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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

This is a collection of all PhotoJoseph LIVE shows, from the PhotoJoseph YouTube channel. Additional episodes are listed below!

ATEM Mini Tips Marathon — All 16 Tips in One Video!

Photo Moment - November 27, 2023

This is the first collection of my ATEM Mini Tips, all in one place — enjoy!

Tip number…

  1. Auto switching camera angles
  2. Load graphic with camera angle
  3. Editing Macros instead of repeated recordings
  4. Titles, Transparent Lower Thirds Graphics from Photoshop to ATEM
  5. Photoshop not required! Titles, Lower Thirds Graphics
  6. How to Update Firmware on the ATEM Mini
  7. Custom Picture in Picture in the ATEM Mini; Create and Save Your Own PiP
  8. Connect ATEM to Computer, iPad, iPhone, Android, Wireless HDMI, Streaming Bridge
  9. Choosing the Right Mac Display Color Profile for ATEM Mini
  10. Choosing Which ATEM Macro is Triggered by the ATEM Mini Extreme Macro Buttons
  11. Camera Control with ATEM Mini and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras (BMPCC)
  12. Power ZOOM Lenses on the ATEM with a Pocket Cinema Camera
  13. (VERY!!) Long HDMI over Cheap Optical Fiber, with Camera Control for BMPCC
  14. How to Bring LIVE Callers on Your LIVE Show!
  15. How to Connect ATEM Mini to your Network
  16. Cellular Live Stream from ATEM Using Your Mobile Phone

📄 Full Video Transcript

You may have seen these before… or, maybe you missed one! I hope you enjoy this marathon, and yes, this does mean that I'll be working on another batch!
Hey joseph I somehow got my atem mini extrewme iso to work with companion without internet using netgear 8 port ethernet switch, plzz tell me you know more about this so i can do the same with my atem mini and mini pro, for Recording church service with all my macros, i use the mini as a switcher for my monitor between atem pc and rasberry pie
Companion doesn’t need internet; it just needs a network. Nothing special there.
Yes, the HDMI over fiber is absolutly fabulous..
These are fine, but I use my original Atem to record all cameras and do replays without any outside software or hardware + run video effects created indevice for a kind of dawless CGI run and gun Marvel movie creating device and also do de-aging effect indevice without an uncanny valley look. I'm Grant from Blackmagic so its pretty cool
isn't that special!
I would be interested in your Streamdeck Setup to Control your Livestream without using the Computer :-) How to load the recorded maros (lower thirds) etc.
I am still very confused on how to use the Atem Mini Pro to record a video, for editing later.

I’m a musician that does not want to start out live streaming. I want to record the audio using a mixer into my Focusrite interface, and the Atem to record video with switching between cameras. I am totally lost…
@@photojoseph yes, it’s the Atem Mini Pro.
I have seen that people use an SSD connected to the USB C, but then that only leaves the HDMI out to the monitor.
Do you have an ATEM Mini Pro? Only the Pro model and above can record.
I recently purchased 2 Mackie products: The DLZ Creator XS, and their brand new "Mainstream". I'm an aspiring streamer/content creator, and although the videos I've seen on these products made them look PERFECT for a starting streamer, I guess what I'm looking for is something that could be more preconfigured with software like OBS on a VIDEO level, where sadly these fine Mackie products seem to be geared towards mostly AUDIO processing for podcasters and streamers.

This BMD ATEM Mini Pro - from what I've seen - can REPLACE a lot of what OBS does when it comes to transitioning between scenes etc... but what I'm wondering is, can it act as an actual 'control surface' as well, via the USB connection to my laptop - and have control over OBS, and maybe other streaming tools on my PC? (btw, I already have an Elgato Stream Deck Plus, and does THAT show some potential as well - I haven't had a chance to sit down a lot with that yet).

I'm fully aware, of how 'dumb' these questions may appear. That's OK, I'm brand new to this stuff -- I'm just not certain how to proceed with a good stream, or when not broadcasting live, just work on YouTube videos. ...

Anyway in my search for more ATEM Mini Pro research, I got directed here, and it was nice to know I was already subbed! Keep up the great, informative videos bud ... guys like me need ya (and I won't forget!) Cheers 😁
Awesome tips!

I’ve just ordered my ATEM Mini Pro ISO. I have several reasons for the purchase but I also have a very specific use case and would like to learn the best way to achieve my desired outcome.

I use a MacBook Pro but log into work via a Citrix VPN. I plan to use 3 cameras leaving one input free in the ATEM. I setup my VPN displaying on my main monitor and can use my MacBook monitor to operate the ATEM app. In my work VPN I use teams and Skype. I would like a way that when I share my screen within my VPN using Skype such that what I am sharing my screen, I can use PIP from the 3 seperate cameras. I can also use a seperate small monitor to view separately the ATEM monitor feed. This may or may not be a common use case, but maybe with many professionals working from home since COVID, I believe when people in my position see what is possible may be suitably impressed and jump onboard. Alternatively, if you can suggest any other great examples how to use the ATEM for WFH it would be great to see. You could make an entire series even.

