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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

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ATEM Mini Pro — It really is that good

Photo Moment - April 27, 2020

The Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro is a thing of beauty. Packed with features and worth 2x to 3x the price, it's a one-stop shop for your live streaming needs.

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Comments from YouTube

Very well done this video. I was hoping to get more info on how to do several cameras at the same time. Is that possible with the ATEM Mini Pro?
What do you mean, “do”?
I came for the thumbnail . . . . where 's my money?
Hi Joseph!

Question, can lower thirds be used and how?

Thank you! By the way, wonderful video!
yes! I have a series of videos on that. Start here:
@PhotoJoseph thank you!
Hi, Can I use the Item just as a video switcher just to put a show together and not stream it...or do I have to STREAM in order to record? Meaning, I have to set up wireless application in order to record a show?
streaming and recording are separate!
Can the ATEM PRO multi-stream to Facebook, Youtube at once?
No multi streaming built in, but it’ll stream to natively which can distribute anywhere.
@PhotoJoseph thank you
Examples I have seen have the video looking at a low frame rate and jerky. Can the ATEM produce video that can be streamed in the same quality as this video that you recorded?
I wonder what you’ve seen… the ATEM is never low frame rate (always 25 or 30 or whatever you set it to). The only thing that makes the stream quality bad is a very low bandwidth connection. As long as you have good internet (5 mbps UP is a good start) then your quality will be fine.
Can't find any "Go live" button on current Youtube streaming interface..
Then it must not be ready to go live
Thank you. Love the content. Do you have a video that shows how to make and display lower-thirds on the Atem Mini Pro?
Here’s a playlist full of content including what you’re looking for
@PhotoJoseph thank you so much. Your a great leader. Keep teaching and encouraging others. This is a good ministry you have.
How can I stream to YouTube and zoom at the same time?
You need a restream service like — watch this:
How did you overcome the audio delay using the Hollyland wireless..
either only use the wireless cameras for a wide shot where you can't tell it's out of sync, or pass audio through the wireless.
audio and delay so if using differnt mics can that go via a mixer and into the camera if so how - love the video
some mixers have programmable delay, and the ATEMs now have programmable delay on the audio inputs.
Hey Joseph,I am newbie in live streaming and all, I would love to know if I can connect my Android phone and use it as a camera?
I don't know if there's an app on Android that will give you a clean HDMI output. On iOS, the app FiLMiC Pro will do that for you.
Asi ni me enojo que me calles y tomo tu dinero! 😅
Can it be used for tik tok
I don’t think TikTok allows streaming to their platform other than from a phone and their app.
@PhotoJoseph thanks
How long of an HDMI cord can you run on the atem mini pro before you have to put a signal booster on it
Sorry , this old comment just popped up! The answer is (now) very very long… here:
nice review of the Pro features, you are a great presenter - I'm still debating the Pro and the Pro ISO, and If I get more into this stuff later the Extreme one looks cool too (8 HDMIs) - thanks!
You showed your key for 1 frame
Reset before the video went public!
Thank you!
Hi. Thanks so much for your valuable video. I have 2 questions if you can help:
1. At 14:50, you stated that: To record a program out onto USB C drive firstly TURN OFF the stream, and END the show (that means USB PORT records video from YouTube), then at 22:36, you said that: If you use the USB C port for the webcam, you are no longer have the ability to record to USB port while simultaneously feeding the video into computer over USB.
What is the different when you copy to the USB port when you are livestream and after you end the livestream?
2. Someone on YouTube said that they use the ATEM MINI PRO to setup as normal, then they disconnect the USB C and ETHERNET port to computer, then connect with the mobile phone via USB hotspot, so they can use the internet from mobile phone for livestream outside. I did tried it, but as long as I disconnect the those 2 cable and connect USB C cable to the phone, the computer does not recognise ATEM MINI PRO and the system stops working.
Any idea?
Thank you so much for help.
Hy Joseph, please can i record 3 cameras as separate files for later post production on some atomos recorder, or on something else. Thank you.
Do I need a 'special' monitor to connect to ATEM Mini Pro for multi view
or may I use any monitor to connect the HDMI output to view the multi
view screen?
Any! I’ve used computer monitors, old TVs and professional broadcast monitors. They all work!
Hi great video. I record a lot of podcast with multiple cameras I’m looking to get this to help speed up the editing process but my question is after setting up the camera does this record in 4K or only 1080?
1080. This is a 1080 switcher and recorder. If you want to record in 4K, you can record in-camera while outputting 1080p, if your camera supports that.
Is it possible to stream directly to YouTube via the network AND simultaneously stream to Facebook through the USB computer connection?
Yes. Just keep in mind that if you’re using the USB connection as a “webcam”, then you can’t also use it to record. The USB port can only be in one mode at a time. However if you do need both, then the new Extreme has dual USB ports.
@PhotoJoseph Have you had an issue with USB dropping the video feed? Using the Mini Pro as a webcam in Zoom, periodically (1-3X per week) the video feed is lost, have to power cycle the switcher to restore.
Helps if I paste the link…
Been updating since I got the unit back in Dec. Been through multiple hosts (2 Win10 PCs and 2 Macs) and multiple USB cables trying to nail down the issue.

