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Right button thieves #1
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by Steve Aja
October 17, 2011 - 11:59pm

I've been making client proof galleries for years with various programs, posting them in the client area on my server & sharing the link with the client (mostly commercial clients & executive portraits). More & more these proofs are ending up on Facebook pages.

I'm not here to complain about copyright.

What I'd like to do is add my watermark to the images as Aperture creates the web page. I clearly see where to add a watermark when exporting files. I see where you fill in your copyright at the bottom of the webpage, but am I missing a checkbox somewhere?
I suppose I could export every file as a 50% jpeg w/ the watermark, re-import it, and make the gallery from those but it seems like it will degrade the proofs even farther, waste time & hard drive space. Any thoughts?

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by PhotoJoseph
October 18, 2011 - 12:41am

Hey Steve, nice to see you on here.

Sadly you’ve stumbled upon one of the gross limitations of Aperture’s watermarking capabilities. It only works on export, and not anywhere else. Unless you’re using a plug-in that accesses the export-presets, in which case, you can.

I would guess you’re one of the few people using the Aperture web pages. I don’t think they’ve been updated since 1.0 since there are so many other alternatives for publishing to the web, and most of them better.

Personally I use SmugMug, which can actually add a watermark for you on their site, and does print and digital sales, and a whole lot more.

Not the answer you were looking for, but an answer nonetheless :)

-Joseph @ApertureExpert

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