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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

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ATEM Mini Macros from Scratch

Photo Moment - February 21, 2020

The ATEM Mini is a powerful device on its own, but once you start writing macros for it, hoo-boy… you can make this thing sing! This video is a lesson in how to create macros, and the process for figuring out what you need to do to make the macro that you need. I'll take you on the journey of figuring out how to fade a mic input from zero (full volume) to minus-infinity (silent) over time, which requires a little bit of macro trickery. What you learn here, however, can be applied to making any macro you desire.

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Hey Joseph, have you tried this same technique to fade between multiple images to fake a fading animation? Let's say you have three words: "Like, Share Subscribe" and you want them to fade up one at a time with one button push. Do you think it could work similarly?
Fading graphics is handled natively. Just load the graphic into preview and press auto so it dissolves in or out!
@PhotoJoseph No, I meant in a sequence handoff. I did kind of figure it out. I set up the three words in a build. One word, then two words, then three words.
Fade up, pause for :30, fade down one and then bring up the second. Pause :30 and fade down and bring up the third. Then one last pause that is user initiated to bring down the last super with all three words in a single fade. Vualla. An animated title card - sort of. That last one is key because of you don’t do that it tries to do a reverse build when you toggle it off.
@Flying Jackalope got it!
I also did your volume trick and it works great. Thank you.
Again great video. Was wondering, could the same edits be used to fade in and out the Proclaim {PowerPoint} slides that we use in the lower 1/3 left for lyrics or just images?
same concept but different macro. You AUTO (transition) in/out from a specific source. If your slides are in an upstream key, then the macro can AUTO that key.
@PhotoJoseph  Thank you very much. Have you recorded anything for video that covers this?
Search my channel for “ATEM”. I have lots of ATEM videos.
Great tutorial. Seems like a lot of work but definitely a time saver later and makes for a better looking show.
Thank you!
hello! great video! I want to ask you a question, I don't know if it could be done or not, I want to create a macro so that every time I press it, it changes to the next media in the library, that is, if I have file 5 in the MP2, if I press the macro I put the 6 etc etc, what would be the XML code? I can't figure it out, I have the same doubt to create a macro to select the next or previous source within supersource. Thank you
Trank you very much! Helps me a lot for my project!
Very helpful!
Is there a repository of these macro scripts?
not from me but there are some online. I find it’s not worth trying to adapt a script to someone else’s system. Better to write it yourself and understand how it works so you can fix it when it breaks.
Cool, but now I have discovered that Companion gives me much better modular control over audio automation etc, so I will be implementing that!
To the point where I could imagine a buttonless ATEM being quite an item
that's basically what the big ATEMs are. They have buttons but they're mean for testing, not switching. Rack mounted and you'll likely never touch them. Controlled all through the ATEM software, or apps like Companion and a Stream Deck!
Thanks Joseph, I needed this. Just need to find out how to link my stream deck so I can just push a button on that device.... 🤘🤘 Companion
Thanks Joseph....
What a PITA. When I record a UI macro, the last thing I want is to have to reverse engineer how some "smart" recorder is second-guessing my moves, not to mention resorting to hand-editing a machine-generated XML file.
It can be complex, for sure. But it’s also infinitely powerful.
Hi Joseph! I've watched all your videos, I really appreciate what I've learned from you.
Would be any way to do a macro to place a bug graphic (logo top right) and fade out to fade in another bug but this time with a lower third on it? Something like a crossfade from a simple logo to other with that same logo with a lower third. TIA
Excellent video, with this I was able not only to fade but also to cross fade between music and videogame sounds with one click
Great video. Thank you !
Hey Joseph, I’m trying to set a macro on atem mini extreme iso (on one of the six macro buttons), to be an mute/unmute switch for an audio channel, however it seems that I can only make it either mute or unmute. Is there a way to link both functions (mute and unmute) into the same button?
No. There’s no “toggle”’ function as a macro. Macros are extremely precise.
@PhotoJoseph brutal! I hear you can do it with a streamdeck via tethering two commands or something of the sort. Any tutorials how to do this?
@Didge Project I haven’t but others have. Start at — that’s where you get Companion, the software that sits between the stream deck and your hardware.
@PhotoJoseph on it! thanks for teaching us how to do all this cool stuff!
Would this work using a pause time say 20 seconds from 0.0 to -120.41 instead of stepping it down?
If I understand what you're asking, no… because the command to go from 0 to -120 would be immediately executed, before or after the pause.
Great directional video. I'm looking to do a more complex one, and didn't know if you have done anything like this... I could try and pitch my church on purchasing ATEM Extreme Pro ISO for the extra inputs, but I don't think I'm going to get them to bite on that. I understand the Fill and Key on the ATEM, and I know ProPresenter, and EasyWorship is like in some way. We currently have Easy Worship, and I'm looking to do a setup with ATEM Mini Pro ISO. I want to have 3-PTZ cameras feeding inputs 1-3, and then 1-HDMI Input (No. 4) from the Computer. I want to do both Fill and Key on that input. Could I use a StreamDeck and create macro buttons that would switch my output display type from PC, then the input type on ATM back and forth between Fill and Key? I want to do Lower-Thirds lyrics over the LiveStream video, and then Switch to Full Screen for Announcements, or Videos we may play during the service, so they are on the LiveStream as well. I want to be able to stream from the ATEM to
Does this sound Possible?
Excellent tutorial! My Atem Mini Pro is coming today and I can‘t wait for the „new journey“ with them. Thank you!
I have recently bought an ATEM Mini Extreme ISO and I have found several of your videos helpful, this one is excellent as a starting point. I can now start recording and modifying macros. Thank you.
Genius! Thank you!
GREAT nice hack .) thanks for share
Heya! Thanks for making this content. I just got the ATEM Mini Pro ISO. I'm curious...have you found or do you know of a macro library where people can download ready made macros? Might this be a product you have for sale?
There are some (not from me) but the problem is that macros are extremely unique to your setup, making it quite hard to integrate in someone else’s system. It really is best to learn what’s happening and how, and to make your own.
Thank you. Great help and right to the point. I appreciate your content.
Very well explained 👍
When I plug my camera into ATEM mini and then output to my recorder (ninja v) it slows down the footage and makes it stutter. Any ideas how to fix this? If I plug my camera right into the Ninja it's perfectly fast, so I know the ATEM is slowing it down somehow