Think it might be thermal related at this point... 🤔
interesting; do you think the vents are blocked at all? Does the unit feel hot? There is a procedure for a full reset that you may want to try. Save the settings to an XML file and you'll be able to restore everything, but this might help. Technically this is called “Recovery Mode”. Hold down the upper left “ON” button while applying power puts it into a state where a firmware update is required.
It does run warm, fans run pretty much constantly.

Running a 2 camera set plus a 3rd input from a separate PC laptop (Zoom is running on a desktop via USB 2.0 port), green screen on the upstream key, and multi-view on the HDMI out.

All pretty standard stuff and within the intended use case I would think.

I submitted a ticket today, we’ll see if it goes anywhere.
Try the reset, really…
This video makes me want to get the ATEM switcher. Only problem is I dont have anything to use it for lol.
hahaha — trust me, if you get one, you'll find a reason to use it!!
How can I setup all 4 cameras with a Multiview option without complicated wires with ATEM Mini??? Is there a software that can give me Multiview??? Or is there a less expensive monitor that can doo than? I am in India and not everything is available here. Kindly help!
I don't understand what you're asking… there's no complicated wires. HDMI from each camera into the ATEM, and HDMI from the ATEM into a monitor for multi view.
@PhotoJoseph Thank for reply: I have connected four cameras to ATEM Mini and now I have ONE HDMI output to a monitor. So now I want to be able to see all four camera input as a multi view from where I may decide to switch back an forth for my production. Is there a program that will allow me to do this since I don't have access to a multi view monitor?
If you have the original ATEM Mini, then there is no multi view option. You can buy a special monitor that has four HDMI inputs and four HDMI outputs, that shows you all the cameras at once. Or, you can upgrade to an ATEM Mini Pro or higher, which will have multi view built in.
@PhotoJoseph Thank you, so this means if I upgrade to ATEM Mini Pro, may be a better option. Thanks again. David Amarjeet
Yep. I have videos on all of this; check out this playlist and the new series, "ATEM (mini) Tips"
A very good video... well produced, and well executed. Very informative... it answered all of my questions and then some. I particularly liked the detail you gave on each camera and how you were recording the live video using the Ninjas. A true sign of an expert is that you made the whole thing look very easy. When I grow up I want to be as good as you... seriously. Thanks!
Thank you, I really appreciate that!
Can you use a USB hub to record on the hard drive and also use as a WebCam?
no. Different protocols and the system auto switches.
Instant subscribe! well explained and thought thru to explain a lot of things! Iam hopping to find more vídeos from you on the atem mini pro hopefully on the iso version
Welcome aboard! And you're in luck… here's a playlist of all my big ATEM videos and a playlist of my new series, "ATEM (mini) Tips"
@PhotoJoseph Ur awesome! looking forward to bench watching and learn more! ill be getting my atem mini pro iso soon on the mail! thanks again !😁
hi! @PhotoJoseph another great one!
about tearing out the SSD while recording, i thonk that must be formated in NTFS (less compatibility) for this functionality, i don't believe that works on EXFAT formated (more compatible) hard drives, i am right?
From the manual: Preparing Media for Recording
External disks can be formatted via a Mac or Windows computer. HFS+ is also known as Mac OS X Extended and is the recommended format as it supports ‘journaling’. Data on journaled media is more likely to be recovered in the rare event that your storage media becomes corrupted. HFS+ is natively supported by macOS. exFAT is supported natively by Mac and Windows without needing any additional software, but does not support journaling. This can be a good choice if you need to read or write to the disk using both Mac and Windows computers.
Hi Joseph, how can the recording and streaming feature of the Atem mini pro be added to the tv studio hd using a raspberry pi4. Thanks
I know nothing about using Raspberry Pi for this (check out Aaron PK's channel for that) however you can stream using the new Blackmagic Web Presenter HD
New to your channel. Great videos! (Saw the initial and this one) Very easy to follow along with you. Quick question, I'm doing initial research for live streaming, hardware & setup, but looking for a way to auto-rotate/pre-program/remote access the cameras feeds instead of changing via button. I'm gonna be live streaming myself cooking.. so hard to have the hardware in the kitchen. Any advice or ideas? Thanks!
Welcome to the channel! You can build a macro to change cameras, with a delay between changes, and set it to repeat. Easy easy!
Now since the announcement of the ATEM Mini Extreme. Refund me my money and then take my money!
haha well hopefully you are getting good use out of your existing ATEM. If you missed it, be sure to check out the new video!
This is a fantastic video. Thanks!
How to setup to stream to Vimeo?
