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Strange case of the disappearing albums #1
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by Alasdair
September 16, 2016 - 5:00pm


I recently decided to start a move from Aperture to Photos and go with the whole iCloud experience. I transferred my library across (about 20,000 photos) and spent some time cleaning up the new albums that Photos made from my projects. I ended up with a lot of albums nested in folders (e.g. long haul trips, local sites, family & friends, events, nature, etc. etc.). Everything went fine and I even managed to figure out how to (almost) recreate my smart albums as well. This all eventually uploaded to the cloud and distributed to my laptop, iPad, iPhone, and office computer as well. After a little while I noticed that some of the albums didn’t seem to have downloaded to my iPad and iPhone, but they were still on my laptop, desktop, etc. Then I noticed that some of the albums were missing from my laptop and then my desktop. Fast forward a month and every single one of the albums that I transferred from Aperture or created in Photos have disappeared. All that is left are the standard albums that Photos provides for basic users (e.g. All Photos, Favorites, People, Places, selfies, panorama, etc.). All my photographs are still there, just organised in Apple’s basic pattern and not how I wanted. Is this supposed ability to use albums just a trick to lure us in and reduce us to the lowest common denominator?

I would be really grateful if someone could explain what the problem is and what I can to do ensure that any albums I create in the future will stay created.



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