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New Aperture is Coming…

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October 22, 2013 - 6:27pm

Special announcement: I just watched the live Apple Special Event Keynote (the video will be here) and Phil Schiller, when talking about the Mac Pro, said that Aperture is/has been (?) updated to take advantage of the new Mac Pro and Mavericks. I’ll get the exact quote once I can pull it from the video, and a screenshot of the photographer on an un-known display (maybe a forthcoming 4k display? 4k was mentioned several times) running Aperture in full-screen mode.

The Mac Pro is listed for “December”, so perhaps we’ll see some update for Aperture then.

I think the updates to iPhoto, both for OS X and iOS, are also promising. If there’s some kind of synchronization between iPhoto on iOS and OS X, then maybe we will see something similar for Aperture. I don’t necessarily think we need a full iOS Aperture, but if iOS iPhoto kicks butt and syncs to iPhoto, with a shared library, that would mean it’d sync to Aperture as well.

More to come… what are your thoughts?

Apple Aperture

I’m at work, so not watching live video streams. I kept up by reading the MacWorld live blog and when it was over I felt letdown that there was no mention of am Aperture update. But you may have brought a ray of light into the gloom.

Ahhh great news. I am at work like alot of members. Please keep the info coming. OK now back to work. Shhhh the boss is coming!


guess you missed my post in the Aperture 4 thread. :)

Aperture must be upgraded for Mavericks because if it isn’t, then anyone opening their Aperture library in iPhoto, will no longer be able to open it in Aperture. So that’s a minimum. Whether or not we will see a major upgrade remains a wait and pray option.

I watched the announcements, heard the same thing and my heart skipped a beat. Glad you confirmed what I thought I heard. I checked the Apple Store, but version 3.4.5 is the only one available currently.

Phil in Midland

I heard the same but didn’t notice the screen, indeed Schiller talked about an updated version of Aperture taking advantage of Mavericks and the new Mac Pro.

Though that does not necessarily means the expected Aperture Pro X, but could be just a dot release when the new MacPro launches.

I still believe that a new version will be announced during a major photo event (like PMA) as to maximize the free press Apple would get with such a launch. They did this with Final Cut Pro X and they stole the show… Of course I’d be even happier if a new version was coming sooner…

Some previous thoughts on the topic for those interested:…

Christian C. Berclaz

Lightroom on screen isn’t it?

I am 50/50 at the moment. When I saw that as part of the Mac Pro presentation they were giving it to three pro users to review (Video, Photo, Music) I got mildly excited and stopped chopping carrots. Then when I heard the comment, ‘updated Aperture’ I punched the air.

So 50% of me is excited, the other 50% is expecting to be disappointed expecting just an ‘update’ to work with Mavericks and not a full blown software update bring in new features (lens profiles etc), increasing the power of the current ones etc.

“A new version of aperture designed to take advantage of the throughput of this incredible new mac pro” Quoted directly from the Keynote speech.

So, I remain excited and will keep my eyes on the net and reading the hopes and dreams on forums, but I will remain partially cautious too not to have my heart broken completely.

So for now I will continue to learn Aperture 3 and my plugins to support noise reduction etc.

FYI, Mavericks JUST went live on the App Store. iLife and iWork app’s haven’t been updated yet on it though.

Eddy Cue says (56:25 on the event timeline) that there are 20 Apple apps being updated today, hopefully aperture is one of them.

Hoping it may be one of the new apps today, the few shots of Aperture on the Apple site still look like the current version even those shown on the new hardware, still hopeful.

Apple’s FCP X page says a new version will be available when the Mac Pro ships in December. So your speculation about the same for Aperture is a good one.


I am in the process of installing Maverick on my MacBook Pro 15” Retina Display. So far it is still downloading. I assume it will be slow. Just like to see how well it works with both Aperture and Lightroom and the new iPhoto and iMovie.


Think I’m gonna need some assurance that the Nik plugins work before upgrading either one :/

Wow, was watching the keynote and picked up on the Aperture update comment like a radar. Quite exciting, but before my faith is renewed totally on Apple’s commitment to Aperture as a leading piece of software, I want to see what comes out first. I just pray that it is a full version upgrade and not another .x one. Fingers crossed.


I’m prepared for nothing more than a 3.x update. Don’t have the cash for the new Mac Pro and not sure I’d want to give up the internal storage and upgrades in my current model.
Aperture has lagged so far behind Lightroom in so many areas. If the workflow were better and converting my tens of thousands of shots to LR weren’t so difficult, I’d be on LR now. As it is, if December is a disappointment, I’m headed that way.

Maverick is about 5.29 GB in size so it is a large file to download. So be prepared to wait a while when downloading.


Phil’s comment is at 35:30 in the keynote. I took a screenshot and looked at the image of the screen after enlarging. It’s hard to make out but nothing looks radically different.

I saw an Aperture announcement on AppleInsider’s live feed and then they went straight into iLife. Not sure what to think here! I don’t mind having to wait until December for some upgrades, but a quick overview of what is planned would be nice, right?

Don’t be that happy… I checked at the bottom of the Mac Pro website, and it references to a “prerelease of Aperture 3.5” (

Looks like we won’t see any new Aperture yet…

:-( … looks like just a minor bump coming. Aperture 4/X will have to wait I guess.

On the bottom of the Mac Pro Performance page…..

“Testing conducted by Apple in October 2013 using preproduction Mac Pro 12-core 2.7GHz units with 1TB flash storage and AMD FirePro D700 graphics, and shipping Mac Pro 12-core 3.06GHz units with 512GB SSD and ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics. All systems configured with 64GB of RAM. Tested with prerelease OS X 10.9 and prerelease Aperture 3.5 using RAW images. Performance tests are conducted using specific computer systems and reflect the approximate performance of Mac Pro.”

Waiting (im)patiently for Apple to up their game and let me dump Lightroom.

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