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Raw+Jpeg pair editing #1
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by Roadie
May 14, 2013 - 5:22am

I shoot raw + jpeg most of the time, and I used to import them both with jpeg as master. When there's a photo I wanted to edit, I would turn it to raw as master and edit from there. When I'm done, I'd purge the raw files by using the “Convert master file script” to save some hard drive space (files are from D800). Problem with this method is that all the photos are processed and exported. Therefore, even for the jpeg photos, they're reprocessed into a different jpeg photo, creating an unnecessary compression step.

I'm trying to use a new workflow where I import them as separate, and stack the pairs. Then when I'm done, I delete the raw files (or the jpeg if I've edited the raw.) There are two problems with this method. I could autostack them, but sometimes the stack has 4, 6 or 8 photos if I shoot continuous. Also, when I tried to reject a photo, it only reject the top photo; I had to move away, come back and reject again to reject both of them.

With method 1, I have one problem - reprocessing the jpeg. With method 2, I have two problems - stacking and rejecting.

Is there any way to deal with these problems? Or, how do you deal with the raw/jpeg pair?


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