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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

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🤯ATEM Mini PRO?! Absolutely unbelievable hardware…

Photo Moment - April 03, 2020

The Blackmagic ATEM Mini *Pro* has just been announced, and it's incredible. Find out what we know! It's truly a remarkable update!

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I use the ATEMI Mini Pro with 3 GoPros … and on my monitor everything look kind of nice … but my stream and my recording have a lot of fractals (looking like comression issues) does someone have an idea?
Increase stream data rate (which requires more bandwidth)
We're quite short on desk space in our tech booth at Church, once its configured can you do away with a monitor and all the settings from last time are retained? thanks and great video by the way :)
The monitor is there to preview the cameras and monitor the program and live stream status. It’s not necessary to have at all but certainly comforting to know what is going on. For example in an event I streamed last night I had one of my camera feeds go wonky (wireless interference) and if I didn’t have the multi view monitor up I would not have known. The settings are saved between reboots as long as you save them before shutdown, however the graphics are not and will need to be reloaded each time. For this you need as computer, not a monitor attached to the ATEM.
anyone knows if i can record a quicktime rgb + alpha video ?
I would have loved to use the Mini-Pro for our live streams, except the price is put it out of reach and the ATEM mini was the perfect fit with OBS and a Stream Deck (with Companion). I think both products have there nitch.
Can i open multiview on i pad
amazing video. can i ask what camera/lights you used to shoot it?
Thank you. An old LUMIX GH4 and two Nanlite lights; this one and this one
what are you using to add your subtitles to your video?
I have a guy who does captioning for me, and I upload a text file to youtube. If you need a captioning service that’s more reliable and cheaper than the commercial ones, DM m eon twitter and refer to this conversation. I’ll happily pass his info to you if you want to hire someone.
How can I monitor the audio via headphones, for some reason I can not get to hear the audio live. I could hear it if plug in to my monitor field mixer that is going to the camera, but I would like to hear what the Atem Mini pro is putting out. Great videos btw keep up the good work
You’re doing it right. You monitor audio and video BOTH from the HDMI output.
@PhotoJoseph 👍🏾 🙏🏽
Hi Joseph ! Thak you for that review. If I use Wirecast pro, finally, except the multiview feature, the mini is enought, isn't it ? Because all the adds on the pro could be done by Wirecast. Or do you see other positive things ?
The other advantage of the Pro is the multiview. That’s pretty sweet to have. Watch my full tour video if you haven’t already.
Thanks for you info Joseph. I don’t need multiview, would like to record the show via USB, and I think I’d like to stream to zoom via the hdmi out with a Magewell capture card. From my limited understanding, the picture quality would be better to zoom via the hdmi/ capture card route, as the atems usbc to computer output compresses the stream badly. Something to do with full rgb range?? Bypassing the atems capture card seems to be the way to go, I don’t know 🤷‍♂️
We have one Canon XA15 with SDI output, and want to expand. So I was leaning towards the ATEM Television Studio HD, since it has SDI. And I already have an SDI to USB capture card. But is this new BM device so much better that I should go back to HDMI and just buy SDI to HDMI converters?
No. Stick with what you have. The only advantage this has over what you have is the built in encoder but you have more inputs, and SDI has zero latency.
PhotoJoseph, thanks! As usual, I’m late to the party and, naturally, way over my head! Do enjoy your in-depth, comprehensive videos on things and much appreciate the help you’ve given me on getting familiar with the ATEM Mini!. Got mine yesterday, finally! And experimented with it last night. Incredibly easy and so beautifully plug-n-play! Connected a Panasonic GX85 directed at my table workspace, an iPhone 6S running FilmicPro (in landscape!!) directed at me, and my 2017 12.9 iPad Pro running Keynote. The output via USB-C is to my MBP laptop logged into a Zoom session. This is all to do an online sketching & painting class. MY QUESTION: when I look at my 12.9 iPad Pro with Keynote slide, it’s reversed. However, when I send it (“Input #3) to the “Program,” it displays properly to viewers. Is it possible to correct the display on my 12.9 iPad Pro to display correctly so I can read the slide before switching to it?
