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is there a consensus on what was aperture’s best version ??? #1
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by u b
September 17, 2017 - 11:01am

I purchased aperture 3.0 long ago but, never had a printer to use with it.

i just purchased a canon TS-9020 released about a year ago ( yea i know it’s not a photo printer) but i just want basic photo output.

i really like the product and the printed photos are pretty nice but, the machine is inexpensive and won’t take rough or quick handling but i already knew that from the reviews.

Anyway, i have a mac mini with the original os 10.7.5 that came with it and have not had any problems but,

canon doesn’t have printer drivers or software that support this old macOS version.

you guessed it, i need to upgrade to macOS 10.0 or higher in order to use the canon drivers.

I have a couple questions:

#1 does any body know if there is a problem upgrading my macOS to ver. 10 or higher will result in issues with aperture ???

#2 is there a consensus on what was aperture’s best version ???

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