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Really annoying Photos bug #1
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by Angus Gibbins
September 16, 2016 - 5:27pm
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by Angus Gibbins
September 16, 2016 - 5:29pm

Not sure why my original post didn’t appeared, lucky I copied and pasted before hitting submit:


I have this bug with, I can’t pin point the actual source of it (if it’s a problem with the Extensions framework, or a bug with Polarr (except I think I’ve had it with AuroraHDR too)). I’m hoping it gets fixed with Sierra (I haven’t downloaded the public beta yet), if not, I’ll file a radar which will undoubtably get ignored and closed as a duplicate. 

Here’s how I replicate it:


  1. I edit a photo with the Polarr extension from within Photos. 
  2. I save the photo so it returns to Photos.
  3. I then try to straighten or crop the photo within Photos built in editing tools (if I crop and straighten using photos, it means I can adjust them later without having to start all over again in Polarr, other times I’ll just simply forget to adjust them when I’m in Polarr)
  4. I save this adjustment
  5. I wait for my photos and edits to sync to iCloud Photo Library and then to my iOS devices.

What happens now on my iPhone:

  1. I open up any first or third party app (like Instagram)
  2. I browse for the photo, in the iOS Photo Picker, everything looks fine
  3. I pick the photo I want to share, now what will happen is one of two things: either, the original, unedited version of the photo will appear, or: a version of the photo WITH my Polarr edits, but not my final crop adjustments (done with Photos stock tools) will appear. I think the consistency here is: if I made adjustments in Photos after using Polarr I get the version with Polarr edits, if I edited 100% in Polarr with no other adjustments, I get the original photo, but it’s too inconsistent to say for sure.

This also happens if I try to share the photo directly from Photos on iOS using the Share Sheet.

The only way I’ve found around this bug is on OS X is to export the adjusted photo and then reimport that photo to Photos, wait for it to upload and sync and then share the newly imported photo.

Anyone else come across this at all?


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