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ATEM Mini Pro — It really is that good

Photo Moment - April 27, 2020

The Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro is a thing of beauty. Packed with features and worth 2x to 3x the price, it's a one-stop shop for your live streaming needs.

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Awesome, I have been looking for a nice cost effective video mixer, especially like the multi-view that the Roland VR-1HD don't have. Lower thirds is great too. How does this work with Zoom? Does it have a auto switching so it can be set to be time to switch back and forth from your cameras? Too bad it OOS. :(
You know what might be fun? A video of you using the ATEM Mini Pro doing a show. Kind of a hands-on demo of a production using all the main features.
Tune into one of my live shows… I am usually doing exactly that!
Hello, please tell me how good is the live streaming with Atem Mini Pro?
very good
@PhotoJoseph Thank you!
This video is really straight to the point and you definately answered some of my questions here 👍
By the way, they should really include that audio delay feature. It‘s impossible for me to stream gigs with the Mini Pro at the moment because of this.
The cheapest way (I know of) to add delay is with the Behringer Shark. That’ll work for you.
Thanks for the helpful video. What I didn't understand is can I get all the 4 inputs and mix them in OBS, my aim is to be able to see the 4 of them in one single obs scene. Can I do that?
No. this replaces OBS, and can’t send all four cameras at once to the computer. It sends the “Program” to the computer. The Program is your selected camera, lower third, etc. — i.e. the live show, what the audience sees.
Thank you for this review -- it is so thorough, and touches on wider topics than just the device, that I picked up useful info outside of just the device. Much appreciated!
I try to do that with all of my productions; thanks for the complement!
What microphone do you use ? there is no background noise. pretty clean. Do you also use any compressor? or just plug into the Mic Interface?
Nevermind got that info
I have an ATEM Mini Pro arriving next week, your video was excellent and I too appreciate your concise yet very detailed presentation style. Excellent, no BS, no "I'm a YT entertainer" stuff, just the info I needed, presented in a very "to the point" way, clearly and precisely. Kudos.
Thanks, I appreciate that!
Will it record each camera feed separately as well as the program feed like te Sling Studio?
It will only record each camera (called an ISO) if you are using BMPCC cameras, and then it records in BRAW in the camera.
Could you do a session on how to do single cable deployments - say POE NDI-HX Camera to an ATEM MINI PRO for local live presentation (low latency) and live streaming.
it needs power
Joseph, what microphone are you using for this video? It sounds great! Thank you for your videos.
Sennheiser AVX system
I swallowed it up whole. One of the best reviews/tutorials I've ever seen. What a discovery! I don't know what else you do, but I'm just gonna subscribe. You're an awesome speaker.
haha thank you! I really appreciate that.
I used to watch your show and was very informative; but since you went to the whole f** "paid" stuff i am unsubscribing. Good job Joseph ! Keep it up !
what the f*** “paid” stuff are you talking about? This video was not paid for. If it were, I would have said that. Maybe you should know what you’re talking about before you try to throw shade.
Might be a stupid question. But why would you choose to record on ssd instead of usb stick/hdd?
Speed and reliability. I wouldn’t trust anything critical to a USB stick. And copy times of the files off an SSD is likely to be faster. But mainly reliability.
Thx Joseph for the great video. Is the atem mini pro something you would get instead of something say like elgato streamdeck? Or are these totally different types of devices?
100% different products. The stream deck is a control panel, that’s all.
Nice review. One question. When you press Record on ATEM Mini Pro, can this automatically trigger start/stop recording on NINJA over HDMI? Or ATEM is using a proprietary protocol which only works with BM cameras? Thank you.
Great video thank you, just one question, any suggestion for Sony A73 wireless transmitter?
Absolutely excellent! I truly appreciate this video! Bravo for your completeness. Much appreciated.
Thank you, and you're welcome!
Need help. I cannot get my Macbook Pro and ATEM Mini Pro to connect to Youtube. I have a direct ethernet connection going to the Macbook Pro, the stream key is correct, and the "On Air" button just keeps blinking.