I just realised you were the ApertureExpert when Aperture was still a thing. Great work mate! I used to religiously follow you and now it seems you could help me out again. Thanks 🙏
@@photojoseph I will book a session. Probably in June after I have had sufficient time to play around with the ATEM and I have a pretty busy work and travel schedule. However, after seeing your info both from ApertureExpect days and now with ATEM, you certainly do find great hacks and solutions that otherwise couldn’t be achieved. Nice work mate!

Im a simple guy, just want to use the gear and not fuss around wasting hours of my time figuring the ATEM out, which you have found a successful niche. I've just ordered the ATEM mini pro ISO. Here is/are my use case/s.

I am a professional engineer (mechanical, aeronautical, maritime, systems, project) as a consultant to Defence industry on aqcuisition and sustainment programs. I deal with some pretty sensitive stuff and currently working on cooperative acquisition projects between OZ and US (you’re Canadian though from what I can tell from your accent ). In either case, i chair a lot if meetings. I want my presentations to be super slick via skype, and teams. My issue is, i need ton use a VPN and use the Australian Skype in the defence protected network for this purpose. I use two laptops, a Dell laptop provided my employer, which has many restrictions in using peripherals and software. I can join the defence VPN from my work laptop and/or via my personal laptop which is a macbook pro. I just cant be logged into the VPN via two seperate laptops at the same time though. Here is a list of what i have ordered coming over the next week and what I already have.

- ATEM Mini Pro ISO
- gopro heros x3 (8,9,9)
- D7000 DSLR with heaps of great lenses
- Zoom H8
- Rode Procaster mic and desk clamped stand/boom
- Thinking about getting an OBSBOT Tail Air?
- Thinking about getting a Sony mirrorless of some description?

I also want to consider starting a podcast and/or youtube channel for engineering, music, guitar luthering , which are a just a few if my major interests.

Anyway, I’ll place a booking for maybe e d of May-June and detail any issues I’m trying to solve.
Haha yep, I was ApertureExpert! That ship sadly sailed a long time ago. Glad you’ve found these and are figuring things out. Always happy to try to answer questions here but if you have something really specific or complex it may be worth booking time with me at on — cheers!
After watching more of these tips, everything I need to know may already be described 🤦‍♂️ I’ll have to play around to see 🏆
Great info, really enjoying it. I do some coding but not xml and regarding the zoom macro have you tried putting a time loop so it only operates the speed of zoom for a known length of time? One could extrapolate this to how much zoom is actually applied.
Remember that the command starts zooming and there’s no way to stop it. Although I never tried using a speed “0” command to stop it. So if that works, you could start zoom at a speed, pause, then send a zero. Maybe!
Is there any tip on how to connect and use a Fairlight console for audio control on an ATEM MINI?
I’m not aware that this is possible for live production on any ATEM, but if it is, then I’m quite sure the Fairlight console connects over the network. But I’ve never owned or used one — sorry.
Okie Dokie
NO ATEM FOUND referring to posted comment.
Not sure what you mean here but I see your other comment and look forward to working with you. Also, welcome to the membership! Be sure to join the Discord and you may be able to solve your issue there talking to other ATEM users.
What are your rates for trouble shooting Atem Mini Pro ISO setup for IMAC OR IPAD . Downloaded updated software 2/18/2024, attached HDMI to switcher to IMAC nothing..
Go to to see the options
Hey Joe, I've just ordered an Atem Mini Pro and would appreciate it if you could advise me on how to configure the cabling from a PC tower (not laptop) to add my display monitor to one of the hdmi inputs. Any advice on how to achieve this.
Hey Joe, thanks for the prompt response. Correctly soI have multiple HDMI outputs, six in total, I believe. Again thanks for the guidance. I have one more question since I'm watching your demo of the Yolobox Liv Pro ATM. Is the YBP a better purchase than the Atem Mini Pro, and then I just reached the part of the video where you guide your viewers to the video 2 for the comparison. 😊
You want your PC to be a source (input) to the ATEM? Then HDMI from the PC to an ATEM input. Since it’s a tower, you probably have more than one HDMI output, so put one to your computer screen and one to the ATM. Then in the Windows settings, mirror the two displays.
Hey, Joseph. This is a great series of videos! 👍🏻 I have a question, though.

