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Battery Grip BGS1 for the LUMIX S1 & S1R

Photo Moment - April 17, 2019

If you own the LUMIX S1 or S1R, you probably know about the BGS1 battery grip; an accessory for the S-series cameras that adds vertical grip buttons, a second battery, an extra custom function (Fn) button, and even includes a handy storage slot for the grip covers that you’d otherwise inevitably lose!

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Mounting the Battery Grip on Your LUMIX S1 or S1R

On the bottom of the camera, there’s a rubber flap you have to peel off that protects the contact points for the grip. 

Battery grip contact cover on the bottom of the LUMIX S1The rubber door protects the contacts on the camera when the grip is not attached

Then on the grip, there’s a cap to remove that protects the pins that connect to the bottom part of the camera.

Contact cover cap on the bottom of the battery grip BGS1This cap covers the contacts on the BGS1 itself

So you don’t lose them, the rubber door fits inside the cap, and then…

The rubber cover from the S1 or S1R fits inside of the plastic cap from the BGS1The rubber cover fits inside the plastic cap

…these utterly losable parts get stored in the grip itself!

Battery grip BGS1 plastic cap and rubber camera contact from S1 or S1R store together inside the BGS1The plastic cap with the rubber door inside of it store safely in the battery grip itself

How Many Batteries Can You Use? 

You can use two batteries, or just one. A battery can be either in the camera, or the grip, or both. It’s up to you!

Powering the S1 with A/C Power

If you look closely on the battery door on the bottom of the camera or the grip, you’ll see there’s a little hole that pops open so a cable can go through. Use this if you want to use a dummy battery that connects to the wall for continuous power.

The battery door on the S1 or S1R and the BGS1 both have a cable hole for an AC adapterAC cable hole found on the bottom of both the camera and the battery grip

But keep in mind you can also power the camera from the included USB-C cables.

USB Charger & Battery Priority

When you plug in the USB charger, you’ll see on the top display that it’s charging. The status of both batteries (internal & external) are shown.

Charging status display on LUMIX S1 for S1 and BGS1 when USB C power is connectedWhen charging the camera via USB-C, you’ll see the charging status of both the camera and the battery grip

You can also control which battery is going to get used first in the camera menu system. Most people will want the grip battery to be used first, so it can be swapped out once it dies without having to remove the grip. Keep in mind that to change the in-camera battery, you’ll have to remove the grip. Personally I’ve been charging my batteries with the USB-C charger, and so have never taken the grip off!

Here’s how to set battery priority. Press the Menu button on the back of the camera, and navigate to the Wrench (SETUP) settings, then to IN/OUT, and to Battery Use Priority. You can set priority to the Battery Grip (BG), or to the BODY.

Wrench (setup menu) > IN/OUT > Battery Use Priority on the LUMIX S1 and S1RThe Battery Use Priority menu is in the SETUP menu (the wrench), under IN/OUT
NOTE: Setting the use priority also sets the charge priority!

When the external battery runs out of power, it will automatically carry over to the internal battery seamlessly, or vice-versa.

Battery Information 

Just above the Battery User Priority menu is Battery Information. This will tell you the status & health of your batteries:

Battery information shows the remaining battery level and the battery health of each battery in the LUMIX S1 or S1RHere you can see the remaining level and the health of each battery in the camera

With two batteries in the camera, you can of course shoot more photos. These estimates are from Panasonic; I haven’t actually tested this myself:

  • S1R = 660 photos with two batteries
  • S1 = 720 photos with two batteries

Tripod Socket

On the bottom of the camera there’s a ¼-20 tripod socket with an anti-rotation pin — a feature I’m very happy to see!

Anti-rotation pin on the bottom of the LUMIX S1 and S1R battery grip BGS1The anti-rotation pin on the bottom of the battery grip

Button Layout on the BGS1

Most of the buttons on the grip are a repeat of what you find on the camera.

The button layout on the LUMIX BGS1Button layout on the side/top of the battery grip
  1. Power switch (Turns on or off only the grip, but not the camera)
  2. Shutter button
  3. WB (White balance)
  4. ISO
  5. +/– Exposure Compensation button
  6. Rear Command dial
  7. Front Command dial

When you flip to the other side of the grip:

Button layout on the back of the BGS1Button layout on the back/bottom of the grip
  1. Auto focus AF ON button
  2. Joystick for moving focus point
  3. Customizable Fn function button

To reprogram the Fn button, navigate to Gear menu > Operation 1 > FN Button Set, choose setting in REC mode or PLAY mode (you can program what the button does while shooting vs playing back photos independently). On the bottom of the display, you’ll see the Fn button on the battery grip (the grip must be switched ON for it to appear in the menu here):

The Fn button on the BGS1 is programmable in the Gear (Custom) > Operation 1 > FN Button Set menuProgram the Fn button in the Gear (Custom) > Operation 1 > FN Button Set menu

Wrap it up!

Overall, the LUMIX S Series S1 and S1R battery grip BGS1 features a comfortable design that allows vertical grip access to the most important camera functions, and an extra battery for extra-long shooting sessions.

