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Photo Moment - December 16, 2019

The Blackmagic ATEM Mini is here, and it's incredible. This is easily worth much, much more than it costs. I am absolutely blown away by this thing!

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Am yala from cape coast Ghana am interested
Welcome to the channel!
what is the recorder you are using?
That’s an Atomos recorder.
I'll keep those transitions on obs with a stream deck
Whatever works best!
Which Lumix camera are you using?
I was using no fewer than FIVE cameras in this video… you'll have to be a little more specific ;-) Which angle are you asking about?
PhotoJoseph The one over your left shoulder, think camera 3.
@T Shawn Mathis That's the S1
The USB output looks much worse on the ATEM Mini. I plugged a capture card into the "HDMI OUT" port to my Elgato Camlink "HDMI to USB" capture card and you can see that the USB output on the ATEM Mini looks much worse. Why is that ? IS it because of something to do with MJPEG compression or something ?
That's interesting. I hadn't compared them. It makes sense that the signal will be compressed to go over USB, but I'm more intrigued by your comparison of the Elgato. So to be sure I understand… if you go direct USB-C from the ATEM mini into a computer, and also go HDMI from the ATEM mini into the Elgato Camlink then into the same computer, you get a better signal from the Camlink? So it's doing a better job compressing the image than the Mini itself is. Very interesting.
@PhotoJoseph That is correct. I connected another capture magewell USB card to the HDMI output and was able to select YUv2 or NV12, but I suspect the built in USB output only supports a more compressed MJPEG format. If I hadn't compared the two I may not have noticed, but after side by side comparison I can't un-see how terrible it looks.
and yes, I tested both a magewell and th4e Elgato camlink connected to the "HDMI OUT" port and both produce a wayyyy better image than the built in USB output.
Thank you for that nice overview Joseph. Now my question : I need 5 inputs (4 cameras and 1 computer ). Are this ATEM minis cascadeble if I buy 2 of them?
Thanks! That absolutely should work, although I have not tested as I only own one of these. I would probably configure cameras A, B and C into the first ATEM in ports 1, 2 and 3, then cameras D and E into the second ATEM, feeding its output into port 4 on the first ATEM.
PhotoJoseph The question is, could I remote control them both via Network only from one open remote Software, or do i have to load and open the Software twice, separately for each ATEM?
ah, I had to try this. Fortunately I have two ATEMs (the mini and the 2 M/E). I had to launch the ATEM setup app to switch, and no, I could not get the ATEM Software to have two instances running, controlling each. So you'd have to either switch back and forth, perhaps duplicate the app to have two copies of it running (may or may not work), or have two computers. Or just use the hardware interface, which is what I was thinking you'd do.
@PhotoJoseph Thank you Joseph for testing this. My thought was to sit in another room to remote control them both. Maybe it's possible over VM's to run 2 instances, but I think it's definitely possible with 2 Computers. My plan is to start an YouTube live broadcast channel with 1 moderator and 2 guest. So I need 1 long shot camera, 3 cameras for moderator and guests, plus one hdmi input for computer (for graphics, videos etc.) Communication to the camera operators via intracom. That's why I have to sit in a separate room and remote control them via network, cause of losses it's not wise to have long Hdmi cables.
I think for what you’re talking about you want bigger hardware. Remember to switch to cameras on the second switcher that’s two changes to make. And it has no built in talkback. And if you’re in the other room, you’re blind, so you need monitors for that. Honestly you need bigger hardware.
I enjoyed your Epiphan X2 presentation long ago when you streamed from BH when it first was released, looks like it'll be a good pairing with this
haha that was ages ago! If you haven't seen, I just released a new video about the ATEM and the X2 together:
What would I need to hook up a gopro 8 and 7 to it. As well as a canon t7i and a new usbc macbook pro?
The GoPros have HDMI and you just have to set the camera to the output setting you want. Canon; im sure it has HDMI out as well. Mac is just a USB to HDMI converter or cable.
Oh be aware that there’s a big lag with GoPro cameras, at least the 7, which you can see in this video.
I can’t wait to buy one. Thx for the overview. Second one I’ve seen so far. Thx
You’re welcome; thanks for watching!
Its a cool device, no multiview is kind of a bummer.
At this cost though…
Have you come across any issues using cat5-7 when running long distances ?
Ethernet is super solid, but I can't say over great distances. I would insert another switch in the middle if you're having troubles.
Hi joseph check this link...
Yep, good video.
Epi Webcaster demo, please!
Thanks for the great review!! A quick question: I am still looking for a (almost) no latency input into a macbook to use it for live video processing (no additional I mean and I know that some sources have lag already). So how much additional lag can you see in the computer attached to the USB out of atem mini? Intensity causes 160 ms with 720p and 500ms with FHD. Web presenter has a really long delay.
Honestly I really can't take the time to set it all up and measure it now… but I can tell you that in this video I had measured from live to OBS and got 125ms, which is including the HDMI delay from the camera.
Damn this lil thing is incredible! As someone who has worked in television and used a variety of switchers I can say the ATEM Mini can hold it's own with the big boys. Excellent review!
Thanks, and yeah, this is an impressive unit for sure
Hi, I would like to see the hook up diagram or just show us the back of your devices that show cables between devices. Another question is, can you broadcast (Facebook, Youtube) live and record your live stream simultaneously into computer? If so, what program do you use or recommending. Thanks
There's not much to show, but I explain the setup in much more detail in the newest video, including answering your streaming questions:
Hi! Great Video of a cool Device! Thanks for that!

