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Aperture 4 at last? #1
Jim Henderson's picture
by Jim Henderson
January 10, 2014 - 12:06pm

Apple Aperture 4: Unleashing Your Photo Workflow

I see this book is also available to pre-order  in and Amazon .com

Also here

Butch Miller's picture
by Butch Miller
January 10, 2014 - 12:59pm

Wellllll …. I’m not going to get my hopes up just yet … We have been deceived by prospective book titles several times over the past couple of years … plus, this specific title has had at least four different release dates so far … It wouldn’t be the first book available for pre-order that never came to be. 

Not to mention the linked page states “81 days to go” for the book release which is April 1 … I have a very good, well-earned sense of humor … but if this book is just another rumor … that would just be purely cruel at this point …

I won’t get excited until I can actually click the download button in the Mac App Store …

Besides, the odds that this author has had special access to a new version of Aperture to have a tome nearly completed at this point would be very rare … considering that I can’t seem to find any other Apple software specific books under that particular nom de plume showing a history of such access.

Though, I would very much like to be wrong on this opinion ;-)

Charles Putnam's picture
by Charles Putnam
January 10, 2014 - 3:52pm

That’s the same book and author that got some excited last year, only t o eventually disappear from that site (and from’s site).

I do believe that we’ll see a major update to Aperture (this year).  Mostly because in the fourth quarter of 2013, Apple had a number of software positions posted that were specific to the Aperture team.

I can be patient…as long as I don’t run out of my meds…. :p

Walter Rowe's picture
by Walter Rowe
January 10, 2014 - 6:43pm

John Lewell has a Flickr profile and images ..

If you click his name on the website provided you will see he has written many books. That website says “81 days to go” above the pre-order button. If that is in any way an indication of a time frame for a new major version of Aperture, then we have many months to go yet.

I did some more Google sleuthing and found references to this book all the way back to June 2012. I think this falls into the “ignore it” category as it means nothing regarding Aperture 4.

Rafael -'s picture
by Rafael -
January 11, 2014 - 6:43am

Unfortunately several books, including this one, have made appearance on Amazon and other online bookstores since 2012. I remember one author actually commenting on a forum that it is not uncommon for the publisher to put a placeholder, regardless if the book is even in the works. 

However I do believe that some authors will have access to the program (under strict NDA) in order to start working on a book. This way, by the time of release we would have a couple of books available. This should include the Apple Training Series (Aperture 3 version was by Dion Scoppettuolo). 

Aperture 4 is in the works, we all know that. When it will be released? Anyone guess. I’m betting February/March. 

Working hard to get my Aperture library all organized in the meantime… 

Butch Miller's picture
by Butch Miller
January 11, 2014 - 5:34pm

“(under strict NDA)”

My point exactly … it would be very rare that such an NDA (especially where Apple is concerned) that would not include restrictions on advance promotion of such books.

If a book is indeed scheduled for release on April 1, it would very likely need to be at least nearly complete by now. It takes months to work a book into the printing schedule once the final manuscript is submitted. Hence, the author would have had to have availability to the software many months before this time in order to have had the time to assess, evaluate and prepare the content for such a book. I don’t think Aperture 4 (X) has existed in such a state for that long … or if it even does exists in such a state now.

While I agree in principle that some folks will be granted early access, this particular author has cried ”wolf” far too many times of late. In addition to not having a history of authoring books specifically about Apple software in the past.

Gary with a big Mac's picture
by Gary with a big Mac
January 11, 2014 - 11:37am

Think I will just rely on a heads-up from Joseph

I have a photographic memory but never got it developed

David Edge's picture
by David Edge
January 11, 2014 - 8:21pm

I can think of only one reason to believe in Aperture 4. I don’t think Joseph would have rebuilt the site unless he saw something in the tealeaves.



Walter Rowe's picture
by Walter Rowe
January 11, 2014 - 8:49pm

Imagine writing a new Aperture 4 rich media book in iBooks Author and distributing it electronically. No months of scheduling into a printer’s queue. That would make both software and book distributed electronically. Imagine Aperture and iBooks Author being highly integrated!