For anyone reading this… we resolved this and the problem was the camera was set to “24p” (but is actually 23.98) and the ATEM was set to true 24p. Once the ATEM was set to 23.98 as well, everything lined up perfectly!
The very best video on creating and modifying macros for the ATEM mini. So many videos leave steps out assuming we know more than we might. Thx!
Happy to help!
Thank you so much for this video. This method of creating macros is incredibly useful because this is applicable to any macro you want to create, and it is so simple. Just record the action, view the xml then apply as appropriate.
You got it! Thanks for watching, Terry
Merci beaucoup Joeph
awesome mate thanks..
Good tutorial, but this whole macro system is from the stone age. Copying and pasting code, really? 50 lines of code to drive a fader? Do you have to go to macro school to do a FTB?
There’s an FTB button, so, no. And it may seem antiquated but it’s extremely powerful. This is the same system that scales up to massive switching stations. It just isn’t very consumer friendly; it really wasn’t designed for ease of use.
Just thinking that there must be a way to use a loop instead of copy and pasting many times
You can loop an entire macro, but I don't think there's a "loop" XML command. If there is, that'd be sweet!
I am an audio recording engineer that needed to setup a Atem mini extreme iso to live-stream as well as record a concert. I had one week to learn about the Atem and I am doing the production entirely alone. I watched innumerable videos to prepare and found your instructional videos lifesaving for the amount of information quickly presented in a logical and concise manner. I am now writing macros that will make my job infinitely easier tomorrow. Thank you.
This helped me a ton! Many thanks to you!
for all you scripting nerds, you can use awk to write the steps for you:
awk 'BEGIN{for (i = 0.00; i > -120.41; i -= 0.5) print "<Op id=\"FairlightAudioMixerMasterOutFaderGain\" gain=\""i"\"/>" "\n" "<Op id=\"MacroSleep\" frames=\"1\"/>"}' > fade.xml
which will write decrementing .5 steps for the PGM Audio to a file
is there any way if u use the atem pro mini as standalone to custom assign some buttons on the Atem with macros?
Not on the ATEM Mini, Mini Pro or Mini Pro ISO. However with the new Mini Extreme and Extreme ISO, you can program some of the buttons.
@PhotoJoseph, thanks for your answer! if i program a macro, for example, jumpinng from cam to cam, i cant see anyway to turn the macro off (only if i connect it to computer again)....annoying
Yes the problem was I had to update my software. It worked after that. The strange thing was after I did it for 4 camera inputs. I’m only 3 showed up in the macro boxes. Obviously I did some thing wrong.
I like the fact you got me into BBEdit!!!!
Question can I re-edit a macro with going through doing the whole macro over inside of the 810 software.
Example I get a new client and I have a lower third with the clients name in with Camera 1 then client being USA. I create short macro where I’m just changing out each camera graphic.
I was just looking at a tutorial for h2R graphics.
Are you familiar with it?
You can re-edit the XML all you want, save different versions of it, whatever. Also it's "ATEM" software, not "810" ;-)
I’m going to download the newest version of the Blackmagic software from their website right now. Maybe this might solve my problem with trying to use the restore in my Atem software control.
You definitely want to be up to date, regardless.
Thank you for your response to one of my texts. I’m still having problems getting the Macro I set up for the lower thirds for the 4 cameras using your Xml set up.
I keep getting this error “ The file you ate trying to restore is from an unknown switcher.
Then saying “ The file you are trying to restore is from a different ATEM software version” ?
What app are you using to edit the XML file? Perhaps it's not being saved as plain text, or it's getting additional characters added to it or changed, like a " becoming a “ — download BBEdit if that's not what you're using already. It's free.
Yes definitely would like to see more macros. I also want yo know how to use my stream deck with companion with macros?
I’ll be doing a video in the new “ATEM (mini) Tips” series on Streamdeck for sure
Thank you. Until I did what you showed us in your Tip 002. Then I did what you were saying and recreated it in BBEdit.
I was just watching TV.
Plus I felt this was above my head. Yet now my feet are wet in BBEdit & XML.
It’s a deep deep deep ocean… I’m glad you dipped your toe in it!
Thank you Joseph for sharing this tutorial. Do you know if there is a way to auto play a existing macro, in a loop, at the startup state?
Ooh, as in, plug it in, and the Macro starts? I’m afraid not. You need the software to trigger a macro. Now, the brand new ATEM Mini Extreme has macro buttons built into it. I’m assuming that the Macro is loaded into the hardware memory so it doesn’t require software to trigger it, but I don’t actually know.
@PhotoJoseph I thought there is a way to add code to a "startup file", same way like you can do with the xml for the streaming. Thank you kind for answering!
@Bogdan Niculescu not that I’ve ever heard of… but I don’t know everything! If you find a way, let me know!
Great tutorial! What if the start volume is already lower than 0 dB? Will it go up to 0 and then start to go down? Or it just starts at where the volume is.
Every setting is absolute, not relative. So it doesn’t matter where you start. Entering (–10) means it’s at (–10), not 10 lower than it was previously.
Bruh i have a question, my camera (has hdmi mini port) didnot response to atem mini, but i have same camera working correctlly, what you think the problem?
Note: i changed many wires and setting of camera.
What do you mean it doesn’t respond? Do you mean that you don’t see the image from the camera through the ATEM? Start by hooking the camera up to any HDMI monitor to make sure you’re getting video out, and that it’s nota camera issue.
@PhotoJoseph okay
I face a problem, how i can import mp4 or gif on green screen insted of still picture (jpeg)???
You can’t. The ATEM Mini line only has a “still store”. If you want to play video content you need to connect a player to one of the HDMI inputs.
Love how you roll
Thank you!
this is great.
Would love to see more macros for the ATEM Mini Pro and specifically how you may use Elgato Stream Deck to control those macros. Specifically, I’d like to see how you would program a media player chroma key for a lower third image.
I don’t use a streamdeck but if I did it would just be to trigger the macro.
Very nicely done. Thanks again for your time and effort in putting this together for us.
Interesting - I'd try and find how to write loops in XML or something like an integer form field if the XML would allow it. Following that I'd probably want to link this to a stream deck I guess. Useful tutorial.
Actually any macro can be set to repeat itself until you stop it
@PhotoJoseph It isn't the loop as such but an incremental loop adding a variable / ratio each time. I'm sure this could be done in a couple of lines with the right code.
What a great tutorial. I use my Atem at church and this will help me with writing a macro for changing media during our annoucements so I can move from one still to the next. As simple as this is, I had no clue where to start and you just showed me so Thank You!
That’s awesome!
I feel incredibly stupid watching this...
This is helpful, thank you!

