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Shared Photo Stream #1
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by aarmstrong
October 23, 2013 - 9:39pm

Just downloaded the new release of Aperture 3.5 and was interested in the photo sharing. I do a lot of sharing for kids sporting events and family and I am happy sharing and hope they do download to their machines (protection in these cases other than my embedded copyright is not something I am too worried about in other words). I use Flickr (on occasion dropbox for people to also add) and was now also considering SmugMug. But the easier the download side is,or for people in the Apple ecosystem (like family members) I thought this Shared Photo Stream might be a good option to consider. Flickr is a little complex for people sometimes to download and Smugmug certainly looks better in that regard from my trial today. So in evaluating Shared Photo Stream's use to me, I noticed the quality of the pics don't seem to be nearly as good as when I have uploaded to Flickr. Anyone use it yet? Experienced the same or know what I can do to improve. I have to assume it's reduced the resolution somehow and perhaps there is a setting I missed.



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by Flipkal
October 23, 2013 - 10:41pm

Good post. hope we can continue this discussion. I noticed the same thing when I streamed portraits of a senior student to his mother for her review. We did a photo shoot last weekend and I thought Photostream would be the best way to review the images, since the mother has an iPhone and a laptop. I checked out the streamed images on the web and must say, I was disappointed. There was a noticeable lack of resolution (sharpness) on the images. I was disappointed, since I think MobileMe was much better at this type of thing. I have yet to explore Flickr, SmugMug, or other sites. Dropbox is not an option here since the client is not amenable to using it. Is Photostream catering to the lowest denominator, re quality? If so, Aperture users need a better option to have clients review their work.

Phil in Midland

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by Thomas Emmerich
October 24, 2013 - 12:48am

Sharing to photostream uploads an image no bigger than 1536x2304. If you want something bigger you need a different service.

I’m using both Flickr and SmugMug. Flickr is free for up to 1TB of photos. That’s allot of photos.

I prefer SmugMug. I get more control with SmugMug. But it isn’t free.

There’s more options but these are the two I’m familiar with. The best part is they now (with Aperture 3.5) are integrated with Aperture so it is so easy to upload.

Flickr is free to try forever and SmugMug will let you try for free. Try them both.


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