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Moving to Another Program? #1
jollyllama's picture
by jollyllama
February 13, 2015 - 7:35am

Given Joseph’s last post recommending that we begin to look elsewhere rather than wait for Photos to reach our needs, can we start discussing pros/cons of moving to other programs? My goal is to keep my years of edits/organization as intact as possible. I’ve read that the LR importer tool doesn’t work particularly well, and even when it does work there will be data loss (non-destructive edits, some tags, etc.). Anyway, I just thought maybe this would be a good place to have this conversation now that it seems like the writing is on the wall (and on this site…)

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by Milt Anglin
February 13, 2015 - 3:39pm

You might check out Capture One. ( I believe it will import ratings and basic color adjustments.


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by Mark Rosen
February 13, 2015 - 4:24pm

Another option  - Ive been testing Photo Supreme ( 30 Day trial.  It’s a DAM — keeps keywords, ratings, color keying, some smart album data. You can add your program to it’s interface. Has a menu item for importing Aperture library. (Also LR import).  Add your image processing app to the interface. I use DXO, click on the RAW , click on the DXO icon I’m in the same directory in DXO. Saves back to same directory. Go to Photo Supreme, verify the directory in the file system, asks you to add changes. (workflow may be different for LR, PShop etc). High amount of granularity, filtering, has a scripting language. One thing,  I’m using a referenced file system in Aperture. Don’t know how it handles a managed DB.  I’m probably going to use this as a front end, file system in the middle, DXO,  maybe Photos or any other app to process the image in the back. So DAM ––File System -– Image Processing App(s) and back thru the system to the DAM. A modular solution.I’m looking for something  else besides an all in one solution. Maybe find the best of all worlds. I’m currently using Aperture as my DAM until i finish testing.

Luc L.L.'s picture
by Luc L.L.
February 15, 2015 - 6:14pm

Hi Mark,
That was also one of the sw items I’m looking at. Especially because they also have a server version which allows you to work with multiple clients on the same library.
Do you have any experience with that?
Any other initial findings would be appreciated. I didn’t had the time yet to download and give it a try.

Luc - Mini/MBP/MBPR - QNAP NAS, Nikon D5300, AW100, Sony TR3

Mark Rosen's picture
by Mark Rosen
February 16, 2015 - 2:16pm


Sorry  I didn’t get back sooner. In my search for a DAM, the only multiuser ones I came a cross were cloud based with a Web front end . These seem designed for the enterprise and seemed expensive. is an example of one of them .The only one that I ran across that was small scale, workgroup, or small studio was Photo Supreme with there two different SQL options.


Florian Cortese's picture
by Florian Cortese
February 13, 2015 - 7:39pm

Aperture Exporter to Lr ( was designed by an Aperture user specifically for Aperture users and keeps your DAM structure intact and even turns your flagged photos into keywords automatically since flags do not transfer to Lr.  Also you can choose which of  your adjusted photos you want “baked” into either JPEGs or TIFFs.  IMO, it’s far superior to Adobe’s A>Lr transfer process.  It does cost about $12, I think, but for me it was worth it.  I still have Aperture active and my referenced and managed files are still located in the same place.  Lr just recognizes where they are.  For those who are thinking they will go the Adobe route this is an option you should at least look at. 

Florian Cortese

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by sfmurph
February 13, 2015 - 10:56pm

It seems that the biggest part of Aperture that will be missed is the DAM. An review of the available options would be most welcome. Lightroom is the obvious candidate, but Capture One, Photo Mechanic and Photo Supreme should be options (the latter two require a separate image editing program). Are there other DAM options out there? Import is obviously an important part, but also integrating with image/pixel editors.

