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Two: Aperture 3.5.1's native export "speed" and " which is slower to export - photo stills or audio? " #1
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by bob william
April 14, 2014 - 3:37pm

These two questions are tied together : I export Slideshows of photos, accompanied by audio files pulled from iTunes Music, to an external hard drive and then re-import them to iTunes Movies so I can stream them to a TV via Apple TV.

The exports from Aperture seem to take forever : a 25 GB slideshow of 527 image files of around 20 MB each, plus audio of 31 minutes duration, took 5+ hours to get onto a Western Digital drive via USB 2.0. My Apple store told me the problem was the 2.0 and to buy a faster drive. I bought a WD with USB 3.0 and the next export still took “forever”. The Apple store then also told me two other things : 

a] Aperture’s native Slideshow export speed is simply too slow to go much faster and that the 2.0 vs. 3.0 was a “non-issue”. Is  this true or false ? Does the fault for the slow export belong to Aperture itself or to the drive’s transfer speed ? A graphic from Apple Support tells me 3.0 should be able to transfer at 5GBs/sec. vs. 2.0 at 480 MB/s; still, the 3.0 went no faster.

b] He also told me that putting audio files with the photos was the primary reason the transfer took so long, that audio files take much more space than photos. I thought visual files, either photos or videos, were the space hogs, not audio.

Can someone enlighten me on all these topics or confirm or deny the Apple Store’s info ?  Thank you very much.



Bob S.

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by Chris Biele
April 14, 2014 - 4:59pm

If you didn’t notice any difference between the USB 2 and 3 then it is likely that Aperture is the culprit. It’s been a while since I’ve exported a Slideshow from Aperture, but I do recall it taking a rather long time… 5 hours though?

Maybe you should do some tests with fewer photos and less audio to see if that amount of time is consistent regardless of the size of your slideshow. For example, does a 30 second Slideshow take 5 minutes to export? Also try exporting it to your internal boot drive.

If you have an older machine then long exports might be normal for you.

bob william's picture
by bob william
April 16, 2014 - 3:49am


Thank you for the insights. Our out-of-state grandchildren are coming for Easter and I won’t be able to work on your suggested solution until next week but I didn’t want to let your helpful note go unacknowledged. Thank you.


Bob S.

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