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IPTC setting cannot be copied to another IPTC field #1
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by Martin De
March 1, 2015 - 12:43pm

I plan to move from Aperture to Capture One. C1 has the option to import Aperture libraries so that makes live a lot easier as a lot of IPTS-tags are copied, but……

I use the content location name as the place to specify streets, buildings, etc.  That tag doesn’t get imported by C1, but the image location tag does. So my plan was to write a script which copies one tag to the other. I know that in principle the script works, but for whatever reason the tag “content location name”  is not copied. I have another script with which I can fill it in, but not what I do, I cannot get the contents of the tag to be shown in a display dialog nor in anothor field. It also doesn’t show up when I export the metadata, but it is visible in the Info tab.

Help on this would be highly appreciated.

Greetz, Martin

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