Hey @PhotoJoseph love your unique way to demo the ISO with an actual shoot. I do have a question with integrating vMix with atem Mini pro/ or pro iso. Is there a way of using vmix into the Atem Mini Pro that you can assign each atem input to a specific input on vmix... so if I choose a different scene the camera in/ out on the atem changes also in the atem? I know you can have vmix read Atem as a web cam, but was finding a way to utlize vMix features into the Mini Pro to offload the streaming work from the computer to the atem?
I’ve not used VMIX, but if I’m understanding you, you’d want an HDMI output from your computer (i.e. the monitor out) plugged into the ATEM, and then just run the program in VMIX, playing out to that monitor, and then let the ATEM do the streaming in hardware. You could then have three other devices plugged into the ATEM, or just use the one input and use it solely as an encoder.
@PhotoJoseph based on your solution, would this setup allow vMix to view each video camera separately? My hope is to find a way to provide each graphic / lower third separately for each camera. Far as I can recall atem view as a single web cam video from the type c connection?
Great job, man! Really learned a lot about the Mini Pro. I currently have the Atem Mini and I'm considering upgrading to the Atem Mini pro. My question is this. I record into my Atomos Ninja V (from my Atem mini). So If I want to continue recording via the HDMI out into the Ninja V, can I do that with the Mini Pro over HDMI out and then access Live view over the ethernet port? Is that possible? I have to do it that way because I use the USB-C output to connect to my MacBook Pro for live streaming.
Nope. Multiview is ONLY on the HDMI port unfortunately. Recording to USB is going to be your best bet.
@PhotoJoseph bummer! I don’t know if it’s worth the upgrade for me in that scenario. I like getting that high quality copy of my recording on the Ninja V. Maybe an upgrade for a future Atem Mini model. Thanks again! 🙏
Hi Joseph
Thanks you make that great! But I do not understand this:
Which ports I have to switch? Now I only can stream when I have USB connected to PC, it doesn't work
only with the ethernet... Thanks!
sir, can you share how can i tap atem mini pro from google meet?
Sorry I don’t know what you mean
@PhotoJoseph sorry...what i mean sir is that can you show us actual video of any app like google meet, zoom, webex, etc where atem min switches. if i will use obs as webcam...are atem mini channel switches will not affect the continuity of the video in those social online meeting applications?
I forgot to say, that the fascination of the ATEMs is the size and weight....same as the iPhones...s.o. said the best camera is the camera I have in my pocket to use it whenever I need it, without thinking how to transport heavyweighted (Pro-) cameras. So, what do you think, what is the "smallest/light-weighted solution to produce/stream incl. switcher home or outside?
Don't really understand the question, but yet it's small and light and awesome!
Hi from Germany - great show! As easy as possible...Did you try to connect four iPhones to the Atem mini/pro? Do you think that it works...or any reasons not to to it?
you certainly can, but getting a clean camera image out is a challenge. Check out FiLMiC Pro, which as I understand now has an option for clean HDMI output.
Is it possible to add a small transparent logo (PNG files) to "Program" before streaming (hardware) ? I'm currently Atem Mini user, and find it quite easy with streaming software such as OBS, Vmix via usb out port
Yes, PNG are supported in the media pool
Hey love your videos, I have the atem mini pro ISO and want to use it as a webcam and also record it out to an ssd drive. Is their a way to do this, I didn't quite understand what you meant by switch ports?
You can’t, at least not without adding additional hardware. The ATEM only has one USB port, and that can EITHER be used to connect to a computer as a webcam, or to record to a USB drive. It can’t do both. You could record on the HDMI output with a recorder, but then you give up your multiview. You could convert the HDMI to USB via another adapter, but then again you also give up multiview. If you want it all —  you need an ATEM Streaming Bridge and another HDMI to USB converter. If you’re willing to spend that money, let me know and I’ll explain.
Thanks. Very helpful.
SO @ 2:09 , what gets fed out to audience and what I see, does what I see get recorded to ssd ( when showing the MV screen?)
Audience sees the Program, and Program is what gets recorded.
Joseph - I've watched a couple of your Atem videos and I have some basic questions. When using the Atem controlling software on a laptop, does that tie up the USB-C? If so, does that make it unavailable for streaming and/or for recording? If you choose to stream via ethernet, where do you plug in, if not a computer? The modem? If the setup is such that only wifi is available in the studio, is the ethernet port useful? Finally, if you want to record from the Mini can you use the HDMI out to a Ninja V? Thanks.
1. The ATEM’s USB-C port can be either to a hard drive or to a computer but not both. However the ATEM controller software can access the ATEM over the network; it does not need USB

