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The S5IIx is Here! Featuring SIRUI Saturn 35mm 1.6x Anamorphic T2.9 Lens

Photo Moment - May 09, 2023

The Panasonic LUMIX S5IIx is here — and boy, is it a hell of a camera!! I paired it with the SIRUI 35mm T2.9 1.6x anamorphic lens for this tour…

Order yours here…

All the camera's shooting modes…

In the video, I said I captured screenshots of all the camera's shooting modes. These are all in 59.94Hz (NTSC). If you would like to see these in 50.00Hz (PAL) or 24.00Hz (CINEMA), let me know.

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It’s here! And it brings a surprise too… I love surprises!!
@@jtes1442 Z8 with global shutter >>> S1R II
@@sansin6250 hopefully an S1R as well!
great video. check out the blazar anamorphic 1.5x adapter. pre-orders are tomorrow
Will there be a photo centric full-frame Lumix, possibly a S1 successor?
I liked your video!
I just bought the S5Markiix along with the condor blue handle and two SSD's thinking that I would be able to record RAW to them but after watching your video this seems to not be the case. I was really hoping to obtain 12 bit RAW Cinema DNG however it seems that the closest I will be able to get to RAW Cinema DNG is to first shoot in pro res RAW, which will require I buy an atamos, then shoot in pro res RAW, then convert to Cinema DNG? Is this Correct?
That’s right. The camera outputs RAW data. The recorder is what turns it into ProRes Raw or Blackmagic raw. I don’t know of any recorder that does cinemaDNG. But also I’m curious why you want that format?
Great but one point shoot in slow motion with anamorphic on the S5x??
same way you shoot in slow motion in any mode. Shoot at a higher frame rate and slow it down in post
Why should I buy this Lumix instead of the new Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K Full Frame?
@@photojoseph Thank you, I don't think that I need autofocus.
I don’t have a full feature breakdown of the new BMPCC, but the first thing that jumps out is autofocus. Shooters have been begging Panasonic to add PDAF to LUMIX for years. Now it’s out, and Blackmagic releases a camera without it and no one complains. 🤷 But regardless, I don’t do camera comparison videos since I’m a LUMIX Ambassador. The new BMPCC is compelling for sure.
Nice video !
Where is the menu anomorphic recording mode as we had on the S5 ?
@@photojoseph yes im in MOV but don't have in the menu CAMERA the setting "Anamorphic 4:3"..
That hasn’t changed. Be sure you’re in MOV mode? I am on the road without either camera, but I can check next week when I’m back if needed
Just prores to DNG way better compression model than BRAW. In other words Prores Raw is much closer to RAW than BRAW!. You're welcome!
I've probably seen all the footage on YouTube of the s5iix and there is something I wonder about - in camera noise reduction and how it affects the different recording options.
it seems to me like the all-intra which is still encoded in h264 has impressively cleaner image in low light, more so then then ProRes in 4k and higher.
is there any in camera noise reduction applied to ProRes 4k and higher ?
hey sorry somehow I missed this comment. There's always noise reduction applied in the debayering process. This is why true raw footage (like ProRes RAW; not blackmagic RAW) needs de-noising in post. For non-RAW, you can adjust the noise reduction in the profile adjustments.
Rolling shutter bothers me but should it? Im not whipping and panning all the time but I do run and gun
rolling shutter never looks good. But if you’re not doing whip pans or shooting sideways out of a moving vehicle, then it’s unlikely you’ll encounter it much.
What is the dynamic range of the LUMIX S5IIx?
Please put out a tutorial for this camera :) Your GH5 tutorial helped me out soooOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!
@@dazdun thank you. If the economics worked out, I’d do it!
@@photojoseph thanks for the reply! I guess I know more generally about camera settings now then when I purchased the GH5. Your tutorial was way more thorough than anything on YT, thanks for putting it out.
I appreciate that although I don’t plan to do one. They’re a ton of work and when I polled my audience, including my “GH5 Training” users, if they wanted at GH6 version, the response was massively underwhelming. There’s a million times more free videos on YouTube today than when I did the GH5 one so it’s a very different market.
great video!
The cinematography in this video is so good🔥🔥🔥
Thank you Joshua, I appreciate that!
Your anamorphic footage is stunningly beautiful. However, it’s a shame that the 4:3 anamorphic mode is only APS-C and not full frame in Prores & Raw
@@photojoseph The same goes for prores. I feel like only utilizing half the camera.But that's just how I feel, and the results are great. Thanks.
Thank you. I thought the same about the raw but then I remembered that full sensor readout to raw on a $2,200 camera is probably a bit much to ask. That’s a bigger camera feature!
Hi Joseph. any news about ( S1h Mark ii ) ? I hope you have some info bcz I can’t wait 😍
Doesn’t even shoot 4k 60?
@@photojoseph ok nice. Im glad it does. I was thinking something seemed off that it wouldn’t at least shoot 4k60. Ive been seriously considering this camera.
@@TheBenjaminBanks dang, so it does. That’s definitely wrong. I’ll try to get that fixed. The specs on my website are straight from Panasonic. You can also check their site of course. 4K60 does crop to APS-C but it definitely shoots it.
@@photojoseph it states on the B&H site under specifications it only does up to 29 .9 fps
Of course it does. I only covered what’s different here. See the original S5II video and see this chart for a complete feature breakdown
great review Joseph!
Thank you master
Not recommendation to edit directly from SSD, but that doesn't make any sense. It is convenient, fast and save (internal) SSD life.
Copying from USB-c SSD it is like moving paper from one side of the table to another.
@@photojoseph All reasons are "meh", you can corrupt, delete by mistake, erase it on any drive. If you copy to HDD for editing it is no reason because it's way slower, or you can make a backup copy and edit anyway from SSD (reading). I would write to Ninja because I can edit (read) directly from that drive without extra copying. But thaks for the respond.
Many reasons.
1. Primary; safety. If you erase, damage, corrupt, whatever the file on the SSD, then you're toast. The shot is gone forever.
2. Eventually you'll have to move the content off the SSD, unless you're buying drawers full of SSD drives, but that makes zero sense economically.
3. Taking reason 1 to the next level, if you need the SSD back in the camera to shoot some more, then you can't wipe it to make more space. And of course if you do wipe it accidentally, your footage is gone.
Really enjoyed your video. Awesome presentation. Subd your channel.
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it 😊
If I buy this camera it will be 100% cause of your workflow at NAB. You really sold me on open gate with the S5 II and S5IIx. You almost had me with "Open Gate Changes Everything" on the GH6.
Haha that’s awesome. I move open gate. It’s so good!!
I started out on Panasonic a few years ago. I even shot a feature on the GH5. But, as a low budget/indie filmmaker, I knew that reliable autofocus would go a long way on helping speed up productions with small budgets. With the S5iix, I am drawn back to Panasonic. I've shot with the BMPCC4K and now the Sony FX30. But, I try not to jump around camera systems too often. But, with the S5iix given its price point and cinema features, it's really not that hard to go back to Panasonic. So, I'm looking around at my film gear to see what I can sell to get the S5iix. Even my FX30 is trembling in fear as I eye its dimensions from across the room.
I love to hear that! And shooting a feature on a GH5… epic!!
So if I was going to record prores raw to a ninja v, would i bee able to use a problade or other external ssd? Or would i have to plug an internal drive into the ninja?
@@mmaneage86 huh… I have no idea!!
@PhotoJoseph  to be a bit of a pest, I have another question. Do you think a SATA to USB-C cord would work in connecting an internal drive ( normally used for an Atomos) directly to the X?
You would need an SSD in the Ninja. Ninja does not support external recorders. However the Blackmagic Video Assist does, so if you wanted to record in Blackmagic RAW, you could HDMI to the BMD VA, then USB to the ProBlade handle. For ProRes RAW however, you must use an ATOMOS recorder, and none of them support external SSD, just their "internal" one.
Excellent video and beautiful images!! <3
When it gets NetFlix approved call me. Till then … all this for what exactly? Content creators. Forget it.
@@Oak_Gray I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you.
Well, considering the BSH1 is Netflix approved and shoots the exact same resolution, my guess is it's just a matter of time.

