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Aperture 2. Where is the trash/how delet completely from the computer #1
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by anne holter
January 9, 2012 - 2:44pm

I am still using Aperture 2. (please note that this is different in Aperture 3.) and I just realised that even though I always delete using the “Delete Master images and all versions” the files don't actually delete from my computer.

I import pictures directly from camera to aperture.
I store the images in aperture
I use Delet Master images and all versions
I empty the finder- trash can
— > and there is no change in how much space there is on my disk, witch brings me to believe that the files don't properly delete.


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by PhotoJoseph
January 9, 2012 - 9:40pm


Curious. I no longer have Aperture 2 installed so can’t really test it for you, but I’ll do what I can.

You’re storing the images in Aperture, so I’d be checking the size of the Aperture library itself instead of how much free space is on the computer. I’m no OS expert, but it may take some time for a change in the Library to reflect in the calculations of available disk space. Not like if you actually delete a large file; in this case, you’re just changing one.

Also I’d like to ask how many files you’re deleting? Keep in mind that a single RAW image is only in the 10 MB to 20 MB range, whereas your hard drive is measured in GB or even TB. If you’re only deleting a couple hundred MB of files, it may not register as a change when measured in n.nn GB or TB.

Silly me… I should have read your original post more carefully. You need to empty the trash in Aperture first. This will delete all the Aperture metadata, and (I think it did this in Aperture 2), move the master files to the Finder trash. Then you can empty the Finder trash.

The following article was written for Aperture 3, and I haven’t used Aperture 2 in ages so I can’t quite tell you how different this will be to what you have, but check it out: “Emptying the Trash in Aperture 3—What Really Happens?”.

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by anne holter
January 9, 2012 - 11:16pm

Thank you Joseph, you were actually right on with your first answer. I must have been too quick checking the numbers, not giving it time to recalculate. I tried deleting a heap again and then restarted the computer, and behold, five more gigabits of space to play with.

Am slightly embarrassed now as I really should have thought of booting the disk when I first started wondering about this, but on the other hand my extensive search for answers to my “non question” brought me to discover this site.

Again, thank you!

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