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Photos app and DAM? #1
Gary with a big Mac's picture
by Gary with a big Mac
July 14, 2014 - 9:35pm

Hi Guys,

Decided to sit back and cruise into the new Photos and see what happens,

But I do have anxiety about what my library is going to look like and how my managed and more to the point, how my referenced files are going to be accessed?


What is going to happen to the vaults, are they gone?

If the above is all good, and I can still use my plug-ins and just use ⌘ shift O to jump into PS and close to put it back in Photos I’ll be happy man

I have a photographic memory but never got it developed

Jochen H. Schmidt's picture
by Jochen H. Schmidt
July 15, 2014 - 2:53am

There is not enough information yet to answer all of your questions. My gut feeling says that vaults would not be taken further - so you may need a working Aperture to use them.

There are many questions around what will be possible regarding to DAM in Photos. Guessing from the known iOS8 API there are things like Folders, Albums and at least Events, Faces in a form “synced by iTunes”. This means the API still seems to allow iTunes Sync and “Projects” can come over this way too. And it does mean, that there has to be something on the other side that can create and manage “Events” and “Faces”.

Regarding “Managed vs. Referenced” - it really depends on how PhotosKit for Mac will look like. Up to now there is only the iOS API known and there are alot of parts that clearly adress iOS things. To some degree, I hope that Apple just doesn't really change the Library format and just makes PhotosKit understand Aperture libraries and that it still will be possible to reference photos and manage those references. But this is not known so far.

Gary with a big Mac's picture
by Gary with a big Mac
July 15, 2014 - 5:47am

Tks Jochen

looks like interesting times ahead


I have a photographic memory but never got it developed

smb's picture
by smb
July 19, 2014 - 9:55pm

Vaults are of little use anyway. If your Library(s) is properly backed up, it is much easier to bring that back compared to Vaults. 

Personally I dumped my Vaults some time ago to create room on the EHD, and made another copy of my Libraries (I have one for each year dating back to 07).


Gary with a big Mac's picture
by Gary with a big Mac
July 19, 2014 - 10:41pm

Hi Stan

I do not have enough room on the HDD, it is a SSD and only have 750GB,

All the rest is referenced to 2 external HDD’s except for current year

Adobe is looking better very day, 2015 is a long wait, especially without any “real” feedback from Apple


I have a photographic memory but never got it developed

smb's picture
by smb
July 20, 2014 - 2:23pm

I think long time Aperture users will roughly fall into three groups.

Some will simply wait for the new Apple platform in hopes that it will be easily transferable and grow to meet their needs.

Others will simply ditch Aperture, and maybe Apple altogether, tired of being jerked around.

Then there are those like myself who will hedge their bets. I don’t like just sitting around so I have decided to try out LR5. I will just keep my old Libraries on Aperture because it will always be a fine archival system. Now I download my flash cards on to both Aperture and LR5. For the most part I am using the Develop module while I learn from books and online videos.

LR filing system is not as intuitive to me as Aperture, but it is workable. I have always had managed Libraries and I suspect the transition would be easier if I had Referenced files. Processing is somewhat different but LR has some very strong editing features that I think are better than Aperture, but I miss some of the old tricks.

Adobe will not be sitting still over the next two years and I hope I will be confident with either platform when I elect one over the other. Even then I probably would not move files over (either way) unless programs were written to simplify the process.

One way or the other something good will come out of the present turmoil! 


Milt Anglin's picture
by Milt Anglin
July 21, 2014 - 5:53am

I agree with Stan except I am using Capture One. The filing system for Capture One is causing me some problems but mostly because of terminology. I think when I translate Capture One speak into Aperture speak I will have it made. ;-) I really like the way Capture One handles the raw files. Colors seem to be brighter with more detail. 

Live and learn. The only way to go. 


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