One Question:
if i plug in a Laptop with 1080i - what will the scaler do with videos coming in interlaced?
Are there any artefacts on the Output of the Mini?

1080i… hm, I think I read on the website that it does NOT handle interlaced. You’ll have to check Blackmagic’s site.
@PhotoJoseph ok, thanks for your answer!
I had a cooperate Event a few month ago, where i had to choose interlaced, because the Image Movie of the Company was in 1080i. I had the BM ATEM Television Studio HD - with no Scaler built in. In Progressive - this would have been had best für the projector - i had these interlaced / progressive artefacts.... the BM Site says, that the Mini can handle Interlaced on the Input - i think i have to go for a BM Support, what the Mini does on the Output with an Interlaced Video on the Inputs. The Mini would be the perfect Device for 80% of my Jobs.
oh yeah, if you're going to convert from i to p you need the right hardware.
So this little device is basically a standards converter? I remember when my old employer paid $250,000 for a decent converter.
Crazy, right. It doesn’t do “anything to anything”, but it’s worth $200 to $500 per input, by my estimates.
Thanks for the review. You've said about "audio delay"; Would delay still happen when if AFV button turns on? Thanks in advance!!
The delay isn’t an audio delay, but a video delay. HDMI video is always delayed. Audio coming in from the audio input is real-time. Audio coming through the camera is in sync with the camera. AFV simply means that the audio from that camera turns on and off with the video.
Great review man!
Thank you!
You dialogue audio is extremely low in this video :(
Eh? No it’s not. It’s normalized to –1.5db (not that there are any rules for YouTube, frustratingly, but that’s what I standardize all my videos on)
It's sounds fine for me and my volume is at 70%
use a delay guitar pedal and set it to 100% wet
To do what?
I really like the audio quality. What mic/preamp setup are you using?
My mic is a Sennheiser AVX system connected to a GH5 via the XLR-1
Pair it up with good old CamTwist (mac only app) going HDMI out to a Intensity Pro capturecard or a CamLink USB3 to HDMI dongle in to OBS or Flash Media Live Encoder for steaming.
Set apps and hardware to 108024p.
Audio settings will not stay stored in the unit when you power it of so you probably need to have a computer hooked up to it to be able to use the fairlight stuff.
But does Blackmagic Design make cool stuff oh heck yes I love all the Blackmagic gear I have
You are correct, the audio settings don't stay, which is a little frustrating. Other than that, yeah, this thing is great!
How to add logo?
Until I can do a video on it, you'll need to read the manual. Basically though you load a PNG into the image bank and load it as an upstream key.
I want one!!!
Here you go 😁
How does a hardware streamer like the one you showed, compare to something like a teradek cube?
The Teradek hardware can be great. I've had lots of problems with my VidiU Pro, but I wouldn't hold that too much against the company. They make a lot of great products. I don't know how the encoder actually compares, I have not done a side by side. Teradek hardware is $$$ though. So I'd start with the Epiphan X2 and see it if does what you need. Be sure to watch my next show on this topic (ATEM Mini + X2), shooting now, coming soon!
This is my first time seeing a video on this channel and I just want to say it is absolutely excellent!
Thank you!
@PhotoJoseph You don't happen to have a link to kit or one of those places that lists some of the gear you use do you? (or a "studio tour" kind of video)?
My studio tour is pretty outdated but see below, and my kit link is

Watch this video first and from there, here’s a three-part very detailed look at my setup (although it’s over a year old now and some details have changed).
Great video! Thank you!!
My pleasure!
Great review. I’m waiting for bhphotovideo to have these back in stock
AFAIK DVE Store has them now
Thanks so much for timestamp in the description. I almost walk away for being too long at 28 minutes.
There's a lot to cover
Great video, very informative I have a few questions

•Is there a way to preview sources before switching to them?
•Can you record to the included software? I don't have an external recorder. Is there a work around?
•Can you overlay graphics? how do you do this?