aha that makes much more sense. The image in zoom is reversed for your “benefit” (so it looks like you’re looking in a mirror) but you can flip it. It’s a checkbox.
PhotoJoseph - Zoom is the culprit, eh? Makes sense as I just sent Mini output to QuickTime on my MBP and iPad/Keynote screen wasn’t reversed. To check I launched Zoom from my iPad (disconnected from Mini), started a session, but don’t find place/checkbox to “unflip” image. Maybe not on mobile app. Will check with desktop app. Thanks, Joseph. Thought I was going crazy!
Found it in Zoom Preferences on desktop app. Good to go. Thanks!
PhotoJoseph - also, an audio update: though FilmicPro does not send audio over HDMI along with video, MoviePro and Live:Air Solo do. The latter is free, MP is $9.99. Like FilmicPro, both let you hide the interface.
Does this unit work with a GoPro input?
yes, but the HDMI delay on GoPros is pretty bad. I want to say it's over half a second long.
How would you compare the ATEM mini pro the the Epiphan Pearl Mini?
It’s been a long time since I reviewed the Pearl Mini, but IIRC it has more varied inputs including XLR audio and SDI and USB, should be a higher quality encoder, built-in recording, easier custom layout configuration and a touch screen. But of course it’s a lot more expensive and while easier, possibly less flexible than ATEM’s XML language.
Hey! I am really looking forward to your next livestream. 2 days ago I received my Atem mini pro and I already did my first livestream. Love it. I do have a beginner question: when I restart the Mini pro (power off/on) all my still images in the library are gone. When I import my config again, they do appear. I also clicked the button to use the current settings as the startup config. Is this a normal behavior and intended? Or am I doing something wrong? Do I need to import my config every time I start the device?Thanks a lot and greetings from Germany
nope that's normal. The Mini doesn't keep the images through a restart. Hardware limitation. But as you saw, just restore from the XML and they'll all load back in. My $4,000 ATEM 2 M/E does the same thing sometimes. Save those XML files!
So you wouldn't need a capture card with the Pro?
Thank you again! So helpful! I REALLY appreciate it!
I am waiting for your detailed story about ATEM mini pro
Just got it… working on it!
Great vid. Ok, dumb question here. I need audio help. If you are mic’d up with a wired or wireless lav mic for a live presentation where you need to hear audience questions (Teams, Skype, etc), how do you hear in real-time? An earpiece? If so, where is that routed from?
It can get complex, but essentially, yes… you'll want to route their audio through a mixer so you can hear it and also send it to the ATEM
@PhotoJoseph Thanks! Can you point me to your favorite video explaining all that? I am 'the presenter' - just trying to up my game using my ATEM. But typically we're doing it via Teams, Webex, etc. and need to be able to respond to audience questions -- as opposed to one-way streaming or recording.
I don't have one but you're asking for a pretty specific setup. If you want to talk through it, I'm available… book time at — or, watch as many videos as you can and piece it together!
Do we know if the ATEM mini (not the pro) with the new software update, can do multiview?
Definitely not.
Hi thanks for the video ! Do u know if the atem mini pro has the same built in mjpeg usbc out as the atem mini ?
So far with my atem mini I am losing the dynamic range capabilities of my cameras and don’t know how to avoid it.
Yes, it's the same. The only way to bypass that is to use the HDMI out as the Program out (giving up Multiview), and that will give you the full quality of your cameras.
Hi Joseph, thanks for the video! With the PRO, I'm planning to stream to Zoom. I dont think I can use the ethernet and stream directly to Zoom, so that means I have to use the USB C port for it. However, that also means that if I want to record the stream, I'll need to run the HDMI out to a recorder but if I do that, I won't be able to use the multicam preview anymore because the recorder might pickup the multiview instead of just the program view. Do you have any solutions to this? Thanks!
You are correct. Ethernet doesn't pass video to the computer. Zoom has its own record capabilities, so that'd be the path of least resistance.
Audio sync issues still on the 2 1/8th inputs? Did they add audio delay on those inputs? Thanks! .
They did not. It’s a common request.