Mark Rosen's picture
by Mark Rosen
February 14, 2015 - 3:51am

Non destructive edits

When migrating from Aperture, your edits will not convert. That info is in Apples format in it’s DB (proprietary). LR, CaptureOne are  also proprietary. When I use DXO with Aperture, the virtual versions (DXO terminology for non destructive edits) are exported as JPEGS and imported into Aperture and stacked with the original. These are only for reference in the DAM (Aperture). I’d go back to DXO and work on them. Same with Photo Supreme, I export JPEGs, verify the DB (import) and the group them in a Portfolio (Photo Supreme term). Phase one does not read the Aperture DB either, you see no edits in the migrated DB. The program that Florian is talking about, is unique, That it automatically does an export. I am not going to migrate to LR for a number of reasons.  I personally can see running Aperture imported to Photos in parallel  with an image processor(in my case DXO) exporting  edits from Photos and into my DAM and then edit in an image processor and back again into the DAM

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by MikeA
February 14, 2015 - 9:42pm

Capture One has an Aperture Importer which DOES convert the non destructive adjustments you’ve made. They do this by sort of “interpreting” your slider settings in Aperture und translate them to what you would have done in C1. I have not yet have the chance to try it out myself, but others are reporting that it works well. At least you don’t need to start from scratch and will maybe just need to re-adjust the remaining 10% in terms of different RAW interpretation.

Anyway, I’ve always wondered why this approach was not followed earlier by competitors. I mean, it’s not really rocket science to look at what has been done in another tool and just sort of convert this to your own engine. This was a major hurdle in the past for most people to switch their tools and this was actually low hanging fruits. It also speaks of the sort of arrogance by Adobe, who seem to automatically assume that everybody will switch to Lightroom anyway, so why invest. I will have a hard look at C1, since I’ve used it before Aperture came out in 2005 and was always satisfied with the quality. It did lack any DAM features then, but this has changed.

Mark Rosen's picture
by Mark Rosen
February 14, 2015 - 9:54pm

I did an import into Capture One. Simple edits like crops did not get imported.  2 versions showed up. but no crop. 2 identical images

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by MikeA
February 14, 2015 - 9:57pm

Interesting. I’m downloading the trial version right now and will hopefully be able to report my own experiences pretty soon.

UPDATE: it all got imported like expected, adjustments as well as versions including crops are all there. So I guess it might be a problem on your side.


However, I’m already missing a true full screen mode. Could not get it to behave like Aperture in dual monitor mode. I don’t know whats so hard about implementing a true full screen mode where you have only your picture on one monitor and nothing else. LR misses this as well. Damn you Apple….

Mark Rosen's picture
by Mark Rosen
February 15, 2015 - 1:57pm

Interesting  – the crops are there, they were not yesterday's picture
February 14, 2015 - 3:38pm

This promises to be useful discussion topic. 

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by Traveller858
February 15, 2015 - 1:32pm

Given that we are losing Aperture and at the moment will not be getting a suitable replacement. I decided to look at other software and just what I would need to do. My story so far is -

1) treat the exporting out of Aperture as separate issue. Your files just need to be in a standard file structure so that you can easily find them. As opposed to the library folder within Aperture. I have read of many different ways to achieve this i.e. export from Aperture to Another, import whilst within Another from Aperture.

My experience has been to use Aperture Exporter an app found in the app store. This exports (in fact copies) all your files out to anywhere you wish them to reside and retains your existing file structure. See Florian Cortese post above for more details.

2) then decide upon another software package. Again my recent story for what it’s worth. I chose Lightroom 5. Well actually I opted for the Photography plan. PS+LR CC

Not the best choice. Having bought and paid the full years subscription I tried to download. No luck as I couldn’t open the download files because “it can take 24 hours to process your account”. Most frustrated. However, today I found that the account was clear. Now though there was a malfunction in loading Creative Cloud and therefore PS & LR. Seems that a “CORE SYNC unexpectedly closed” many many times. 

So over to Adobe chat room - an hour later I have actually managed to get confirmation that my money will be returned. But seems impossible to get a functioning PS+LR Plan.


Now back to the drawing board in search of that elusive photography software. Perhaps Capture One? Who knows.


I hope this helps someone.



Regards, Barry

John James's picture
by John James
February 15, 2015 - 8:32pm

I’m leaning toward Capture One.  I’m sick that I didn’t take advantage of their brief discount when they were offering it for $149. The $299 price tag is pretty stiff but in the end I think I like it better than LR. Plus i don’t trust Adobe much. 

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by SKR Imaging
February 16, 2015 - 4:25am

Capture One seems to be the next contender for many in the DAM RAW workflow space.. though I will keep using Aperture until it is totally dead.. might even keep a partition with Yosemite on my Mac if nothing else can fit my needs..

just did a shoot last night and used Aperture to organize and edit; it worked so great…

There might also be Affinity Photo which could take the mantle away from my Aperture workflow; it has already targeted Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop masterfully.. (developer Serif also hinted that it might work on an Aperture/Lightroom alternative once Photo is shipped).

