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Applescript - export images from inside managed aperture library #1
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by steenbach
February 4, 2017 - 12:34pm

I’m in the (painfull) transition from Aperture to Lightroom.
After importing a few managed Aperture libraries to Lightroom, I have got several import errors like this:

Failed to import /Volumes/Hive/Aperture/[My Aperture Library].aplibrary/Masters/2015/11/08/20151108-141027/IMG_3047.CR2. (Possible reasons include asset offline or unsupported asset type.)

I have verified that the files exist in my managed Aperture Library, and I have the import logs files with approx. 2000 lines like the one above with files not imported.
So now I’m looking for an AppleScript solution that can run through the log files and grab the image from the managed Aperture Library and put in a folder, so I can import into Lightroom from there.

But how do you make Applescript look inside the Aperture library “package contents”? Providing the path from the error log doesn’t seem to work.

Any ideas?

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