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Import from camera - replacement for Aperture? #1
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by ewmjr
January 9, 2017 - 11:21am


Lately I’ve been using Aperture primarily for importing from my camera because I’ve gotten very comfortable with the chronological file heirarchy that Aperture builds. However lately it’s been having some glitches that aren’t exactly reproducible, and it seems to have some issues with the raw files from the 5D MK4.  I’ve tried importing using Lightroom but it’s just not as straightforward (and mindless) as Aperture. Specially I can’t get it to use existing folders, it just seems to keep adding new folders. I’m probably doing something wrong, but this gets back to the mindless component :) 

Has anyone found an up-to-date app that replicates the import process of Aperture?  i.e. creates a chronological file structure?

Thanks, Ed

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