I'm on the newest firmware 8.2.2

Any way fix this?
This is a tech support issue — please reach out to Blackmagic tech support
THE BEST presentation I’ve seen so far. Keep up the good work
aw thank you!
Over the shoulder = OTS Cheers for your great shows!
Hi Joseph, this was a great video. So clear, for a beginner like me . For my house of worship services we are using Streamyard to do the switching /encoding/streaming, etc. We want to take our streaming to the next level. We have 2 cameras and a laptop with a power point presentation for lyrics for the prayers and would like to switch from PIP to full screen to any of the cameras. I'm sure the answer is yes, but because you didn't show that, (using any powerpoint presentation) I just need to double check that this is possible and it would be easy to set up with this device. thanks!
Hi, can we control atem mini using external button such as pedal, or midi keyboard ?
The plan is i want to shoot youtube video multicam using atem mini pro by myself
My hand cant consistanly press buttom on atem
I want to switch camera using my foot
Is that possible without pc at all ? Can we plug some kind of "remote" to the atem mini direcly ?
Can I stream facebook and YouTube at the same time?
I need to send program output to both a stream and local projectors. If I have to use HDMI out to use multiview, can the USB-C out be configured to send to projectors?
Thank you for all great info. What would be the way to go to cover large distances from camera’s to the switcher, say 20 - 50 meters? Using SDI cable with blackmagic’s hdmi-sdi converters or using utp extension? How about noticeable delay differences between the cams in each case?
I understand to see the multi view you will connect a monitor via the HDMI out on the mini pro. How do you see/use the software if you have an external disk in the usb port? Does the ethernet cable act as data cable to control the software?
Thanks for this video, it was just what I was looking for. I own an AMP and love it. I love when technology is plug and play, and just works. The record feature is a massive time saver for me. My question is this: I would like to send the program feed to TVs at our church facility, and also have multiview at the same time (which would normally require two HDMI outs). It seems however that if you can use the USB-c out as a webcam, you could also use it as a video feed. Is there a way to place USB-C to HDMI converter into the port and have TV’s recognize the edited program feed? Is there a piece of hardware that recognizes webcams as video feeds? Maybe a capture card?
I would be interested in seeing how to edit the XML file for streaming to other sources.
Hi Joseph, hugs from Brazil. Let's say I want to test 7 inputs using one Atem mini connected to another Atem Mini Pro as if were a camera. How could I monitor the Atem Mini, faking a OBS transmission or simply using any app that uses the camera?
Maybe it is easier to use 2 mini pros...
Finally got to watch your video! Great overview. I’m working with several on the live streaming item of the Pro, it would be great if you did a video on the XML.