Butch Miller's picture
by Butch Miller
January 12, 2014 - 6:11am

I totally agree … an iBook could not only include written insight … video tutorials and other multi-media enhancements as well. And you wouldn’t need a money sucking print publisher soaking up the profits …

wytwolf's picture
by wytwolf
January 11, 2014 - 8:51pm

Yeah unfortunately this is the same but that has been floating around with a release date since July 2012 ( There is a listing to with the same ISBN # for Aperture X : . The fact there is a publishing date of april fools day doesn’t help.  I really do hope there is an aperture 4 update very soon.  All I’m looking for is better NR like lightroom and some minor tweaks.

Satureyes's picture
by Satureyes
January 13, 2014 - 4:23pm

April 1st.. anyone not think this is rather poor attempt to be an April Fool gag?

Whoops - someone else said this too.. my bad!

TattooedMac's picture
by TattooedMac
January 14, 2014 - 1:40am

I’m all sad now. I saw this on the front page of AE and went WOW, and raced to see all the scepticism, and it didn’t make my day any better. 

Doing iOS App Developing, and knowing how Apple are with the NDA, I agree with the above, The NDA alone, would not allow someone marketing a upcoming  Aperture 4 book, and let alone a Author that has had bad press before. The NDA Apple applies to iOS Development is a very powerful document, and for the true Developers out there, they take it very  seriously so to see a book like this out, I call BS …

Now as to when we will see Aperture 4, i can’t predict it, and wouldn’t like to try, but i get pissed at how Apple is sooooo serious about trying to keep it all secret until its out. Why can they not give us some idea that we have something to look forward to, as they do with the Mac OS X, they have a Keynote and tells us of the impending OS that is going to be available for us on this date … Please Apple just a hint … . . Please !!!!

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
Arguing with a zealot is only slightly easier than tunnelling through a mountain with your forehead.
"Can't innovate any more, my ass" Phil Schiller

Gary with a big Mac's picture
by Gary with a big Mac
January 14, 2014 - 3:00am

Final word.

I for one hope there is not an Aperture 4,

Just enough updates to keep LR in the dark plus a few more,

Why you ask?

An update is a whole lot less expensive than the purchase of a new application


I have a photographic memory but never got it developed

Walter Rowe's picture
by Walter Rowe
January 14, 2014 - 12:38pm

Perhaps if we all wrote Tim Cook ( an email expressing what features we desperately want in a major revision to Aperture versus expressing it to everyone but Apple, then Apple would see how large a community of users there is anxiously awaiting Aperture 4 / Aperture X / whatever they call it. No long diatribes. Just a short paragraph.

I’m sure Apple knows how many Aperture users there are. They can see that updates are downloaded from the Mac App Store. That doesn’t tell them what we want to see and how desperate we are to have it.

Charles Putnam's picture
by Charles Putnam
January 15, 2014 - 7:52pm

Think it’d be worth it  of each of us were to e-mail Mr. Cook on Aperture’s status?

Gerald Levy's picture
by Gerald Levy
January 16, 2014 - 12:56am

I was in the Apple store in San Francisco today talking to a sales associate who I have known for a couple of years. He has a friend who is working on Aperture 4.0 and says it is very exciting and will be released soon.

Where does this leave us? The plus side is that if someone is working on it and says it is on its way, then that is good news. On the minus side. There is no time frame so we are no better off: it could be next month or next year.

Still, I am upgrading my condition from hopeless to hopeful! I have been migrating away - like many of you - to other software, but not Lightroom.

Gerald Levy

Butch Miller's picture
by Butch Miller
January 16, 2014 - 5:02am

It’s been quite apparent for some time now that Apple has something in the works for a new iteration of Aperture. Even though they have never stated such publicly. I expect it is going to be something rather significant when it does appear in the marketplace. Though, they really should have been hard at work on this sooner to avoid so many users becoming disenchanted and seeking out other options. It may be difficult to attract those loyal users back to the fold.

That said, I have even more confidence that I am going to be very happy with whatever the new version is.

