 ONE RS if works to live streaming?
@@photojoseph thank you for the info... I didnt realize that
I don’t think those cameras have hdmi out do they? To stream that you need something that streams the full size image and then a viewer that lets you pan it. I believe those cameras have their own streaming setup? But there’s little to no chance you can stream one — at least not in 360 — with an ATEM.
1:59:00 thanks for that full demo of non-Pre-multiplied vs. multiplied. Seeing it in action before/after is Sooo helpful. Oh and congrats on the 40x40 video router too: 03:43:50 ! I understand the need to stay focused on the rack re-layout/re-route and rationalization. Very time consuming no doubt.
You’re welcome! I dive into it in a cleaner more nuanced way in these non-live videos: and
I need to grab some popcorn and a notepad! 🍿📝 I'm trying to learn this. 👍
Lotsa popcorn, lotsa notes!
1:02:00 Great point on the ATEM Photoshop plug-in, that round-trip between ATEM media pool and Photoshop is really valuable, especially if you're just starting out. It takes you out Photoshop, round-trip, brings you back to the ATEM and your graphic is in the Media Pool ready to use.
I love that feature!
36:10 I know it's early in the program, but thanks for differentiating when/how you would want to use Preview for switching a show. Self-host, vs. team produced is very important to track when you're coming up with a procedure and workflow using a switcher.
Awesome, glad that was helpful!
Cool stuff. A quick note re: around 14:30 and 44:30 on setting IP addresses… alas the original ATEM Mini doesn't have DHCP and needs to have its IP address set manually :(
Ah yes, that is true. That came out so long ago I’d forgotten!
Hi Joseph, Great show...... I need to learn about talkback solutions... I have an extreme and TV Studio HD
That’s such a niche feature I don’t think I’ll cover it. I don’t have the hardware either. Closest thing I can offer is this video:
very cool - thanks for sharing
let's try this again.

i have the Mini Pro ISO. i'm using all 4 inputs with 4 different cameras. i'm using macros to change cameras every 4 seconds using a one second mix transition. all good! now, i want to add a green screen that will be in the background of each camera. i can switch cameras as the keys with macros but there's no way to transition between key cameras.

after seeing you use the Extreme with 4 keys, i realized maybe you need that to be able to have a mix transition between each camera.

it seems to me that EVERYONE who uses a 4 camera switcher would want it to be able to utilize green screen with all four cameras while using a transition. some i know use green screen exclusively. this is kind of a deal breaker.

someone figured it out for Windows but not for Mac. watch this video i'm posting here to see what i'm talking about. it's not spam or click bait. i'm really struggling to figure this out. thanks to anyone who might have a solution. why isn't this addressed more often?
@@haagendub could you help me via private message on facebook or something else?
TLDR: Sorry, it's been a while since I upgraded to the Extreme ISO, so I didn't recall that there's only one upstream in the Mini Pro. I'd recommend the upgrade, if you can afford it.

Hi there, I think I might have a solution to your problem - in case you didn't solve it by now:
Instead of switching the cameras you use for one upstream, you could use another upstream with the camera you want to transition to, then select the yellow buttons for next transition under the ON AIR buttons. If you do a mix transition with your set duration, e.g. 1.00, it should work the way you want. I don't see any reason why this should not be executable by macro.
I hope this helps :)
Really appreciate your way of explaining things. Exactly the way I need to hear it. Thanks.
Were the supersource examples cut out when you went to the 5 minute break? You said you would do examples but it went straight to the media player portion.
Hmm… the only thing I intentionally cut was the break itself and fixed a few title card flubs I will go back and look at the source. Do you have a time stamp where I said that?
The amount of information is huge, I appreciate it. -- but I would suggest a different perspective on the instructional video. I would first go through the necessary things in terms of basic usage, after which I can deal with more in-depth issues.

Now we went straight to the deep end, and it happens that at 10 minutes we are already talking about things that most users never need.
@@photojoseph My mistake, I propably need everything.
I appreciate the feedback, however I spent literally the first three hours digging into every basic function. I didnt move beyond the capabilities of the base hardware until like hour four. To say people don’t “need” transitions, up and downstream keys, audio control and so-on is to say that they don’t need an ATEM. And this isn’t a sales pitch for ATEM. It’s a training video for how to use the hardware.
keep on keeping it on
Newbie ;-) Hi Josef, thank you so uch for the video and your time. And naturally I have a streaming question. With my Atem Mini Pro Iso I can set 3 qualities for the stream. Unfortunately, the slowest is still too fast for my internet connection. With OBS I tested that I can stream at max 1500 Kbps. If I set a higher value, the stream doesn't work, the picture freezes. Can I permanently set the lowest streaming quality "somewhere somehow" with the Atem Mini Pro Iso? That would be great.
@@photojoseph Thank you, i will check . 😀
Actually you can. I’m pretty sure I included that in this video (even though that’s not the primary topic). Check it out and if it’s not in there let me know.
I just had the time for the agenda now. But for sure I'm going to STUDY all the details of this Master Class

You're SUPER AWESOME, EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL and one of THE BEST in the industry (my humble opinion)

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time of putting all this information in one place!

Have a Productive and Healthy Day!
God Bless you!

ps: LOVE that you're going to talk about the 40x40! :)
@@freddymiguelponce Sure thing:
​@@photojoseph Do you have a link to buy the special tool you talked about in the minute 3:38:28 for the video hub?
@@photojoseph I'm SURE I will!
aw thank you, I very much appreciate that! I hope you enjoy it, once you dive in!
What is ATEM?
It is reverse social network to META 😂😂😂
An overview of what it is starts at 06:11 — check the chapter markers
Instantly added to my 'watch later' list....better get some popcorn! :)
After sitting through the first two 5-hour master classes, you’ll need more than just popcorn to get through! Lol
haha that's gonna take a log of 🍿 Hope you enjoy!
Wow! This is to production professionals and ATEM students what Mr. Beast's Squid Game video was: EPIC, HUGE, and AWESOME! Great job Joseph! 👍
Wow, thanks! Now if I could just get his views… hehehe
Thanks @joseph photo alll this valuable information for free 😍😍😍
My pleasure 😊
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