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Lightroom Rendering RAW Lumix Files in Unwanted ways #1
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by Daniel Cox
September 28, 2015 - 1:35pm

I’ve recently made the move from Aperture to Lightroom and I am seeing Lightroom render my Lumix RAW files in way I don’t care for. First I should mention that I have checked all Lightroom Preferences and none of them are applied tht may cause an issue that I know of. The only Preference I’m aware of that could cause problems is the Apply Auto Tone Adjustments on Import. That is not checked in the Preferences window under Presets. However, when I Import my images, for a split second, I see an image that has colors and tones I like. Then all of a sudden, Lightoom obviously starts rending the files to Lightroooms preferences since the colors of all the thumbnails change. To make sure I want’ seeing things I have checked several thumbnails in Lightroom by going through LR and asking to Show Original in Finder. This takes me to my finder where I can review the original RAW file and sure enough I’m finding the colors that I originally saw at the beginning of the Import. In other words, I’m seeing the colors Apple’s OS has rendered and I like them much better than what Lightroom is applying.

So the question is, does any know how to shut off whatever Lightroom is doing on Import? 


Daniel J. Cox

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