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Changed mac a couple of times now can't find original photos #1
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by David Lucas
February 7, 2015 - 8:50am


I have been using Aperture to store my photos for about 5 years now and over those years changed my iMac 3 times. The library was stored on a as.

Going into aperture today and using my normal library I find some photos to have the yellow triangle exclamation and forward arrow.

So it appears It can’t find the jpeg. I don’t know why as I thought I imported all my photos the same way.

Anyway looking at the name of the photo I then use spotlight search and it finds  the jpeg in another library. The directory it finds it in is aperture library/previews/2013/07/29/something/something/ p7140028.jpg

If I open this file it all appears fine, yet if I open that library its contained within I get the same yellow exclamation mark with an arrow.

I have quite a few photos like this now :(

Can anyone offer any advice and is there a way to identify all my photos in my library that now don’t have the original image




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