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Blackmagic ATEM Macros ▶︎ How to Record and Edit Complex Scripts!

Photo Moment - June 15, 2018

Do you own a Blackmagic ATEM 1M/E, 2M/E, Television Studio or any other ATEM you can control with Macros? If you aren't sure how to make them, consider this your guide to getting started!

10:29 | How I’m doing today’s show
13:01 | A simple macro
23:35 | The sleep command
26:35 | A complex macro
49:17 | Strata iOS apps


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Man, that was a long one! I think I covered it all though. If you have any questions remaining, ask them below.

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This was super helpful! My question is how can I run a macro using a Stream Deck on a PC?
Not a clue… I’m a Mac guy and I’ve never seen Stream Deck. Sorry!
Gotcha. I did just found out how using Companion with my Stream Deck. I run both Mac and PC here. Thanks!!
Do you have a tutorial on how you set up the picture in picture with the chat box? I'd love to learn how to do that!
I have an Atem mini and I binge watch all videos on this...the manual is not in-depth to my taste, so thanks a lot for this is appreciated.
Glad it was helpful!
Hey Joseph! Another great video dude! Quick question about your iPad. I want to get a cheap iPad to use the strata macro app with the atem mini pro. I only want to do to do a handful of macros though. My question Is, is a full size iPad too big for that or should I get get a more expensive iPad mini? Are later models faster for this? Thanks in advanced Joseph
I’m using a really old iPad Mini for mine. It’s a very light app. The most significant thing you can do is to add an ethernet adapter to it, so you have a solid connection. Relying on WiFi can be problematic and I’ve lost connection mid-show multiple times. If I were going to buy an iPad right now, and you only will have a few buttons, I’d buy a used iPad Mini.
PhotoJoseph that’s perfect. Thanks ever so much dude
hi this is interesting subject
Great video! Is there a way to use the "AUTO" transition when switching macros? I want to change cameras with a "CUT" and then fade in a lower third all with one macro. I had some success with the XML manipulation but I couldn't get it to do this. Keep up the amazing content.
yes, absolutely. It’s no different than programming a cut. Just define what your transition will be (i.e. wipe, fade to color, etc.) and hit AUTO. It’ll record like any other step in the macro.
Hola Joseph, Blackmagic Atem 2 M/e Production Switcher no tiene macro?
Hola, en el soft de mi atem 2 em no aparece la pestaña de macro, alguna solucion?, muchas gracias.
thank you !!!
you’re welcome!
I was trying to setup Macros today, and in the back of my mind I remembered “tickle it”..... came back to your video for tickling advice. Thanks again.
yep! Don’t forget the tickle! ;-)
Is there a way to mimic the software and train your skills without having the 1M/E present?
Not that I know of but that's a damn good idea. An ATEM emulator. Why don't you search the blackmagic forums and if you find nothing, make a post. I think it's brilliant.
I'm having trouble going "backwards" with macro's. I'm using a Stream Deck with the ATEM Mini. I have a three-camera setup and just a few settings.
1. Intro: static image followed by camera 1 with a key'd green screen
2. Camera 1 green screen with static image behind
3. Camera 2 no green screen
4. Camera 3 no green screen
5. End static image followed by fade to black.
The problem is with the macro's I have created that sometimes the key'd greenscreen is there when I don't want it to be. I have to switch back and forth between camera's 1,2 and 3 and I want camera one to always show the keyed green screen, but not any of the others.
You need to explicitly turn the upstream key off or on in each macro. I do this on every macro that could be affected; you never know where you’re coming from. Don’t assume it’s already off; explicitly turn it off each time.
@PhotoJoseph Makes sense. Thank you. Actually intentionally making sure keying is off is confusing to me in the ATEM (I'm a newbie, be gentle). Exactly what buttons are pressed to explicitly turn off (and then on) the keying?
It's the ON AIR buttons you're looking for. The downstream keys have their own "panel" called "DSK1", and the upstream key also does bu tit just shows "Next Transition" and has a row of four ON AIR buttons (you only get to use one though with the ATEM Mini)
@PhotoJoseph thank you so much! I've got a lot of new streaming to do this week and this is a huge help! Thank you for taking the time to respond during this difficult time.
My pleasure, and good luck!
is it possible to save macro on some phisical button on switcher??
I think it's possible to use the ElGato stream deck with some third party integration — check it out!
Thank you soooooo much for that video! Receiving our ATEM in two weeks, can't wait to tweak the code!
Right on! Good luck — did you see my latest video on this, too?
Excellent show. My foot in the door is the Atem mini but I think I will grow into a TVStudioHD at some point.
Nice. And you can write macros for the Mini as well.
PhotoJoseph yes. The macros are the reason I did not return the Atem mini. :)
VSCode is an awesome, free, cross platform, editor for xml files like the ATEM macros. I have created an extension for ATEM macros to make it easy to edit and insert actions with hints for all the parameters.
Thank you so much for the helpful video! We just implemented 5 ATEM 4M/E switchers into our studios at our IT training company. I created multiple different "double box" macros for our shows, however, i've encountered the dilemma of not being able to "preview" these macros. In our double box, we switch the input of box one between CAM 1, 2, and 3 depending on who is talking. Without being able to preview the macro, it makes it impossible to change this box without it going live in the program monitor. Also, it prevents us from being able to transition between macros. Do you happen to know a way around this or is there a secret to being able to preview macros in any way?

Sorry for the long question and thank you again for the great content!
Hm, I don’t load to preview because I’m my own switcher, so all my macros go straight to program. Can’t a macro be written to go to Preview? I’ve never tried.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks for the idea! I was successfully able to change the code and direct the macros to go to preview rather than program. Thank again!
Thanks for the content !! Very good!! Helped me a lot!! ; )
Welcome to the binary world.... 1=0 and 2=1...
Thanks for videos like this! Your guides are very useful for new people on my team that have a lot to learn. It's nice to be able to just link one of your videos to my newbies and they follow at their own pace. Please never stop :)
Thanks, I love that! "Please never stop"… you keep watching and I'll keep producing 😁
How is IPAD connected to switcher?
Thank you very much for sharing those types of content Joseph!
Using macros that way now give me the ability to be much more efficient and in a certain way decrease the probability of making a mistake during a live event!
Greeting for Montreal!
Hi Joseph, great (nerdy) content. Love it. Tickles all my fancies. I've learned a bunch about ATEM. Did you ever try to incorporate an "IF THEN ELSE"-logic into an ATEM code?
No! Is there logic like that in there?!
That's what I've wondered. - (researching pause) - Ah. I just discovered this guy Ian Morrish ( It seems, he developed this "VISE" extension, which let's you control the ATEM environment with windows power shell (not interesting for mac users, I guess), which is able to work with such logic. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around all this, but I'll try regardless. =)

The idea to be able to work "IF THEN ELSE" came, when I was using "toggle macros", which make complex transitions using motion graphics from a Hyperdeck Studio Mini, to a certain source and back. I wanted to make certain actions dependand on the current state for more flexibility. I think that would be possible with the VISE thingy. And it's all open source.
Very cool. If you get it working and have some really clever uses for it, do let me know. I was trying to think of where I’d need that in my workflow since you posted this and haven’t come up with any. But I’m probably being shortsighted 😁

hola, quisiera saber porque en mi atem 2 m/e production switcher no aparece la pestaña de macros, sera un problema de actualizacion?, desde ya muchas gracias

Extraño. Si selectas el menu Macros > Macros, no aparece? Tienes dos monitors? Es posible que es en el otro? 

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