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Photo Moment - December 16, 2019

The Blackmagic ATEM Mini is here, and it's incredible. This is easily worth much, much more than it costs. I am absolutely blown away by this thing!

  • 00:00 What is the ATEM Mini?
  • 2:54 Tour of inputs & outputs
  • 4:57 This is NOT a live streaming box (on its own)
  • 6:26 Inputs 1-4 and their audio settings, including AFV
  • 7:52 Audio inputs (and why you can't use them)
  • 10:30 Still and Black buttons
  • 12:10 Transitions
  • 14:23 FTB (Fade to black)
  • 14:31 Picture in Picture
  • 15:51 Keyer for green screen and graphics
  • 18:38 Software Switcher
  • 20:05 Software Audio controls (incredible!!)
  • 23:43 Summary
  • 24:04 Output Settings
  • 25:09 Setting the ATEM as a Webcam in Skype
  • 26:15 XML export and import

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Lack of multi-view or even a program/preview makes this useless for my application, but a great solution for some to be sure.
@PhotoJoseph > Question: How are you connecting the ATEM Mini to your MacBook ?
Will this let you bring in animated graphics like lower thirds, titles etc? Would be awesome to be able to have that too. Thanks for the review.
Awesome review. I would really love to see the way, if you found it, how to change picture in picture size - I was wondering if it could be used for showing the lyrics of song (as presentation from computer), while band is streamed via another input.
Thank you so much for this 😃
Can I use normal webcams - with USB-output - as a camera source?

So if I have a USB Cam, a normal Cam (with HdMI output) and a laptop - could I use all these as sources?
Could you expand the video inputs using the Ethernet? Like linking it to another Atem?
Great review. Bought two of these and other then not being able to reset the default PIP size I love it. One thing to keep in mind is that the unit will set its output to the same size and frame rate as the first source plugged in. You can however change that using the software. A slightly upgraded model with multiview out would be killer even if it raised the price 200$.
Great and useful review! I wonder if the audio effects include a delay which you could use on the audio input to sync the audio to the video? Also, is it possible to plug GoPro straight in with Micro HDMI to HDMI or do you still need something like Blackmagic’s Mini Recorder to concert? Thanks and subscribed!
Thank you, Joseph. You the man!
Hello. It can be use a android phones?
I've used the ATEM Mini a few times using external mic inputs, and I've never noticed a problem with delay.
what if I want to combine 4K recording to my cameras and 1080 output via HDMI to the ATEM Mini?
That depends on the camera — many lower end cameras don’t record AND output over HDMI at the same time. But if yours can, then all you need to do is press record on the camera. Set the camera to 4K internal and to output 1080p. Done!
Hi Joseph! Nice post. Thank You!
I have a question. Is it possible, to connect another PC to Atem as a "camera", through one of the HDMIs? So a presentation could be one of the channel. My first thought it is OK, but usually tricks on the way ;)
Thank You!
Yes absolutely. That’s precisely what you’re seeing in this video whenever you see my screen!
Man! Thanks a lot. U help me to diced about a buying, awesome rereviwe, all details i needed. Tnx again!
Great review and super simple explanations of the features. I have one of these and after watching your show I know how to use it for my intended purpose in my film production company. Awesome!
Spent hours watching your videos whilst being on lockdown! #covid19 Super entertaining and I'm geeking out about this piece of kit. I wish I bought this before my last commercial shoot. I had a 3 day shoot of some conference training. This would have saved me a whole day's worth of editing by cutting live and saving direct to a monitor like the ATMOS.
It's a great piece of gear, for sure! Glad you found my video 😊
So this can be used as a capture card replacement. So I would be able to connect a console to the device too, right? I'll just have to turn on the audio for the console. What if I have a mic connected to a mixer, so do I connect the mixer to the camera?
Yeah you can connect anything with an HDMI out that outputs 720p or 1080p. There's a full list of supported resolutions/frequencies at (search the page for the section titled "Automatically Convert HDMI Input Formats"). You can route audio through a camera or through the ATEM itself. Going through the camera will ensure it's in sync with your video though so I definitely recommend that.
First time watching your video, very nice!

Thank you for doing proper disclaimers in your description.
Thanks for watching and for the compliment 😌
For input 1, can i split it into 4 inputs using hdmi splitter?
I don't follow. You can't split an input… you'd be merging signals. The device already has four inputs. Can you clarify what you're trying to do please?
yes, use the epipham Webcaster x2 please, i m trying to set up zoom at my school for live classes, and i like to know how it works!
Already done! Unfortunately the X2 was discontinued and is already sold out everywhere due to current conditions. I don't even have a recommendation for a replacement product!
@PhotoJoseph thank you for you time! thank you so much for keep a eye on it!
Hope you are doing well! Do you have any experience with triggering the atem mini with an Elgato Stream Deck? I am hoping to put the atem under the table but trigger it with the elgato stream deck.
I don't personally, but I know many people have. There are probably videos on it here on youtube. But know that with it you'll be triggering macros, so you'll need to make those, first. If you're not familiar with macros, start here
An incredibly gifted presenter! Thank you that was really helpful!
aw shucks, thanks!

