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No audio when importing video from Aperture to Final Cut Pro X #1
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by Matt M
November 21, 2013 - 3:33pm

I’m currently working on a video project where all my videos are in Aperture. In Final Cut Pro X, when I use the media browser to import .mp4 videos directly into an event, there is no audio with them. There is no waveform. If I preview a video in the media browser, the preview plays with sound, but when I drag a video onto the timeline it behaves as if there is no audio associated with the clip.  This only happens with footage from my GoPro Hero3+….footage from my 7D dslr and iPhone operate fine.  However, they work fine in iMovie so it has something to do with how FCP accesses them.

My current workaround is to export the videos from Aperture onto the desktop and then import them into Final Cut. It’s working, but it’s a pain and I shouldn’t have to do this.

Figure it has to have something to do with the transfer from Aperture to Final Cut Pro, but no idea what would be affected?  Does Aperture compress videos when importing?  I’ve just been using Aperture as an organizational space for all my videos and hope its storing the full file I imported? 

 Only thing I can think of is some sort of Codec isssue with the GoPro so I tried installing the CineForm codec on gopro’s website and it didn’t fix it… about someone else having trouble after the Mavericks update as well? 


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by Matt M
November 23, 2013 - 7:15pm

Any idea what could be causing this?  Should I not be storing my Videos in Aperture?  Can’t think of a better way to organize them….

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