Luc L.L.'s picture
by Luc L.L.
February 16, 2015 - 8:47am

Hi all,
What’s actually the relation between Capture One and Media Pro? Can’t realy figure this out from their website.
Is MP included in Capture One or do you need both to have the full dam functionality?
Also, how easy is it to share a library with someone within the wifi network? ( or whatever their terminology is) :)

Luc - Mini/MBP/MBPR - QNAP NAS, Nikon D5300, AW100, Sony TR3

MikeA's picture
by MikeA
February 16, 2015 - 9:16am

My understanding is that iView Media Pro, which was a standalone DAM solution before the advent of Aperture, has been acquired some years ago by Phase One because Capture One first was a pure RAW encoder without any DAM features. It took them until Version 8 to really more or less fully include all the relevant DAM functionality in C1. That’s where all the neat filters and smart folders for ratings, color tags and so on come from.

Re. library sharing: I’m not sure how C1 would handle this. I’ve read somewhere that it seems to be one of the few solutions out there which is multi-user capable. I don’t know how to set this up, but one of the great advantges of C1 in comparison to LR is the flexibility of their library handling. C1 offers managed as well as referenced libraries, like Aperture does since 1.5, while LR knows ONLY referenced. There is no way to let it manage your library fully, you always have to take of file handling yourself. It seems to be much more stuck in the old “folder structure” thinking. Actually I don’t know why I have a $4000 computer sitting below my desk if I need to juggle thousands of RAW files myself.

Luc L.L.'s picture
by Luc L.L.
February 16, 2015 - 6:18pm

HI Mike,

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

Currently im considering IDImager for DAM and C1 (and/or others) on top of that for image editing.  Im not a pro photographer, but agree with your statement that for the money we spend we should get the right results.  And so far DID seem the only hoe based solution to easily/properly share assets around.  May soon give it a try with the free demo versions.

In a similar way I tried to work out “alternative” music/sound solution around the house, till I gave up, spend the money to do it the right way.  All the trouble gone from my shoulder trying to “fix” things… not to mention the “others” in the house bla bla :) ….. thats what computers should do for us right :)  not let us work more… but easier so we have more time to spend on the things we really like and have real value :)

Luc - Mini/MBP/MBPR - QNAP NAS, Nikon D5300, AW100, Sony TR3

studio460's picture
by studio460
March 3, 2015 - 6:21pm

Capture One is Phase One’s RAW developer. Media Pro 1 is Phase One’s re-branded DAM application, originally marketed as iView Media Pro, later bought by Microsoft and sold as Microsoft Expression, then finally abandoned by Microsoft where the application languished in limbo for a while, until it was eventually acquired by Phase One.

As far as I know, Media Pro is still in version 1.x. Released in 2011 under the Phase One moniker, “Media Pro 1,” there has been no major upgrade since. I can find no reviews of the current version. Earlier reports cited buggy operation, frequent crashes, and excruciatingly slow performance. While C1 may be a capable RAW developer (as well as the de facto, industry-standard tethering app), I don’t have a lot of faith in Phase One’s continued development of the Media Pro component of their software offering.

Second, non-LR runner-up: IDimager (PhotoSupreme) appears to be a capable DBMS/DAM app for photo assets; however, its reputation for being written and supported by a single person has always kind of been a point of concern for me.

As far as my personal migration options, due to my reliance on certain application-specific plug-ins (e.g., Imagenomic’s Portraiture), I’m pretty much limited to only Aperture and Lightroom. Even though I just received a boxed version of LR5 (free, with the purchase of a refurbished Nikon body I just bought), I may just continue to use Aperture until the future version of OS X no longer supports it.

Alex U's picture
by Alex U
February 16, 2015 - 1:08pm

In this thread we all get the impression that there is no other way for the Aperture users than leaving it.

I just love its “Faces” function. Just for a party i had to organize a slide show. As you ca imagine the selection of the photos in a first run was done within 5 seconds. I use this function even more often than the keywords. 

Do we loose all that? Are there no more positive statements? We come now into March soon and we still have no clear information from Apple. Further we have bugs with slideshows on the iPad. Then I have problems using my contacts as they do not properly synchronize from the iCloud to Yosemite (works well with iOS).