Hi Joseph, first off big thanks for the in-depth video on marcos. I’m working on a OBS/BM mini streaming rig for a DJ. We’re looking to set up auto-switching between 3 cameras (which I’ve learned how to do from you & Aaron) and would like to create an override macro that pauses the auto-switching and cuts to camera 1 so the DJ can talk on the mic. And then another macro that resumes auto-switching. 

Are the latter two macros possible? If you have any tips or can point me to any resources please do let me know. I’m more of an audio guy, so this is a bit over my head. Thx!



Hi Mike. If you build a macro to run through cameras (i.e. switch to cam 1, hold 10 seconds, switch to 2, hold 10, switch to 3, hold 10), then enable looping and Recall and Run

…and run that looping macro, it'll go until you stop it. You don't have to stop it; you can just click another macro and that will take over. The challenge is that whatever you hit next will loop as well, until you turn off looping. So I'd run your looping macro, then when you want to switch to the DJ, turn off loop and hit a macro that switches to him. When you want to go back to the loop, enable loop and hit that looping macro.

One thing you could try (but I'd definitely test it) is if the DJ macro is just a simple camera change, don't worry about disabling looping. Yes it'll “loop”, continuously sending the camera switch command to the ATEM, but it shouldn't matter. But I'd test it, in the event it freaks out the ATEM. You could also build a delay at the end of that command so the loop isn't immediate; i.e. “switch to cam 1 and pause for 10 minutes”. The pause won't do anything except then the command will only loop every ten minutes instead of 30 times per second. 

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Brilliant tutorial, thanks!

Is there any easy way of trigering macros via hotkeys? I’m trying to set up streamdeck without having to use Companion …



Thanks Jon! No, there's no keyboard shortcuts associated with macros, unfortunately. Seems like such a simple thing, but it's not there. Maybe because of the cross platform nature of the app? I really don't know. Personally I use the Strata Macros app to trigger macros on an iOS device. Not what you're looking for, but that's how I do it.

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