These features are all really awesome, but when are they going to bring these features to their larger switchers? I have a TVS HD and I regularly use more than four inputs.
Most of the unique capabilities here are hardware dependent. They won’t get added to existing hardware, but I’d expect to start seeing these in newer versions of bigger hardware.
@PhotoJoseph Oh yeah, I mean new hardware revisions of the rest of the ATEM line. Though there's a few features they could probably add with only software.
If you wanted to do multiview out and program out via HDMI, couldn't you use an HDMI splitter?
No, a splitter just shows the same image on both screens, it doesn’t magically give you a second independent display
I guess with this it doesn't matter that the Webcaster X2 has been discontinued.
Haha exactly. Was just looking at it, and after watching this I don't feel back about the discontinuation anymore.
Yeah this came at just the right time!
Why is not possible to add videos to media library? Only stills? That makes lower thirds, logo reveals, logo transitions, etc. Very “old school”. Sorry, but video file support is a must these days.
I don’t disagree in principal but you’ll find in this industry that video file support is NOT something you’ll find on any product anywhere near this price category (actually, there’s nothing even remotely like this in this price category, AT ALL). It sounds basic but it’s not and even the huge $4,000 ATEMs don’t play video files directly. You need to add external video playback hardware (Hyperdeck) and then you get a ton of options. It’s not as simple as “just play back video” if you build it internally — especially video with alpha channels, which is what you’re asking for.
PhotoJoseph thanks. I didn’t know it was that difficult to do that. With Wirecast on the laptop or OBS, that is very simple and basic. I wanted to jump from that to ATEM to reduce stress on computer resources, but I guess that would come with a huge trade off.
Right. Remember that behind OBS is an entire computer with everything that includes. There are trade-offs everywhere, and in this case, what you’re trying to do is isolate and simplify. You can have an all-in-one solution (OBS) but that’s a single point of failure for everything. If your “video player” crashes, that takes down the whole show. Keeping components separate makes everything more stable and more reliable, and ultimately much more powerful.
Why would anyone buy a more capable live streaming computer at 5-10k? This seems to do everything without needing the massive CPU and excessively robust GPU. What am I missing?
Nothing :-) Actually to be fair software like OBS does have cool features like lower thirds and live comment integration but I’d rather stream through hardware any day. Also if you really want those features you can feed OBS into the Mini. I might do a video on some clever integrations.
This thing is unbelievably hard to get right now.
That’s incorrect. It’s impossible to get right now 😉 It will be shipping soon. This whole coronavirus thing has been extremely problematic across the entire supply chain.
Maybe suddenly people want to stream from home because of the corona virus hence this thing is impossible to get right now 😂
That’s why the original is hard to get. This new one hasn’t even arrived in stores yet.
Wow, as it is im already impressed with the ATemMini...This is probably an overkill for me ..but if the price does go signicantly down I can see this to be a great addition :)
Why would the price go significantly down? This is a brand new product at an incredible low price point.
PhotoJoseph well of course not immediately now, that’s for sure, but once it does then I definitely see this worth picking up , as budget not permitting with everything goin on right now 😅
Great info. Thx! Nice too since the Webcaster X2 is no more. One stop shop - can't wait to get my hands on one.
No doubt. Makes me wonder what Epiphan will release next!
I saw this answer on B&H: Yes. You can direct stream via the Ethernet while additionally stream via the USB to a computer to a separate service.
Answered by BMD PRODUCT SPECIALIST on Apr 5, 2020
That would be great! Someone else reposted here the response to a similar question from Blackmagic directly, asking if the USB port could simultaneously record to USB drive and feed a USB image to the computer, and the answer was no. So, glad to hear that this works!
Multiview yesss!!!
I know, right?!
Is it made in China?
isn't everything?
The one thing I wish the Mini and Mini Pro did was a 2-UP view, meaning a side-beside of two inputs. That way you could put 2 people on screen for an interview, which the little PIP doesn't work for. Looking forward to your full Pro review Joseph, as usual.