What is wrong with Apple? Did you ever have such problems with Windows? At the time when I changed over to Apple all my colleagues pretended: “Apple just works”. That is now about 5 years back. Today I would be very careful moving my private stuff from Windows to Apple. I am quite frustrated. Apple is unable to solve any of may problems. The issue with the contacts hits me in my professional work every day. I have to go to look for my contacts on the iPhone !!! I have reported this back in December. No solution yet even though the problem was taken as a known bug. What do these guys do? Are we their human guinea pigs?

Best regards, Alex

Luc L.L.'s picture
by Luc L.L.
February 16, 2015 - 1:20pm

I would love to stay and I wish that photos would get (soon) some very valuable extensions by 3rd parties.  Its not because Photos would get released that “suddenly” Aperture cant do what it always has been doing. But at the same time there is no reason to keep our heads in the sand and not look around.  

Personally I have been struggling for quite some time because of the missing ability to easily share the library and its content to other users on the wifi and synchronize changes.  So Im already looking for alternatives, still hoping Photos might bring me both (keep hoping)… and I’ll wait and see when its released or what the potential might bring.  But at the same time im just scanning around and see what others provide on this (like eg ID Imager’s multi user capability)

You’re right that not all is bad, maybe a human habit to see the negatives first :).  For those where Aperture does what is suppose to do, no reason yet to change ( but there is limited support going forward and you cant download it any more).  For those looking… scan the entire horizon to have a fair comparison and to make an objective choice. 


Luc - Mini/MBP/MBPR - QNAP NAS, Nikon D5300, AW100, Sony TR3

Sherwood's picture
by Sherwood
February 25, 2015 - 4:04pm

Aperture will continue to work at least as far as Yosemite, although I’ve heard about stability and crashes.

I don’t tend to stay updated with the newest OS’s.  I reluctantly moved to mountain lion, and plan to remain here.  Aperture, if I upgrade to 3.4, will recognize raw images from my Nikon D7100, but the warning is clear:  My next camera will not be supported in raw mode by the current version of OS X

So I”m on the hunt for an alternative.  One of the criteria for the new one is an export path from it.

Another is OS independence.  There is no reason that Camera Raw has to be an OS feature.  It’s nice that it is.  But it should be possible to plug in alternatives.  So the alternative should have a preference for dealing with raw files, and a standard interface for companies like DxO to use their engine as the raw processor.

If I lose my present aperture edits, it’s no big loss.  But I have to get my keywords over without replacing that wheel from scratch.

Anyway, I’m following this discussion with interest.

Note:  Mac OS will run in virtual box, and will run reasonably well, if you give it half your RAM.  This is a better option than a separate partition for casual ‘need an export of X for Mr. Y.’

Alex U's picture
by Alex U
February 16, 2015 - 2:55pm

What I can well see for the moment: Photos might develop into a very good and valuable app. Nevertheless there is absolutely no indication that the taking over from Aperture to Photos, lets say within 12 to 18 months from now, will be any easier that moving to LR or C1 or some other tool right now. The only thing we repeatedly hear is that over time the functionality of the new tool might be at least what we had with Aperture. This is no statement at all about the migration. Evidently there is no plan at all by now from Apple.

Best regards, Alex

Magnus von Brömsen's picture
by Magnus von Brömsen
February 16, 2015 - 10:18pm

I have tried Capture One (and bought it also), but I really don’t like it. In the DAM area it is far behind Aperture. I also find it  confusing to use (a lot of tiny, cryptic icons) and the tiny white text on a very black background makes my old eyes hurt. It have some really nice features (like tethered shooting with a iPad connected for viewing) and is great as a RAW developer. But I don’t feel comfortable using it.

So, I have decided to use Iridient Developer for RAW development. Almost as good as C1 - but no masks (which I almost never use anyway). But it have no DAM features - so I’m looking for a DAM replacement… Maybe my old Adobe Bridge from CS3 will do? ;)

Best regards, Magnus

Mark Rosen's picture
by Mark Rosen
February 17, 2015 - 2:36am

Take a look at Photo Supreme. Its an excellent DAM.  filtering, granularity in search, and brings over a lot of smart albums 


MikeA's picture
by MikeA
February 17, 2015 - 7:30am

You say C1 is far behind Aperture in DAM. Can you elaborate a little on this? Because I’m just on the trial version and I find most of the stuff I really need (smart folders, search algorithms on all metadata fields, flags, color labels etc.) are all there. So I would be interested in understanding what you miss. Bear in mind that it made a big leap from Version 7 to the current Version 8, maybe your experience is from V7?