When I connect my gh5 to Atem mini, it simply displays the screen of my gh5 (incl every detail ont he display of gh5.) You might know the solution? IO tried chanign the hdmi input on the camera, didnt change a thing. Thanks
Go into your HDMI settings in the camera to control what goes out the HDMI port. Also press the Display button to cycle through views.
Actually it was the display info turn I had to adjust! Highly appreciated your fast reply! Amazing content :)
Glad you solved it, and thanks!
Thanks for a very thorough and informative review! The bang for buck is incredible with this one!
hehe thanks!
Looks amazing! I am surprised though that it can take in all those different frame rates yet not be able to delay external audio source. Still, for the money a very powerful device
I know, right… apparently the 8.1.1 update makes the audio lag much less so it becomes acceptable. But it's still not user tunable. Fingers crossed they add that.
@PhotoJoseph oh that's very good news, hopefully they do make it user adjustable but I fear it won't be done for the mini.
I dunno… that company is full of surprises. If it can be done in software, I think they'll do it. That's a big if though… no idea what is required there!
@PhotoJoseph Yeah if there's any company out there to deliver on things it is probably BMD :-)
Hey I'm a newbie to livestreaming, but If you were using this to stream, how would you be able to play video files mid-steam? Would that be something you'd do in whatever program you're using, like OBS?
You could, or even better, connect something to play video from to the ATEM as one of its inputs. That could be a computer, an iOS device, or even a cheap little HDMI video player. Watch this video next and in here you'll see me show off a crappy little blue box that plays video. It's not perfect, but it works!
Are there monitoring options of all the cameras at once so you can see what you are switching prior to going live? For preview purposes?
You can preview the next transition but you can not see the full grid. That's the difference between PREVIEW and MULTIVIEW. Watch this video next:
@PhotoJoseph Thank you for the video that cleared up a lot of confusion for me. New question with the mini do you still need and video converter like web presenter or the devices you mentioned in your second video? If the mini is presented as a webcam for ODS is that enough to live stream?
That's correct. In my ATEM Mini + Webcaster X2 video I was extolling the benefits of hardware encoding. You can absolutely still do it in software. But the quality and reliability is better in hardware.
@PhotoJoseph I can't find a mini for sale right now are you aware of any? Your thoughts on Web Presenter vs Webcaster X2?
They are sold out everywhere due to manufacturing shutdown in China. All we can do is wait. The Web Presenter is limited to 720p, while the X2 is 1080p. Of course the Web Presenter is sold out everywhere too, and the X2 is no longer being made!! This is a tough time to be starting in streaming.
Are there any stereo audio input options for the mini or Web presenter?
yes, the two MIC inputs are actually MIC and LINE level (changeable in software) and are both stereo.
PhotoJoseph Aren’t they for two different video sources and not true stereo or is it?
No… each video source (HDMI) brings audio in with it. Then there are two separate audio-only 3.5mm inputs labeled MIC 1 and MIC 2, but you can switch them to line level. Go to 20:06 and you'll see the audio interface.
Joseph, thank you for the excellent overview of this device! All I wanted to do was connect my Panasonic GX85 so I could get good quality from one camera for an online sketching class I’m planning to do with Zoom, but this device ($4 cheaper than the 1-input device I was going to buy) is too incredible to pass up. The bad news is that nobody seems to have any in stock! Question: would it be possible to get camera video feed from an iPhone connected via HDMI cable w/adapter and plugged into the ATEM Mini do you think?
They are out of stock because everyone bought them as soon as stay-home orders started going out, and BMD can't make anymore because they're manufactured in China! Hopefully it clears up soon. As to the iPhone; the Apple HDMI Lightning adapter works perfectly to get the iPhone or iPad screen. But if you open your iPhone camera, for some reason when you rotate it, it won't rotate the output. It only shows vertical video! It rotates for everything else… so weird. This is on an iPhone X but AFAIK it hasn't changed in newer devices.
PhotoJoseph, thanks for quick response. Yes, guess I’m just late to the party as nothing like this was on my radar but now I want to do an online version of a F2F art class because of the virus. Didn’t learn about the mini until 2 days ago! I’ve put an order in with Adorama just to get in their queue. In the meantime, I’m going to use a webcam as my work area overhead camera view. Weird with how iPhone output won’t rotate. Have you tried it using FilmicPro?
I haven't actually… good idea. In fact it's worth trying with ANY camera app!
I would love to see a show that looks at the ATEM and the Epiphan Webcaster working together!
Thanks for a nice videoguide :-) Could you show how to set it up to stream to Facebook and Youtube? Can you stream to both platforms at the same time?
As mentioned in this video, to stream you need to use another piece of gear… either software like OBS on a computer or hardware like the Epiphan Webcaster X2 (which is not sadly discontinued and unexpectedly sold out, with no release date on a replacement). But here's the video I did on ATEM + X2, which is worth watching to understand. — as to streaming to multiple platforms, the best way to do that is using a restreamer like — otherwise you have to have twice the bandwidth to stream to both!
Good explained! Thank you for your help. Especially in these times of the corona crisis.
Happy to help… just wish I could magically get these things in stock!
Can you program scene changes . Musician playing a performance video and don’t have 4 hands to change views or a tech ...thanks
Well, sort of. First of all this device isn't meant to be used solo if you need both your hands to do something else ;-) But what you can do is write a macro that loops and just cycles through camera changes. This video doesn't show how to do that specifically but it is an introduction to macros
@PhotoJoseph Thank you , seems easy enough ;) Man these Atem Mini's are backordered everywhere , impossible to find :(
Yeah… made in China, and China was closed for a while.
@PhotoJoseph thanks for the informative vid ;)
my pleasure!
lovely review, will. like to see a review on the Live screaming device
Then here you go!
How does this device broadcast the desktop? Do you need another HDMI output from the same computer that it’s plugged into?
yes that's right.
Always loved my ATEM products. THIS is what they really needed to do at some point since NewTek had their built in scales forever.

