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Can I collapse my Projects in order to use less vertical space in the Library? #1
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by Cliff Harris
December 10, 2014 - 11:58am

When first learning to use Aperture 3  (some time in, what, the nineteen forties?) I didn’t realize that each time  I downloaded from my camera I should make a decision as to which Project those photos should be saved.

Consequently I now have 110 different Projects. Some with only one or two photos, some with many. As a comparison I have 45 Albums. (As my wife would say………..”So who’s a lucky fellow, then?)

All have right pointing arrows on the left of the descriptive tag. So please don’t point your catapult at me as I’m unable to click and make them collapse.

Now there’s the rub. (“From Hamlet” for the unwashed ignoramus’s amongst us. Including me.) Read on.

The Powers That Be advise that if I delete any photos from Projects I’ll be deleting from my Albums.


1.       I can’t delete in order to reduce the number of projects.

2.      I can’t collapse to use less vertical space.

I’m hoping for advice on this Forum or, if I get no answer, will have to consider travelling to Greece to consult the Oracle. And I don’t speak Greek. So I need help. Pretty please……..


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by Milt Anglin
December 12, 2014 - 6:21am

I believe the answer to your problem is:  


You can drag pictures from one project into another. You can drag Projects into albums. 

Pictures and Projects are moved, not deleted. 


Cliff Harris's picture
by Cliff Harris
December 12, 2014 - 10:37am

Thanks for your response Milt. I picked it up from an email reading 


I believe the answer to your problem is:  


You can drag pictures from one project into another. You can drag Projects into albums. 

Pictures and Projects are moved, not deleted. 

I’d come to the conclusion that drag and drop must surely be the logical answer and your reply gives me the the confidence to follow that route. My thanks to you!



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