Magnus von Brömsen's picture
by Magnus von Brömsen
February 17, 2015 - 7:47am

I found keyword assignment is difficult  to use and apply (better in version 8 though) - and you can not see (like an overlay) which keywords a image have without switching to the meta tab. 

An image can only “live” inside a Album - and if you delete it, only the reference to the file is removed. You can end up with a lot of “invisible” files that is hard to track down and delete.

Lift and stamp is not as easy to use and understand as in Aperture. I’m always afraid to stamp the “wrong” settings ;)

Best regards, Magnus

MikeA's picture
by MikeA
February 17, 2015 - 9:35am

Thanks, this is really helpful. I will have a look into these things. I already miss the awesome metadata overlays of Aperture and the keyword button panel, both very nicely customisable and thought out. What I’ve found to be really useful so far in C1 is the ability to create floating windows for every single element, place them whereever you want on the screen and then save the whole workspace as a template. That way you can assign one monitor to nothing but the picture and the second to nothing but sliders, metadata and other info panels. This takes the customisation of the workspace even further than Aperture did. Compare that to Lightroom for example, where you can change almost nothing at all (which would not be a bad thing IF the application would make good use of screen real estate, which it does’nt).


UPDATE: you are right, keywording is a total mess in C1. I can’t believe this is actually seen as an improvement over V7, because it could not be any more rudimentary in comparison to what Aperture and Lightroom offer here. There is no global keyword database, from which you could drag and drop them onto pictures, there are no keyword buttons, no keyword sets (there are presets, but not something like a theme-based set of keywords for weddings, studio, sports etc.)…

Magnus von Brömsen's picture
by Magnus von Brömsen
February 28, 2015 - 7:15pm

Just a short update/comment. It did not worked out as planned to use Irident as the RAW developer :(

Most of the time when choosing “Edit with..” Irident Developer opens the raw file (instead of the created tiff) – but *not* if the image was added to the library shooting tethered. It only works if the image is imported the ordinary way. Don’t know if that is a “bugg” with Aperture or Irident.

– Magnus

John James's picture
by John James
February 16, 2015 - 11:28pm

Any program you switch to is going to have a learning curve. Nothing is going to be perfect. Nothing is going to be just like Aperture. Yes the UI in Capture One looks a little daunting but so did Aperture when I first started to use it. 

I’m still inclined to go with Capture One. Been reading a lot about it and it seems superior in a lot of ways to LR. Going to have to jump in a figure it out. Change is difficult but in this case it has to be done. JMO.


I’m hoping Joseph’s new website will leave a Capture One area where we can learn just like we did with Aperture. 

Mark Rosen's picture
by Mark Rosen
February 17, 2015 - 3:05am

Looks like I’m going to use Idimager’s Photo Supreme as my DAM. DXO OpticsPro 10 with DXO FilmPack 5 as my RAW developer (it’s workflow felt very comfortable to me from the beginning) with external app connections to standalone NIK & Topaz plugins (for local adjustments). Still some kinks to get out to get a smooth end to end workflow. Probably get Iridient Developer as well, depending how far I get into Fuji. The reason I say for Fuji is because DXO does not support Fuji, and Iridient is probably the best processor for Fuji. I’ve been using DXO for almost a year (Aperture as my DAM). It’s a RAW developer. No local adjustments, but will work with other apps for that. (has an excellent export to App function). I kind of expected Photos to fall short of Aperture, so I started looking at new apps last year. Although I will probably will run Photos just to have direct access to Apple’s DB and in case it becomes a viable app.

jpozzi's picture
by jpozzi
February 17, 2015 - 7:59am

A feature I use a lot is the geotagging and map, I have spent a lot of time in Aperture to geotag pictures and I know Lr is as good but I would prefer C1.. unfortunately I’ve read around it doesn’t have any way to see a map and edit the gps tags, right?'s picture
February 17, 2015 - 10:53pm

Two Suggestions on the need to leave Aperture for another program. As I follow this feed, it is clear to me that the overwhelming concern of the Aperture community is the loss of Aperture’s metadata tools as we know them. I am in that group for sure. Apple can do what it wants with editing tools. But not the metadata tools.