But I'm sorry to hear how much you dislike content creators, especially since you are commenting on a video of someone who makes content.
Another awesome video Joseph! And guess what I am playing with sirui Anamorphic lens with the s5iix as well this time 😂
I wants one!!
I get it… I get it!!
I have an S1h and wanted to try the post-focus option (I assume that is available in the S5II/S5IIx). However, that feature is disabled all the time. Since I am using adapted Canon glass I am guessing that post-focus only works with native L-mount lenses. Do you happen to know if that is true?
@@photojoseph Thanks for confirming
ahhh OK I found it. Funny; other than making a video about shooting still with the S1H forever ago, I never shoot stills with it, so forgot that mode was there. However it is not in the S5IIx. And your assumption on why it doesn't work for you is correct — it's the adapted lens. I don't think it even works with ALL Panasonic lenses. There's a level of control that's needed for it to work. It's a fun feature, but a little gimmicky. I did a video on it 7 years ago!
@@TheBigBlueMarble that’s in S1H? LOL I thought that feature was gone long before that. Now I have to check my S1H.
@@photojoseph post-focus takes a rapid series of images at different focal points and allows you to do focus stacking with them. It does it automatically.
“Post” focus? On the S1H? That doesn’t sound familiar… are to you sure that’s what it’s called? What’s the expected result?
I have the s5ii and ia really care about is braw. Prores is bloated with absolutely no extra benefit. If I'm going to shoot crazy high data rates it might as well be braw. I'll be getting the update because I don't even shoot all-i on my canon R5.
I love ProRes because it's so "easy" to edit. I can drop six of 'em on a timeline and it plays like butter, and the bitrate is obviously a lot higher than the H.264/5 codecs. But yes agreed, RAW is so interesting these days. I've been using bRAW since I switched to Resolve and I do love it. Exciting times!!
Good news! Now... can the S5IIx do open gate, BRAW near 6K output to the VideoAssist 12G at 60 FPS? If it can... I would definitely start to save my pennies and get it when it comes out! :)
@@photojoseph Thanks for taking the time to reply! Yes you are right and it is unfortunate that it cannot do that... oh well, I will continue waiting until they can do what I would need. That in no way diminishes what this camera represents for Panasonic... it's another one of those little gems for sure!
I don't know what formats will be supported in bRAW yet. I'm trying to get my hands on the firmware. I'd imagine that it's the same as ProRes RAW, so like I showed in my video, the biggest RAW was the 16:9 5.8K option. That was up to 30p. To get 6K RAW 60p full frame you're talking about a much more expensive camera, I'd imagine!
why is no one doing extensive AF testing ?
It’s overrated. Everyone says sony level the truth is that is acceptable / good.
because they did for the S5II and this is the same AF system.
I was hoping for open gate 3:2 ProRes mode :(. But still seems as the best camera at this price point.
@@photojoseph I guess S1H II is going to have open gate 3:2 RAW and ProRes. Maybe even directly to SSD :D.

