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macPhun in #1
Alan Cairns's picture
by Alan Cairns
September 30, 2015 - 6:58pm

Today the app store upgrade gave me an upgrade to Snapheal that works with Photos for OS/X. I am using ElCapitan (latest beta) and its When I edit a photo I now have the option to use extensions. So far, Snapheal is the only one, but it works perfectly. Yay!

Tonight I’ll get the new El Capitan release.


Tom's picture
by Tom
October 7, 2015 - 7:29am

I pulled the trigger and purchased, MacPhun’s Creative Kit 2016.  Although the immediate access to their OS X apps is nice, I’ll to wait until the 15th for the release of the ability to incorporate their extensions into OS X Photos.

In the meantime, I’ve been experimenting with the apps by exporting from Photos to desktop, opening them up in the various MacPhun apps, and pulling the results back into Photos via, import.

First off, I’m quite impressed with two of the MacPhun apps right away, Intensify Pro, and Snapheal Pro.  Wow, amazing, and holy crap, are some of my first exclamations at how good these apps are, and how easy they are to work with!

And, while putzing around with Intensify Pro, when I finished editing my photo, I selected the “Share” icon above the edited photo, and discovered that, Photos, was available to share back to.  So, while not “roundtripping” capable, it was one less move on my part to get the photo back into, Photos.

All of this will become moot after the 15th, but for now, I’m just having a lot of fun previewing what will be a very nice set of extensions available within Photos.

On another note, Macphun’s Tonality Pro, is broken for El Capitan, at the moment.  At first I thought it was just my macbook pro (late ‘09), but careening through MacPhun’s forum, I discovered that it is indeed a broken app in El Capitan for a lot/most users.

Anyway, I’ve taken the plunge and migrated from Aperture to Photos.  I do miss some attributes of Aperture, but there’s a lot I like about Photos 1.1, like photos on every device (if subscribed to iCloud Photo Library).  The future is brighter now that extensions are coming online, and hopefully, things like more meta data manipulation will also appear.

Staying Hopeful,


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