Also, i just ordered the Rodecaster Pro, wondering for future test’s if you can delay to make sure a/v is in synch. Bummer BM didn’t factor this into the unit.
I’ve done one video on XML editing but if you mean editing the XML for live streaming to another platform, yeah I need to do that, too. I’m unlikely to get a Rodecaster Pro for testing, and yes hopefully BMD will add the audio delay eventually .
The appliance itself heats up after 20 minutes, more on the left side, but a lot! Haven't you noticed? Why?
Odd, I have not noticed this and mine runs 24/7. I never turn it off. Make sure it has plenty of space around it. I think it has vents on the sides — I’m not sure, I’m not at my desk now.
Awesome overview of the product and I am sold. It has most of the features that I need and some. Thank you
Oh wow... xD I've always been scared to turn up the stream quality to high, or 6.0 Mb/s because I was afraid our internet couldn't handle it, even though we have 300/300 xD
You have 300 mbit but were concerned that 6 mbit would be too much for it? I think you'll be fine ;-)
nice review as always. thanks
Very comprehensive overview. Appreciate it.
my pleasure!
this product is no good. the input is 4k and the Livestream output is HD, not 4k.
It’s all HD. I’m quite sure it can not accept a 4K input. But calling this incredible $600 product “no good” because it doesn’t do something that you don’t get until you pay over $8,000 in other hardware is a bit ridiculous. That’s like calling a Honda “no good” because it can’t do 180 mph like a Ferrari.
Would using a USB hub allow you to plug in a memory card, Flash drive, USB HDD and then run a cable from the USB hub to the PC? Hopefully allowing you to record and send to the computer?
Question. Can I use my Yamaha MG10XU (for audio) on the Mini Pro connecting both via USB or XLR to 3.5mm adaptor(s). Thank you.
audio out can only go into the ATEM via the 3.5mm line-in jack. Not USB, and if you have XLR, you’ll have to convert it.
I would like a separate program out for distribution to another broadcaster. A extra hdmi out and a balance audio inputs with delay.
Me too. You can get that (minus the live streaming hardware) but stepping up to the $1,000 ATEM Television Studio. Actually, I don’t think you get the delay. But you have SDI inputs so if you’re using SDI cameras, it’s not an issue. Yeah I don’t think ANY of the ATEM hardware has delay built in. It’s never been a problem until now!
I would like to know if with ATEM Mini pro I can transmit for Instagram and any other platform, although in essence I would like to transmit instagram, Facebook, you tube??
You can stream to one platform at a time using the ATEM Mini Pro, but that platform could be a restreamer like And there’s only one way to stream to instagram right now, and it’s a hack, but look up the service YellowDuck.
very informative review @photoJoseph
Hi, I saw on YouTube use of a Panasonic battery bank to power a Lumix G9, e.g. for extending the period over which timelapse can be shot. I'd appreciate if you could let me know which Panasonic battery bank to buy to do this or let me know the specifications I'd need to buy a bank from another supplier. Thanks. Tony
How come the over the shoulder shots seem to be out of sync?
Haha… depends which shot you look at. The shoulder shot is pointed to the multiview. Multiview is of course showing what’s coming out of the ATEM, which means it is six frames delayed from realtime, since all HDMI output is delayed. Some shots I slipped into sync (where the audience attention was likely to be on my face talking on the M/V screen), and some I left as recorded so they matched realtime as I pointed to things on screen. Definitely a challenge to edit, but that’s why!
Hi, can you use the ipad as Multiview monitor in ATEM MINI Pro?
No, there’s no mechanism to turn the iPad into an HDMI monitor. Someone tried to make one once but AFAIK it never came to market.
Hey, thanks for the video. The info is much appreciated. I have what it feels like a silly question but I want to ask anyway.
I've seen that a lot of people use a laptop to run lower thirds, graphics, etc., and then just use one of the HDMI inputs to connect that to the show. Normally, when you connect a second monitor to a laptop, there is the option to "extend screens", so is that also something that can be done with the ATEM Mini Pro? That way what gets sent to the unit will be different from what is on the main screen of the laptop. It is true that the only way to preview the output would be true the multiview but that way I would be able to run my graphics and still be able to preview my chat with a single laptop.
Hope all this makes sense.
Thanks in advance,
Yes, you can run an HDMI out of the laptop into the ATEM and set it as a separate monitor, then run your graphics against a green background to that, and key out the green in the ATEM. And that way yes, you could monitor your chat on the laptop’s screen. You would still need another monitor on the HDMI out for the multiview though, to be clear.
@PhotoJoseph Fantastic, this is exactly what I had in my mind. Thanks a lot for the speedy answer.
Hi PhotoJoseph! I'll be purchasing an Atem Mini Pro soon and have 2 questions:
1. Can I use the Atem Mini Pro's hdmi output jack for 4 monitors (or more) using a hdmi multiviewer or audio/video distribution box?
2. Are you able to choose which view to display on each monitors? I need atleast four monitors. One monitor for multiview of the camera angles and the other 3 is to display the program view for audience.
Thanks for sharing your outstanding videos. I love it.
Keep up the awesome work! 1 subs here.
An HDMI distributor doesn’t magically give you more than one display. It just copies the image to as many displays as the distributor has ports for. So no, you can’t choose what you want to go to which display. What you’re asking for requires a much bigger ATEM.
with the lockdown is now impossible to find one those !
yeah, but get your order in NOW because they trickling in, which means they are trickling out to customers!
That "over the shoulder" shot is awesome ... and it's camera is off frame on the main camera 1 well done LOL what is the focal length of the over the shoulder camera.
haha thanks. that was a 70-200 f/4 (full frame)
you probably wanted to hide the youtube key
no, because it was deleted after the show — as I mentioned ;-)
PhotoJoseph sure, I understand that. I would have blurred it out anyways, to set a good example 😎

Yes, keen to understand how to modify XML file to Live stream to RTMP streaming like Vimeo or Dacast, etc?

Will you be posting another video on this as many people will be super keen to understand how to achieve and do this?

I also use services like Restream or Switchboard Live to Simulcast out to multiple locations at once like;

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Periscope
  • Twitch
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram

These platforms only use RTMP

By the way thanks for a great video and very professionally executed  


Rob Roytel

The Streaming Guy

Hi Rob, yes I definitely will. I’ve had several requests already!

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

Hi Joseph,

   My name is Sonny. I watch your videos all the time. I purchased the MEVO cameras in the past because of your very good reviews. Now I purchased the ATEM MINI Pro. Just wondering if you can make a short video on how to fix a couple of my issues with Atem Mini Pro. I can’t seems to find any out there that explains.


1. Atem Mini Pro is not showing the blackmagic as webcam in facebook, youtube and OBS  to chose when connected via Ethernet (Not USB-C). I tried on my Surface pro 4, Lenovo PC tablet and to my MacOS Sierra. All with same result.The good thing is, I am able to control the atem software.


2. Atem Mini Pro is not allowing me stream on facebook and youtube by using a stream key. These are the same results for USB-C and Ethernet adaptor connectivity.


I could be doing something wrong. I’m new to all of this. Just want to know if the product is defective before I do something to maybe exchange it from Blackmagick.








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