You can do this Steve, with a little workaround, but it does work. Can you tune into my live show at 10am Wednesday? If so remind me when you’re in there and Ill show you. Here’s the next one:
Why the hell doesn't the mini pro go to USB into my MackBook, like their Web Presenter? Now, that would get me stoked. I want to go through my computer. I don't want ethernet ports!
Correct. Hardware encoding to MPEG4 over ethernet. Encoding to MJPEG (presumably, we do NOT know if it's the same as the original mini though) over USB-C.
@PhotoJoseph That's great. I've read in a few places that the USB-C encoding is basically at least as good as the ATEM mini. Anyway, this is perfect timing for me and I've put in an order for one. Thanks!
FYI: My guy in Canada is having difficulty getting hold of this bad boy, even though it is "available."
It's not available anywhere. Because of COVID19 everything is on hold.
@PhotoJoseph Of course. Thanks for a great channel BTW!
Still a killer deal record and stream and MV
incredibly killer deal
Do you know if you can put in the audio delay with the new Pro to sync up cam and audio when streaming?
We have not seen that yet
Still no midi control huh?
I’ve never understood how MIDI control would work in a situation like this. Could you elaborate please?
PhotoJoseph For sure. I’ve used the roland v1-hd a couple times in live music productions. In my quest to make things more complicated, i use a ps4 controller to control a quartz composer patch on my mbp. From the mbp i send midi to software (madmapper, modul8) and hardware (roland v1hd). I can control all that w one controller sending midi. So with one button press i can change camera, graphics and whatever else (dmx in my case).
Nice. I appreciate how you opened with " In my quest to make things more complicated" ;-) As far as I know there's no MIDI support. Maybe something could sit inbetween that would receive MIDI commands and trigger ATEM Macros? Google that… because the ATEM XML protocol has been around for a long time and this is used in a lot of really big productions. I know there's some clever stuff out there.
PhotoJoseph awesome tip as always 🥰. There’s also a very crude app called midistroke i use sometimes. It allows me to convert keystrokes to midi. Helps me in situation where i want to map an apps keystroke to midi, i use it for photoshop and illustrator sometimes. Thanks for the continued educational programming. Very much appreciated. Stay safe.
Great summary from you! DO you know if this Pro version still use MJPEG codec for USB outuput? If so, that is a bummer because it really downgrade the quality. I postponed to buy the Mini to wait for this version due to lack of multiview..but if they keep the MJPEG codec, its really a deal breaker
I don’t know but I assume yes. Remember that you also get uncompressed out of the HDMI do motion jpeg shouldn’t be a deal breaker.
@PhotoJoseph Yes but in that case the HDMI multiview is no longer available because i use the only hdmi port for program out
Right. Sory, I'll tell you what I tell everyone else… this is a VERY inexpensive product. The features you want are all available in bigger hardware. It just costs a lot more money.
Still no headphone jack?
No… the ports are all identical which I'm sure goes towards keeping the price down. Same port layout for both devices goes a long way towards cheaper manufacturing.
PhotoJoseph While I degree there has been quite a bit of more advance features to the Pro that may have qualified the doubling of the price, I would think adding a headphone jack couldn’t have added that much more to the production cost as the additional buttons and their functionality.
All I can say is… 🤷🏼‍♂️
Do you think there will there be a multi view firmware update for ATEM Mini?
No. I think that is hardware dependent.
Yes this is a nice product for some, but they missed the mark by not having two HDMI outputs. using the one HDMi out as a Multiview is not useful for many needs.
I too wish they added another HDMI port. I am speculating that part of the reason they kept the cost so low is by reusing parts and manufacturing processes from the original Mini. They can probably print much of the same board and swap minimal components, but if you add another HDMI port, you really change a LOT of pieces.
Would that buffer work when not streaming with ethernet and just wiht obs or Ecamm?
Probably just ethernet — OBS would be connected over USB, not Ethernet. But can OBS have a buffer?
Yes within OBS under advanced settings > output you can set a custom buffer size or you can go to network > dynamically change bit rate setting (buffer will match bitrate).