I recently adopted and am using Final Cut Pro X for my video editing. Which went through some severe growing pains because Apple set it free a tad early before it was truly ready for their traditional FCP users.

I must say I am quite pleased with FCP X … I had worked with earlier versions in the employ of others and while I thought it a capable app … I always thought the UI and the multiple windows/tool boxes were a bit dated. Now with FCP X 10.1 … it is a dream to work with.

If Apple can do for Aperture what they did with FCP X … I’ll be happy and click the “buy” button as quickly as my cursor can move to it.

Philip's picture
by Philip
January 18, 2014 - 12:42am

I can only hope there is some truth to what you say!

Bob Rockefeller's picture
by Bob Rockefeller
January 16, 2014 - 11:27am

I’ll be quick to buy, too.

And what if Aperture X makes full use of the dual GPUs in the new Mac Pro? And has a companion iPad app offering some limited organization features?

We’ll be quick to praise Apple and we won’t feel bad about not liking Lightroom. :)

Bob Rockefeller
Midway, GA

TattooedMac's picture
by TattooedMac
January 19, 2014 - 8:22am

And i have a feeling, that Apple could be heading down this road. They have now made the iPad Air, and Retina iPad Mini, with 64 Bit Architecture with the ability to take use of all that power. I will be happy when they do upgrade to Aperture4 (and it will happen), but ill even be more excited if they do make a companion App, (looking at Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Garage Band and iPhoto), Aperture seems like the next logical step up. 

I can’t see a FCP X coming to iDevices, but Aperture, is a Prosumer App IMHO, where as FCP is a Pro App, and there is a lot that could be done with Aperture on the iPad and iPad Mini. Heck, in iPhoto, you can do so much more than you can within the Mac App.


Well to here to hoping anyways !!!! ;D

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
Arguing with a zealot is only slightly easier than tunnelling through a mountain with your forehead.
"Can't innovate any more, my ass" Phil Schiller

William Campbell's picture
by William Campbell
January 24, 2014 - 5:38pm

I find some comfort in the confidence many express in a major upgrade to Aperture. Hopefully, this is not “whistling-in-the-dark” confidence. IF a new version is coming it had better be very significant. At this stage, after so much waiting, to just gain parity with LR by adding a few missing features would not be enough to regain lost users — many were diehard Aperture users. Just heard on MacBreak Weekly that Alex Lindsay, a long-time Aperture fan, is now moving to LR.

Personally, the only hope I have in such a loooong wait is that they are, indeed, working on a major new version, perhaps rewritten from the ground up for some greater compatibility with Apple’s strategic plans. Anything less might be viewed as too little too late by the greater photographic community.

I have never heard a good reason for why Apple has not clearly announced their intension to develop a new version of this “pro” app. Professional photographers (I’m not one) need a sense of confidence and predictability in the software into which they invest so much time and effort. Secrecy for a yet to be introduced product, yes. Secrecy for a known product with capable competitors in a market that looks for sustainable platforms to work in — I don’t understand.

Like many, I’m continuing to wait and hope. Subtle clues can be found here and there. Let’s hope the old saying is true — “good things come to those who wait.”


Walter Rowe's picture
by Walter Rowe
January 24, 2014 - 8:24pm

For Apple to grow the Aperture user base in any significant way, they will have to retain all of the existing functionality AND add missing features / enhance existing ones AND wow us with some things that the competition doesn’t have. Simply gaining parity will certainly retain existing users, but won’t pull any away from the competition unless they only recently started using brand X competitor’s product and thus don’t have much invested.

I would be happy with all of the critical missing features added and improvements to some of the existing features. It will take more than that to really boost the Aperture user base.

Jeff's picture
by Jeff
January 24, 2014 - 11:17pm

Great points Walter and William.  I use Aperture now, so if for instance they added lens corrections I would probably stick with Aperture for the time being.  However if they don’t I  will probably move to LR.  I don’t like PTLens.  

However for someone already on LR, they need to go above and beyond the current feature set in LR to get users to switch.  


Let’s hope they make serious strides.  

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