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Visual design decisions - let's fight! #1
Morten Scheel's picture
by Morten Scheel
November 15, 2013 - 1:30am

Overall I’m very pleased with the layout (Twitter Bootstrap framework I assume?), but a few things offend my sense of aesthetics:

  • As I’ve already mentioned elsewhere, the text/links within the drop-down menus are aligned to the the right side of the drop-down. That just looks plain weird to me.
  • Color scheme: I like how you’ve chosen a few high contrast colors against shades of grey, but…

    This blueish purple hurts my eyes. I think because there’s not enough contrast against the dark grey background. How about using Facebook-blue instead, since that color is already being used. Or maybe just a lighter shade of grey.

    Also, these two colors are too similar for my taste:

What say you, good Sir?


PhotoJoseph's picture
by PhotoJoseph
November 15, 2013 - 2:00pm

Thanks Morten. I love how Europeans aren't shy :) We Americans are more likely to say “yeah, it's great!” when they don't think so ;-)

  1. drop down right justified; I like it but am open to others. If others say they don't like it we can try changing it. But I actually like it. Go figure.
  2. purple — hm, OK. But if we go Facebook blue, then it'll match the Facebook icon, and you've already said that the store and the + look too similar. 
  3. I don't know if we have control over the colors on add this but the orange is a very specific color. Since they don't show up next to each other I'm not too bothered, but I'll see if that + can change. 

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Bob Correa's picture
by Bob Correa
November 15, 2013 - 4:17pm

The only one I agree with is the similar orange/salmon colors of the social link icons. Right Justify, purple, etc. Just fine. Actually, thanks for having nice large fonts :)

You can always re-evaluate the visual aesthetic in the future and make changes. In the meantime seems like actual bugs would be the priority.

Luc L.L.'s picture
by Luc L.L.
November 15, 2013 - 4:28pm

I don’t mind the right alignment in the menu bar, actually quite like it. Doesn’t always have to be the same formal formatting.

Luc - Mini/MBP/MBPR - QNAP NAS, Nikon D5300, AW100, Sony TR3

PhotoJoseph's picture
by PhotoJoseph
November 25, 2013 - 8:58pm

My wife overrode me on the right justification. It's been on left for a while :)

Working on the social icons. They need to be retina so I'm finding out what I can do to just change that entirely.

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Tworn1998's picture
by Tworn1998
June 9, 2022 - 4:34pm

I totally agree with you about the color palette. To be honest, I personally do not like this bluish color at all. I would suggest that the Indigo color from the palette could have more contrast and be more pleasing to the eye.

Lawrence Doe

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