But S5iiX is a steal.
Totally. And RAW! My guess would be that this is a higher end feature, destined for a higher end camera. But that's just a guess.
Any update on the Lumix S1 MarkII? What's your expectations for that camera?
I'm considering get this combination so grateful for your video
Just wonder can i take photo with this anamorphic lens?
You can, but you have to stretch it in photoshop, and you can’t preview it stretched while shooting.
Great video, I've been here since the beginning you've made huge strides. Congratulations.
Aw thanks man, I really appreciate that!!
About cDNG in Resolve.
Set Colorspace to P3 D60 and Gamma to linear.
Turn on highlight recovery

Add a colorspace transform from P3 D60/Linear to either V-Log, then another one to Rec709 or a colorspace transform directly to Rec709.

You should be able to get even more dynamic range that way.
@@photojoseph "your project settings" is the problem. Switch that and you should be able to at least take control.
Hey Dennis. interesting, but I don't have the option. Color Space and Gamma are dimmed out. Perhaps because of its source; a ProRes RAW file? If you watch Gerald Undone's video, he actually got his hands on an early version of the BMD firmware and software, and he has total control of the bRAW files. Here's a screenshot of my Camera RAW options:
Some people said that phase autofocus doesn't work in all recording modes.
What are the modes in which it does not record with phase detection?
As the owner of the Lumix S5 I did not see an increase in image quality, yes in the improvements that we all know, but not a noticeable one in the image.
@@photojoseph I'm going to watch Gerald's Game... I said video... 😀 Thank you
The face detect AF option that was missing in some of the shooting modes in the S5II are there in the S5IIx. iPhoneDo talked about it in his video. And Gerald Undone covered image quality and dynamic range extensively in his video; I don't know if he did the same for the original S5.
Thank you very much Joseph. Could you do a videao soon with all new "tethering" mode/controls of the X . Thank you very much :)
Thanks Orlane! So you're talking about the LUMIX Tether app? Or do you mean the live streaming protocols? It may be a while before I can get to it but Gerald Undone did cover that quite a bit in his S5IIx video.
Great job on the video, a lot of info! I'd be curious if it's capable of recording standard 4:2:0 formats to the SSD while also making a backup track on an internal SD card? I'm guessing no but SSDs are convenient for workflow/transfer speed so I could see a benefit using one as a primary. Using two decent SD cards would be fine of course. 😄
@@photojoseph That makes sense. Thanks for the info!
Once USB to SSD is enabled, internal recording is shut off, sorry. If you need two simultaneous copies, either dual SD, or SSD + HDMI (but not RAW) would be the way to go!
I’d like to see a video of transcoding ProRes raw to cdng.
Noted! That's two requests so far 😊
GH6 should have long had BRAW. Seriously going off the Lumix brand. Too much mix and match.
I don't have an answer as to why bRAW isn't on the GH6, but I agree it should be there. If you're looking to capture bRAW though your only options are Blackmagic, LUMIX and Fuji.
The Lumix line up just keeps getting better and better! Thanks for the info. Yes I'd like to see your Cinema DNG workflow please.
Thanks, and noted!
This is so exciting. Thanks for the info Joe.
Glad you enjoyed it!
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