Im new to this and have a gig coming up it just pre record no stream, any tips and info is much appreciated
Record: the ATEM software doesn't record, but you can record for free using OBS (just record, don't stream)
Graphics: Yes, it's called a DST (down stream key). You'll need to read the manual to understand how that works.
Can I connect this hardware to a capture card via the HDMI out to record the video as I switch so I don’t have to do multi cam editing in my editing software as I don’t want to bring my laptop to my podcast?
Great. Thanks. I'll try it out. Do you have any capture card you might recommend?
If you're looking for an actual PCI card, check Blackmagic's offerings. If you're looking for an external box, ElGato's is getting high praises but I've never used it. I use the epiphan which is extremely reliable but also pretty expensive
Really helpful. Thanks! Also bought one at the DVE store.
Joseph if I run a mixer with several inputs to a camera then into the ATEM mini would the audio remain synced, or this just work with a single input... Happy 2020..
If the mixer feeds into the camera then it will be in sync with that camera.
yes full setup video please
Working on it!
Thanks for the video! Would love to see what your thought are on the Atomos shogun 7 HDR pro monitor/recorder/switcher now that the firmware update has come out.
I don’t have one, but check out Gerald Undone’s channel. He just did a video on that!
@PhotoJoseph Thank you so much! Can't wait to see the Webcaster video! Now if only you had the power to get these back in stock so I can buy one lol.
The ATEM? Done. Check DVEstore
One more awesome feature worth to mention - this device has also an aux output, which means that on the usb you can have one camera and at the same time on hdmi you can simultaneously have turned on another camera than on the usb :)
Please show the green screen features!
I covered the use of HDMI out vs USB-C out in the next video, — I haven't looked at greenscreen yet.
Great video! Will love to see the macros and if it can be set to run independent of the software.
Macros can't run independent of the software, but macros are the way to do any complex switching. You can't reprogram the physical buttons on the ATEM Mini from what I've seen. If you could… then that'd be amazing. File a feature request with BMD. You never know!
Three questions. If you put in a VERY basic HDMI switch box to expand cameras past 4 cameras and connected to one of the channels, would that work ok? I am talking just switching with that box off air.
Are there any plans to make the audio in work so audio is in sync? Or is there a cheap way to get the audio in sync? In a talk show format people would likely want to use a sound mixer with multiple mics.
Lastly would it save to assume if you had two of these with one plugged into the other (bumping it up to 7 cameras) would the HDMI delay issue would stack creating even longer delays?
HDMI basic switch may or may not work. And if it did, it'd probably be glitchy on the switch, but it could work. I've reached out to BMD and they wouldn't comment on adding in audio delay, but simply said they'd file a feature request. The cheapest box I know of to do delay is the Shark If you're using a mixer to bring in multiple people (the talk show scenario), many mixers have delay capabilities. And stacking multiple ATEM minis probably would not add to the delay. The delay is in the processing/conversion from the sensor to HDMI, so once it's over HDMI, it should stay realtime.
Does it work on windows?
what is the minimum system requirements?
yes, and you should probably visit the Blackmagic site for requirements
WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO SELL YOURS? They are back-ordered everywhere :(
No chance. But try DVE Store. They got 50 in last week.
Great video, have been itching for this to actually get released. The only drawback is not having delay on the mic inputs. That must be coming in a firmware update, have you come across anything to suggest it yet?
I've asked the company, and all they will tell me is that they've filed it as a feature request. This is an external hardware option for handling the delay if you need it
Great video. Love from India. I've ordered mini, will get soon...
Awesome! Enjoy 😊
Do you think that it could support IND inputs?
I doubt it… but it does have an Ethernet cable so depending on what hardware is needed inside, maybe it can.
@PhotoJoseph It would be nice cause of all the free port you have in the software switcher. Maybe Blackmagic can make it so that you can use more than 4 inputs but then you come in the territory of it's older brothers :-).
One vote for the Webcaster + ATEM mini video
I'd love to see a show about the X2 but also I think a quick video showing how to put a "Lower 3rds" title across the bottom would be really nice
So many potential videos…
Joseph, just watched a DVE Store demo of this with a mic plugged directly in, notice no video to voice lag....???
Link please?
OK Nathan, I talked to Guy. THere is a delay, but it’s small. The reason it’s small is he’s using an SDI camera through a dedicated SDI to HDMI converter, which appears to have less of a lag than HDMI in a camera. But the problem exists regardless.
PhotoJoseph thanks that explains it, do you know what camera he was using?
Blackmagic cinema 4K
Can't understand how a setup with that "Webcaster" should be interesting. Can't understand why anyone is asking for that...
Because a dedicated hardware encoder frees up your computer. And in general is more reliable. Software based streaming can be very problematic.
Theres no multiview right?
That is correct. It does have Preview however.
Can you green screen on the corner image?
To put yourself over one of the other inputs?

Great video also...
Thanks for enlightening me to the webcaster 👍👍👍👍
No longer need a streaming pc...
If... I can green screen 🤔🙏
Yes, but you have to do it using the ATEM software. It's called a "flying key", and you would want to build a macro to trigger it.
@PhotoJoseph oh my, amazing!!!
I can't believe I've stubbled on this and then your video.
My home stream will probably be done on a laptop but I've now also found a cheap live alternative to outside streaming.
Thanks for your videos!!!
All very good.
Clear, no nonsense, none flattering to the point videos.
Then also quick informative responses on the comments...
Ten out of five stars!!! 👍🌟
Haha thank you Liam, and welcome to the channel
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