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Feature Requests - Luminar Library/DAM Capability #1
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by AHolmes
November 25, 2016 - 12:02am


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by AHolmes
November 25, 2016 - 12:07am

Not sure what happened to the text in my post. Here it is:

I have posted in another thread (“Have you heard about Luminar?”) on this Forum, comments on a number of editing features I would like added to Luminar: eye dropper tool for white balance; “z” shortcut key to toggle between 100% and fit to window; edge detection for masks; erasing parameters; and highlighting exposure zones on an image. However, these are minor points in comparison to what I really need: Digital Asset Management (DAM) functionality, There are a number of alternatives that provide image editing capabilities that meet or exceed my requirements, but there is currently nothing that comes close to the DAM capability of Aperture.

Macphun has said that library and DAM capability is in the works for Luminar. I thought it might be helpful to post what we need/want in this regard, as Kevin La Rue from Macphun is a frequent contributor to this forum.

Here are my top feature requests:

  1. Albums, Smart Albums, and Folders
  2. Stacks, Stack Picks, and Album Picks
  3. Raw + JPEG pairs
  4. Hierarchical keywords
  5. Star ratings
  6. Option of managed or referenced libraries, and the ability to convert an image or a collection of images from managed to referenced, and vice versa
  7. Extensive search capabilities
  8. Import of Aperture library to Luminar, maintaining metadata, hierarchical keywords, and star ratings
  9. Custom metadata views
  10. Renaming files on import
  11. Colour labels
  12. Exporting of albums as libraries
  13. Merging of libraries
  14. Flags



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by Luc Desaulniers
November 27, 2016 - 10:37pm

All of the items you listed are great my friend. 

What I’d add is not being restrained in any shape or form in the hierarchy of the DAM structure i.e. being able to add as many folders we want.

Number 8 is really nice. I would add Lightroom to the mix though. I have lots of stuff in Aperture but I also do in Lightroom. :)

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by AHolmes
November 28, 2016 - 12:35am

Salut Luc,

I totally agree with your comment that there should not be any constraints on the folder hierarchy.

I did not mention Lightroom as I have only used Aperture, but I understand that there will also be many LR users that will want to migrate to Luminar, particularly if the DAM features meet hopes and expectations.


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