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Share the love of some software offers I've seen #1
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by Paul T
July 2, 2013 - 5:50am

DxO have all their products on sale including DxO Optics 8 Pro for $199 US, film pack 4 and view point, but the best plug-in e-mail I received was for a bundle of 10 Topaz Labs packages worth $550 on sale for $299 and I think with the Coupon Code july4 it's $199 until 7/7/13 , it's worded weirdly you'll see what I mean, LOL

I know people are a little anti Topaz but seriously their new detail 3 is incredible, this offer is excellent and I just thought I'd share the love :) If you're looking for plug ins at the moment jump in as Topaz is a steal. It's like everything, NIK do somethings better and topaz do somethings better than NIK, Plus Topaz have way more to choose from, actually I might have to admit their updated B&W just pips NIK at the post now. I have no ties with any of these guys but thought you might want a look.

Oh and onOne are have a Perfect Suite upgrade sale on too

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