Panasonic BGS1 battery grip for the LUMIX S1 and S1R

Panasonic BGS1 battery grip for the LUMIX S1 and S1R

Are you using a vertical battery grip on your camera; whatever camera type you’re shooting? Is the extra size and weight worth the convenience of vertical shooting and extra battery life? Sound off below!

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The LUMIX S Series S1 and S1R have an optional battery grip, the BGS1. This is a tour and explanation of how to use it and what it can do! Get yours at
S1 usb-c have pd 3.0 quick charge?
This is not a phone… the charger is a large high voltage charger maximizing what the battery can handle.
I've owned the S1 + Battery grip since the very beginning and now all of a sudden the only function that works on the BG is the shutter and control dials does anyone have some advice maybe i'm just missing something perhaps in the menu settings. WB, ISO, EXP comp, joystick, Fn, none of these are functional all of a sudden. Cleaned the contacts etc. Nada! HELP?
bought this grip. Panasonic has done a great job with the camera body but the grip is not the same. the dial feeling is very different to the main body feel. it's built is mainly plastic. the grip is not cheap and Panasonic has cut corners with this one. there is a some movement between the grip and body . i tried tightening the lock screw as tight as possible.
i have the canon 5D4 + grip and it's solid.
this suppose to be a pro camera but the grip is questionable.
Waiting for a knock-off version of this product. I just need to extend the recording time.
Unless you have to be on battery, remember the camera comes with everything you need to plug it into the wall!
Hi PhotoJoseph, hope all is well. I know this is late and has nothing to do with this subject, do you know if the recent firmware update for the Lumix S1 solves the record time limit?
Hi PJ, thanks for taking the time to respond, I appreciate it. Not sure what format, I just remember hearing that there is a 30 minute (or there about) record time. Sorry @PhotoJoseph
There was a record limit of 30 minutes when recording 4K 60fps, is that still there with the new firmware updates?@PhotoJoseph
Hi PJ, hope all is well with you. Have you had a chance to review the new Atomos Shogun 7? Do you know if the cage that fits the Shogun Inferno will fit the Shogun 7?
Yes, that limitation is still there. And no I haven’t reviewed the Shogun, sorry.
PJ, Thanks for taking the time to reply.
Much appreciation.
Not sure is it you remove my comment or I forget to write it here, but battery grip is just junk compared to grip from Canon 5D.
Its sliding and wiggling (to be clear - spin around mounting point). And I have 2 grips, so it is not just one faulty unit.... I didn't expect from product for professional camera, grip that cost 350 bucks, that I will need to put little duct tape under to fix it from sliding (by 0.5mm, but it moved). I hope that Panasonic will be more careful in production and quality control / design.....
I didn’t delete your comment. Mine doesn’t move, but if you’re calling a 0.5 mm slip junk, that’s pretty critical. And to be clear, mine does not move. 🤷🏼‍♂️
@PhotoJoseph I have two bodies and two grips from pre-order (free)... looks the same, it not very noticeable, but not feels like 350 bucks thing.... Thanks for confirm that yours dont move (might be check twice? :) )
+v3dDotRu so actually… mine does move. I see what you mean now. I’ll bring it up with Panasonic.
Your video are so helpful to me!
Clean voice, detailed description with video
Thank you so much!
I have a question about USB-C port Is s1 could record video with USB-C external ssd?
Thanks, I appreciate that. No, the USB port on the S1 is not for recording video to unfortunately. I know in the G series cameras, this isn't possible because the wiring literally isn't there for it. I don't know if any changes were made to the S1, but I doubt it.
Very informative video. Thank you! I’m liking the little extra touches they added to the grip, like storing the connection covers.
Thanks! And yes, some very nice touches.
3:21 addressing a common complaint :)
Is it? Cool!
Hey man, can you do a video on testing this camera for action photography? (Autofocus). I want to replace my 1dxmkii... this camera looks like it takes great stills and has more serious video than the 1dxmkii (vlog). FPS is pretty slow, I know. Thank you for your content.
If you're really into action photography I'd definitely recommend the A9 (which has reasonably good video too). But Panasonic, regardless of their specs, have really designed a practically and ergonomically excellent camera. The A9 is just an on-sensor RAM beast.
The AF still bad 😭😭😪😪
Very nice new style of intro Joseph. Love the lighting. Did you use a slider? How does this battery grip compare to the GH5 one? It looks more premium to me. :)
Someone noticed!! 😬 Thanks. Yeah, slider and gimbal and hand held. I’m experimenting with different techniques. Been doing this for quite a few shows now (takes too damn long but it’s a way to practice and enhance my skills). As to the grip; I don’t think it’s any different other than being bigger. Haven’t done a side by side though.
Haha, of course I noticed. :) Wow, I think it looks very pro Joseph now. I might still get my GH5s later now. So might get Smallrig half cage and battery grip.
I have one G9 and two G7, so it's easy to know how I love Panasonic Cameras.
S1 w/ future log and Atomos raw will be a beast. But my question is: what about the AF?
I haven't done any extensive tests yet.
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