2. Ethernet must be plugged into your network switch, however there is a way to direct connect it to a computer using wifi. Check the manual. It’s not as reliable though. And the ATEM doesn’t have wifi because wifi is bad for streaming.

3. Streaming from the Pro or Pro Mini happens over the Ethernet port only.

4. Yes you can record off the HDMI port with an Atomos or similar however then you’re giving up Multiview.

If you have more questions (these are very detailed) consider booking some time with me
Hi, if I get the regular ATEM Mini, and I don't have black magic cameras, can I still continue to record my stream just by hitting record on every camera? Or can I only do that with the ate mini pro?
If you want to record in-camera, that is totally independent of the ATEM. However not all cameras let you record internally while outputting over HDMI. Makes sure yours does.
Thanks for this! I’m very interested in acquiring the ATEM Mini primarily for a green screen multicam broadcast. In a three camera setup with different speakers, would I able to choose different backgrounds in chroma key for each camera as to a create a virtual studio? Thanks!

Yes, keen to understand how to modify XML file to Live stream to RTMP streaming like Vimeo or Dacast, etc?

Will you be posting another video on this as many people will be super keen to understand how to achieve and do this?

I also use services like Restream or Switchboard Live to Simulcast out to multiple locations at once like;

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Periscope
  • Twitch
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram

These platforms only use RTMP

By the way thanks for a great video and very professionally executed  


Rob Roytel

The Streaming Guy

Hi Rob, yes I definitely will. I’ve had several requests already!

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

Hi Joseph,

   My name is Sonny. I watch your videos all the time. I purchased the MEVO cameras in the past because of your very good reviews. Now I purchased the ATEM MINI Pro. Just wondering if you can make a short video on how to fix a couple of my issues with Atem Mini Pro. I can’t seems to find any out there that explains.


1. Atem Mini Pro is not showing the blackmagic as webcam in facebook, youtube and OBS  to chose when connected via Ethernet (Not USB-C). I tried on my Surface pro 4, Lenovo PC tablet and to my MacOS Sierra. All with same result.The good thing is, I am able to control the atem software.


2. Atem Mini Pro is not allowing me stream on facebook and youtube by using a stream key. These are the same results for USB-C and Ethernet adaptor connectivity.


I could be doing something wrong. I’m new to all of this. Just want to know if the product is defective before I do something to maybe exchange it from Blackmagick.








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