Suggestion # 1:

Is it time to take OSX’s  knife in the heart of Aperture metadata tools viral. That is any of us who lives in the social universe–Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and on and on–might consider taking to your social networks and argue, implore (choose your verb) Apple to keep the metadata tools. At least the really important ones. This community has been writing about the limitations  of virtually all other DAM tools in photo applications. And this community might consider asking  the wider community of photographers to get in this effort. All the apps discussed so far seem to be on crutches or stretchers when it comes to matching Aperture’s metadata tools.


Suggestion # 2:

This is, perhaps  more of a reach. And it would take longer. But consider this–what if the Joseph Linaschke’s and Derrick Story’s of the world were to team up and hire some remarkable coders to write the metadata app. Oh Money? Perhaps a kickstarter project to raise money to “repay” the expense funded up front by a business loan.

Please consider. Thanks.


In the mean time let’s take apples knife in the heart of Aperture’s metadata tools viral.


MikeA's picture
by MikeA
February 18, 2015 - 2:14pm

Re. #2 I would even go one step further and try to find an investor who would be ready to buy the Aperture sourcecode from Apple to continue developing it. After looking through the alternatives the last couple of days and reading all the commentary over the web, I’m absolutely sure that a lot of people would welcome such a move with open arms and stop their activities of moving to another platform right away. Because let’s face it, nothing currently out there gives us what we want 100%, maybe not even 90%.

This is one thing I never understood about Apples’ software strategy. We all know that they lose interest from time to time in (great) things they build over time and just let them die. Take iWeb for example or Garage Band. Why do they kill their children instead of send them off into the sunset by selling or auctioning the sourcecode to outside parties? This would allow the community of users to stay on the software, maybe pay a little more on the long run but at least have protection of their own (time) investment in stuff that just works for them.'s picture
February 18, 2015 - 3:45pm

Mike: I’m sure we all would welcome such a path. Perhaps Joseph has a feel for the likelihood of Apple permitting this code to be acquired/ licensed for such development. Presumably the Aperture metadata code and architecture is such that it could be developed and made part of the future and not just stuck in the past.

Would such a move permit continued use of aperture during the development period or would there still be a limbo-period when the next OS X leaves aperture behind. Or would such an eventuality give Apple the heart to let Aperture have an extension of its life support while this new developer of the Aperture code got the new product up and running?

I welcome your idea.

John James's picture
by John James
February 18, 2015 - 3:54pm

As you say, nothing gives us 100% of what we want… not even Aperture. How’s the NR feature in Aperture? See? For a few years users have been clamoring for an upgrade to Aperture and now we know it is never coming. Photos may or may not get there but I doubt it.  It’s all about not wanting to change. Unfortunately we’re going to have to change. 

Apple is only concerned with the masses. They are not all that concerned with the pro applications. Yes FCPX has been fixed and is great but I wonder what the long term life expectancy is for Final Cut? Troubling.

And I don;t see why Apple would sell off anything they have developed. Do they need the money? 

Gerald Fingerlos's picture
by Gerald Fingerlos
February 18, 2015 - 4:00pm

I agree with you, Apple will never sell there source code. On the one hand they don´t really need the money. On the other hand they will never ever give anyone the insight of how they do develop their applications.

MikeA's picture
by MikeA
February 18, 2015 - 4:36pm

Believe me, I have no problems with change. But I also never had any problems with Apertures’ NR. I also found out now that out of my Top 100 pictures, which I just ran through the last days in C1 and LR, almost none have any issues with distortion and needed a lens correction. So I don’t know about that “100%”, I think Aperture was pretty close to that FOR ME.

No, Apple surely doesn’t need the money of a sale. But it would be a very easy move to keep people on their side. Because you know what? All the other tools are available on Windows. If my MacPro will break down tomorrow, I will have a hard look at the highend offerings of Dell or others. Why should I stay on the Mac? I have absolutely zero incentive to do that now. Get more bang for the buck on the other side. The LR interface is a crime on humanity on either OS, so….'s picture
February 18, 2015 - 5:01pm

Mike made a suggestion to buy/license Aperture code for development. And John is arguing Apple would never engage in such a deal. Maybe so. But I think it’s wiser, if that’s the case, to let Apple close the door rather than having Aperture users  close the door on themselves by not asking.  

