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iTunes Sync Warning #1
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by RGKresek
April 16, 2015 - 9:53am

Rather than using iCloud, I attempted to do an iTunes sync of my converted Photos library.  A sync with Aperture of 23,222 photos took 31Gb on my iPad Air.  The sync with Photos of 24,324 photos took 47Gb.   If you are concerned with iPad/iPhone storage, you would be better off sticking with Aperture for as long as possible if you plan to continue to use iTunes sync.

Does anyone have any experience in syncing devices using the cloud on how the storage use compares to the traditional iTunes sync with Aperture?

For some reason Photos also seems to think I have significantly more photos than I can identify.  If I manually count all of the photos in each Album converted from Aperture (the only thing in the Photos library) I should have 23,548 but Photos says that I have 32,578 items in my library (my recently deleted items is empty).   If I ask iTunes to sync the entire library it syncs 32,578 photos, but if I just select my converted Aperture Albums (the only photos in the library) it syncs 24,422 photos and takes less storage on my iPad.  If anyone has any idea of what those invisible extra photos might be, or how to troubleshoot it, I would appreciate your ideas.



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by RGKresek
April 16, 2015 - 3:08pm

I think I found the invisible photos.  After watching Joseph’s first Photo’s training, I did a smart album looking for an “Album is not Any” and it showed the 10,699 photos not in any Album.  After converting to Photos, I deleted many of my former Aperture projects but left the Albums from those projects.  It seemed to work, although in Aperture the photos in the Albums would have gone away.  When I looked at my Recently Deleted, it only showed a portion of the photos I had deleted.  I have now deleted the Photos in the “Album is not Any” Smart Album and the actual Photos items is what I had expected it to be.

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