I'd replace this with my TVS to work with my TC1 for events in our office and never go back!
nice ;-)
Super video mate, Compressor... bring threshold up (I noticed it was at -34DB and slamming your audio levels) compression is a wonderful tool for catching peaks before clipping and many other things I don't really understand. anyway that was a superb video, I loved it, I want one and i'm sold. Oh quick question... could you network it up to say 2 other laptops, one for audio mix, another for vision mix and the third for fun?
If you mean to control the ATEM from multiple computers, yes you can do that. You have to configure it for network access but that's not hard to do.
@PhotoJoseph God bless technology. That's exactly what I meant! I cannot wait for this lock down to be over to buy one! Thanks for all you do mate. Your a true legend 👊
Thanks brother, I appreciate that. And yes, network control of the ATEMs is pretty cool!
This is so awesome! I’m a webcast producer, see so many uses for the mini ATEM I had no idea about the scaler, an item that i find limiting in our current ATEM.

I would enjoy seeing you test out the X2, if you haven’t done so already. Where is the XML as I would to better understand vs, macro record.
Lucky for you John, I've already done those videos. Here's the X2 video and here's the XML video
Amazing overview.
aw, thanks!
Great video, super detailed review. It was like you knew the questions I was going to ask. Thanks so much!!
haha I do my best!
Hi, Thanks for this, awesome tour! I’m abit late to this but definately going to order one to join my BM Atem kit. Can I ask your camera set up in this video? especially Camera 1 ( camera and lens please). just watched on my Tv and it look insanely clean and clear. very vibrant colour grade too. Thanks from Lagos.
Camera 1 being the main one pointing at me? Yeah that's a LUMIX GH5 with the 42.5mm Nocticron lens. And good lighting ;-)
How do the hardware stream without an interface
It… doesn't. I made that quite clear. Please watch it again, from the beginning!
Hey, Great video, thanks for putting this together. Were you able to figure out the delayed audio issue ?
It's nothing to figure out; there's an inherent delay in HDMI. However the 8.1.1 update to the ATEM has reportedly improved it, probably by delaying the audio input, although I have not yet tested it.
What hardware are you using to record
ATOMOS recorders
It would be a great help if the image from each source were displayed in a pane on the computer screen so as to allow the operator to see each input. A very basic, important, and normal feature for any switching system.
You have a preview feature what gives you the opportunity to take a look at a source before it gets streamed
Unfortunately you cannot preview them all together at the same time
What you're asking for sounds basic, but is not. You'd have to simultaneously compress every input and deliver that over the network to the switching computer. You called it "basic, important and NORMAL for any switching system", yet I'm unaware of a single system that does this. The epiphan Pearl-2, an $8,000 switcher/encoder, kind-of does this, but even there the image is low resolution and not realtime. What system that you've worked with does this? I'd love to see it!
Correct JPictures… to do that you need "MultiView", which is not part of this system.
Is there a way to record each individual camera as well as the stream at the same time?
Sure, just hit record in the camera. Assuming the camera can record and output over HDMI simultaneously (not all can). Or, insert a recorder with pass-through in-between.
First time viewer now sub. Thanks ❤️
Thank you kindly!
Is the software controllable on touchscreen...Im sure its windows compattable...
There is definitely a windows version, and if you have a touch screen PC I'm sure it'd work fine. The buttons are all nice and big (they mimic the physical interface) so it's like it was designed for touch before touch was ever a thing!
@PhotoJoseph There used to be a 24" iPad thing a couple of years ago...make a nice control surface...I also wonder if a multiview output is a mater of firmware or if it is a physical routing issue...
You're talking about the Microsoft Surface I think. And MultiView is a hardware limitation. Their $995 Television Studio product has it.
GReat video!
Thank you kindly!
PhotoJoseph , im very new to this and helping our church with starting the video recording and streaming. I think this is the best solution for what we need. Thanks Again!
Awesome presentation!
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