Got a couple of questions.  I was looking at the Mini… now looking at the Mini Pro... WOW...

Did I see in one of your videos where the ATEM Mini (via the software) allows you to record each input?
OR does this ONLY record the program and not each input?

Obviously gonna need some cameras… Do you have a recommendation?  Just getting started.  I want something decent don’t want to overpay.  Read something in the comments like a ‘watermark’ or something on the lower part of the screen. I definitely don’t want that...

Distance.  I will be using this ATEM Mini for funerals, weddings, etc.  So I need to set up the cameras a little ways from the control room.  What do you recommend?  HDMI over Cat6 extenders?  

Thanks so much for your help and insight!

You can record only the program, not the ISOs, over USB. However you could set each camera to record internally, then you'll have your ISOs. If you're using BMPCC cameras then you can trigger that recording from the ATEM. That's very cool.

Without breaking the bank, the LUMIX G7 is a very capable, $500 with lens camera. What you need is a camera that has "clean HDMI out". Most cheap cameras do not. The G7 does.

For distance, go SDI for quality, wireless for convenience. You'll need to convert from HDMI to SDI and back again though. Watch this video to understand more about that, plus an alternative to the Mini that will do pretty much everything you're asking for — not cheap, but definitely easier:
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for the reply... Maybe I can get the BMPCC cameras soon... I saw you recommended the Lumix G7 in another post. With me being new to cameras, is there a certain lens I need to get besides the one it comes with? I would guess I will need a distance of 25-50ft (that might be 2 different lens?)

And if I go with that camera, I will need an SD card. I want to get a good SD card. what would be your recommendation?
Start with the kit lens and upgrade as you need to. As for SD cars, my favorite brands are ProGrade and Angelbird — and watch this video to understand what level of card you should buy
Joe - if you have a 30 minute recording limit on a camera while live streaming can you switch a camera off and then on again to resume streaming. Plus do I need to be recording in camera to live stream can I just switch the camera on and be in live view.
Live view will work, you just need HDMI video coming in, the output will just go black if you disconnect a camera so the encoder will just see black frames for a bit.
You only need to record in-camera if you want that recording separately from your live stream (called an ISO, or "isolated recording"). In fact many cheaper cameras will STOP outputting over HDMI once you start recording. So, a 30 minute limit is not relevant in most uses. Check out this video on a solution that records the ISOs separately (Also, it's Joseph or PhotoJoseph, but not Joe… thanks)
@PhotoJoseph thanks - sorry for getting your name wrong.
thanks ;-)
now only a 4k version is pending. that would be mindblowing. even a 4k passthrough would be nice
I'm curious why you'd want a 4K pass-through? If you want to capture 4K, just capture in-camera and output 1080. And 4K streaming is, honestly, a little pointless. I have done a few streams but unless you're doing something really high profile, like say a concert, then there just isn't enough benefit for people to watch live in 4K. I don't see a product like this getting 4K any time soon. Besides most people don't have the bandwidth to stream that much — you really need at minimum a 30Mbps upload connection, and should be 40 to 50.
HI! Thanks for the video! One question: will it be possible to stream to Facebook AND YouTube simultaneously?
Not directly from the ATEM, but you can stream to a reastream service like and then go to as many places as you want at once.
MJPEG is such a waste on this.device.
@PhotoJoseph I found a pretty comprehensive test titled "ATEM Mini - USB-C Output Contrast and Delay" over at the Blackmagic forum that confirmed my biases. Maybe you can find someone who thinks MJPEG isn't as bad, but I'm still biased toward YUY2 interface on my USB video devices.
I know the thread you're referring to. I can't explain MBDs decisions, I'm afraid. They're not dumb so I have to assume there's a good reason for this.
@PhotoJoseph I chatted with someone that pointed out the USB 2.0 speed limit. That seems to be the reason, unfortunately. BMD didn't go for the higher speed connection.
In another thread, someone observed that the ATEM Mini Pro has USB 3.1 — so maybe the quality there has gone up?
@PhotoJoseph if that's true there's hope that a firmware update will add YUY2 (optimistic on my part)
So, just missing a wifi link to use with our 5g phone and then we're good to go!
you can probably find a wifi receiver with ethernet out
@PhotoJoseph I do have a 5g portable modem so yes I do connect to it but I was rather thinking about an arrangement like those micro wifi dongles that plug into computers to give them connectivity, they already exist so perhaps USB WiFi driver could be added in future firmware update then bingo!
@PhotoJoseph and thanks for the review, I have updated the firmware and hope it will run better, I seem to have issues about which HDMI it is happy to connect to which is only 1 out of 3 of my monitors :(
make sure you're outputting HDMI in a format that is compatible with your monitors. Like if you set it to 1080p24 your monitor may not be able to handle that.
@PhotoJoseph I do make sure of that, Auto and all other outputs I have tried to no avail
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