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Total # of Pictures not matching on different devices #1
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by BopperZip
April 22, 2015 - 3:23am

Is anyone else seeing different photo counts in Photos app on different devices? At the bottom of the Moments screen on my iMac, it shows the total number of photos I have in Photos app. In my case, thats 11,617.  On my MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPhone, each shows a total of 11,419 photos in Photos app.

When I switch to All Photos in Albums view on my iMac it shows a different total (11,630). On my other devices, the All Photos in Album View shows the same as in the total in my collections view of 11,419. All devices are up to date and done syncing.  In other words, my iPhone, iPad and MBP seem to all agree on the totals, but my iMac does not.

To further confuse things, accessing my photos on the web via iCloud shows a total of 11,431. I assume this is some kind of bug that will be worked out in a future update, but curious if anyone else is seeing this? 

I have iCloud Photo Library turned on on all devices and syncing generally seems to be working as I add/delete photos.

 I’m also getting random duplicates, but I read elsewhere that is a known bug.

Thanks for any insights! 


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