While greed is certainly a factor in our society, sometimes goodwill is a player too.

Gerald Fingerlos's picture
by Gerald Fingerlos
February 18, 2015 - 9:57am

I am really struggeling what to do next. I am just a hobbyist and was happy with Aperture right now. Of course I do know that I can use it longer, but honestly, why should I use an App which will not be supported in future. So yes, I am thinking about a change.

The logical path for me seems to be LR, but there is one thing where I am not trusting Adobe: Licensing. For me its not worth paying a monthly fee, I am not using the programs in any professional way and regulary. So yes, LR 5 is available with a perpetual license, but what about LR6

The other choice of course is C1, but there I am missing the geotagging functionality, and from what I have seen this program is available in the licensing options, perpetual and recurring, so even there the future seems not clear…

For me its a difficult decision, although my needs are not very high. But the decision I do now should last a few years without having to change again to soon.

Bruce's picture
by Bruce
February 18, 2015 - 11:30pm

Be aware that Capture One will allow import of small jpeg images of the kind frequently exchanged by email but unlike Aperture or Lightroom does not allow these images to be edited or to have keywords attached. Consequently the CO catalogue cannot be used as comprehensive image library.  However I have found its RAW conversion and editing tools to be superior.  I am now trying to work out how to get Aperture and CO to work together so that I can without too much hassle process in CO and use Aperture for its data management abilities.  

sfmurph's picture
by sfmurph
February 19, 2015 - 3:24am

Is that really true? Capture One has no way to manage or edit Jpegs? Wow, that would be a problem for me. With Media One managing all kinds of docs (not just images), I’m surprised.

Bruce's picture
by Bruce
February 19, 2015 - 3:32am

Yes I speak from experience and after referring to CO support.  They did not specifically say jpegs were not editable as such but rather that CO could not edit small images. They did not say what the lower limit is.  However I have tried both jpegs and Tiff images up to 280 kb and whilst these can be imported they cannot be edited or keyworded.  I have asked them whether they will consider doing something about this given that both Aperture and Lightroom have no issue of this kind.

Tom Carroll's picture
by Tom Carroll
March 5, 2015 - 7:54pm

No, of course not. You can manage and edit jpegs in C1. I’ve downloaded 41,000 RAW and JPGS into C1P8 no problem.'s picture
February 19, 2015 - 12:24am

Bruce: you have underscored aperture’s data mgmt tools. If you do work out a satisfactory workflow for CO AND APERTURE, what do you think you will do when OS X drops aperture?

Bruce's picture
by Bruce
February 19, 2015 - 12:28am

That is a potential issue but it remains to be seen what difficulties if any a new OS would create.'s picture
February 19, 2015 - 1:16am

I take your point , Bruce. I am sure this community would be interested to know the ins and outs of the hybrid workflow you are trying to build with CO AND APERTURE.'s picture
February 19, 2015 - 3:12pm

Photoshop at 25 years. Interesting article in New York Times today.  Interesting business questions related to Adobe’s business model.

Here is link:…

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by SKR Imaging
February 20, 2015 - 3:11am
Katie S.'s picture
by Katie S.
February 21, 2015 - 1:41am

I am a “mom” tographer for the most part.  A serious hobbiest.  I have stuck with Aperture because I love the Apple ecosystem even though as I have been learning it seems everyone out there uses LR.  I do not have tons of edited photos but a lot of keywords and star ratings.

My biggest concern to switching is I love that when I upload something in Aptertue, it shows up on all my devices through the Cloud.  I love that I can edit a photo in Photoshop Elements then drag over to my Photostream and that photo is now on my devices where I can upload to Instagram or text to someone.

Does anyone know if there is a way to get your LR photos into the Cloud or into my Photostream?  I’ve heard this is very difficult to do.

I’m going to stick with Aperture awhile longer because I’m trying to learn as much about photography and photo editing as I can.  I put in a lot of effort to learn Aperture and I do not want to start over learning something else! It takes too much time away from what I love.   I want to take photos!!!



Katie S.


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