I connected a Google Chromecast to my Atem Mini Extreme ISO. But I can only hear the audio if I connect my headphones to the headphone jack in the back of the Atem Mini Extreme ISO.
What do I need to do to get the audio out to the speakers or OBS, for example?
you're hearing all audio except the google chromecast in other locations (speaker, OBS)? If so then make sure that the audio isn't muted in the audio tab for that input.
Wow, So much info, great! Was wondering if there is a way to use Ipad as a multiview monitor for atem mini pro iso?
@@photojoseph Ok, thanks for the info. Awesome channel!
There isn’t. The iPad can’t be used as a monitor; the USB-C port doesn’t allow video input. But there are tons of cheap small HDMI monitors on Amazon; I’d start there.
@photojoseph Is there a definitive bibliography of macro commands? I'm working remotely (away from the ATEM mini) and was looking for a list of macro commands/item ids, etc... something like that would be incredibly helpful... :D
Not that I’ve ever seen, no.
Great stuff, @photojoseph! I have a question about adding some basic animation to a DSK. I have set up macros to activate lower thirds... but want to animate it in the sense of "sliding" the lower third in from the left or from the bottom. How is that done?
@@photojosephYes, the wipes are there... but not sure what we are "wiping" to/from...i've loaded the image in the MP, but where in this code do I invoke the wipe?

<Op id="MediaPlayerSourceStillIndex" mediaPlayer="0" index="0"/>
<Op id="MediaPlayerSourceStill" mediaPlayer="0"/>
<Op id="DownstreamKeyOnAir" keyIndex="0" onAir="True"/>

And thanks in advance
Basic A to B animations can be done on higher end ATEMs but I don’t think any of the Mini series can do it. Or you can use transitions like wipes and pushes. I think you can do pushes on the mini?
Hey, After I upgraded to Photoshop 2024 I can't get my atem photoshop plugin to work, any solutions
Reinstall the ATEM software. That will reinstall the Photoshop plugin too.
Those are great refresher tips, can the ATEM macros be switched with a Stream Deck?
you mean can they be triggered? Absolutely! You need to set up bitfocus Companion. It's the best thing you'll ever add to your ATEM setup — and it's free!
It's been a while mate. This series came in the best possible time. Thanks
awesome to hear! hope it helps you out 😊
Great tutorial! Would it be possible for you to create a video about creating macros for changind different supersource configurations for 2,3 4 sumultaneous zoom participants but with smooth fade-out and fade-in between them ? I use a Extreme Pro Iso... I have tried and created a first supersource that is smooth, but when I use xml to duplicate it and change parameters, the switch is not with the fade-out -fade-in effect....
interesting… what if you build a macro to fade your first one in, and another to go out, then repeat that for the other layouts. So each one is stand-alone; it fades layout 1 in, fades 1 out, fades 2 in, fades 2 out, etc. Once those are working, then you can just record a macro that triggers other macros -- if you're using a fade (i.e. a 15 frame fade out), make sure you add a delay/pause between the two macros, so the first has time to finish before the other starts. Does that help?
Thank you for your content, That is very helpful informations!
I use the Atem mini pro ISO, and I do have some problems with it when I recording with Bmpcc 4k and 6k. The footage in the cameras has sometimes slightly different Timecode (it’s is about 1-2 frames) and also the footage from the camera 2, goes sometime as Camera 3 and it changes during the project… it goes like this: Test CAM 2 01, Test CAM 2 02 and than Test CAM 3 01. but it should be actually Test CAM 2 03. That is quite confusing… Do you maybe have an idea way that happens?
Best regards,
@@photojoseph cool! Thank you for your help! I will try it out.
Best Evgeny
@evgenybeleninov2735 I don’t know how that could be a problem but it’s worth exploring. Try with four copper cables. Optical ones are definitely different so maybe there’s some feedback from one of those.
@@photojoseph Hey! Thank you for your answer! I don’t use anything else as 1xBmpcc 4K, 2 Bmpcc 6k and one 6k Pro. I connect the Atem with my laptop and use it mostly more less like remote control for cameras. I filming a lot during CD productions, and that helps me to stay organized and to save time turning cameras on and off between the takes. Is it possible, that this problem comes from HDMI cables? I use two fiber optic cables and two copper cables, could that be the problem?
Wild! OK, here's the first thing that comes to mind. What else is plugged into the ATEM? Do you have some kind of video player connected? Some devices can mess with the HDMI communication and interfere with the cameras. If that's the case, get a CEC blocker, like this and put that between the other device and the ATEM. Of course to test it just remove that other device. If that's not the case, then I'd check your cables themselves. Although honestly I'm not sure how a bad cable could cause this. Are the cameras all set to the same frame size/rate? I'm kinda at a loss… it might be a tech support issue if it's not what I suggested. Sorry!!
If you had 16 videos of eight minutes each you would have 128 minutes of video. I might watch all of them, over time. However, I am not going to sit down for two hours to watch this. No chance. That might exclude me from other channels I enjoy, from TV that I enjo, from other streamed content that I enjoy.
I do have 16 videos of varying length… here’s the playlist (some people like it this way):
These were some of the best videos for me on the channel. Thanks for consolidating!
You’re welcome! Thanks for watching!
PhotoJoseph; Thank you!!! Your content is amazing.
My pleasure! Thank you!
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