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Photo Moment - December 16, 2019

The Blackmagic ATEM Mini is here, and it's incredible. This is easily worth much, much more than it costs. I am absolutely blown away by this thing!

  • 00:00 What is the ATEM Mini?
  • 2:54 Tour of inputs & outputs
  • 4:57 This is NOT a live streaming box (on its own)
  • 6:26 Inputs 1-4 and their audio settings, including AFV
  • 7:52 Audio inputs (and why you can't use them)
  • 10:30 Still and Black buttons
  • 12:10 Transitions
  • 14:23 FTB (Fade to black)
  • 14:31 Picture in Picture
  • 15:51 Keyer for green screen and graphics
  • 18:38 Software Switcher
  • 20:05 Software Audio controls (incredible!!)
  • 23:43 Summary
  • 24:04 Output Settings
  • 25:09 Setting the ATEM as a Webcam in Skype
  • 26:15 XML export and import

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engo una duda y problema, no puedo conecatar el atem mni por medio de la red, le puse su cable de ethernet al modem pero no enlace por la direccion ip , luego use un router, donde el atem mini va al router al igual la pc, por medio de usb no tengo problemas para usarlo con el atem software, pero quiero usarlo por athernet para usar otra lap para controlarlo. alguien me puede ayudar ?
A lot of users (read Blackmagic forum) do not have any preview output into their monitors (except camera 1 input), no other hmi output even with / without all hdmi input turned off.

It’s a big issue. Blackmagic don’t communicate about it.
If it had a multi-view, I'd buy 10 immediately. I guess thats what the TV studio is for.
Or, the ATEM mini Pro has multiview… but good luck getting ten of ‘em!
Quick question is it possible to use two atem mini video mixers together so instead having for hdmi now you have 8 I’m actually thinking about doing something like that
Yes, but you’ll have seven inputs, not eight. One of the inputs will be taken by the other ATEM. And, you will need two computers to connect if you want computer control.
Hey Jo! very nice review of Atem Mini! thanks for that! I have two questions, however didn't read the comments.. do you know if Atem Mini can:
1. do the auto transistion between input using CUT feature?
2. the sources be scaled (zoomed in) in the software per input?
I don't know what you mean by "auto transition using CUT". An "auto" is a cross dissolve or some other wipe/DVE effect. A "cut" is a hard cut. As to scaling; scaling down has been an option for the upstream key but as of a recent update, you can now scale UP as well. Watch this:
​@PhotoJoseph thanks for reply. but auto transition using CUT I meant that if you have CUT active and when you press AUTO - will it switch automatically between the cameras using cut?
as to scaling - I would rather need to scale up what the camera sees - like cropping a part of the image and put it in full screen output.
Anton Szandor LaVey
Brilliant demo, very informative. Your presentation style is just brilliant. I'm sold on this device, it's exactly what I need. Cheers!
Thank you, I appreciate that!
How is the hardware latency for zoom skype and so on? Is this usefull for that .... ?
I don't understand the question. I showed how you connect to skype, zoom etc so it can definitely be used for that. The latency in your camera, not the switcher. Maybe there's a few milliseconds more added by the ATEM but nothing I've measured
PhotoJoseph 20 ms 40 ms .... we will see. of corse has the Atem scaler a processing latency. this is not a question of the camera. live on tape or live streaming is not the same - as you to talk to people and they have to answer in time. the Atem is a switcher and a scaler - that is good and fine ... so people are using an audiodelay and they will know it.
My QuickTime recordings would constantly fail 25 seconds in when using just the webcam out on the Atem Mini. Using the Atem Mini HDMI out THROUGH my ElGato CamLink has given me rock solid performance, though! the result looks way better than when I capture through the Atem Mini Webcam out, too.
What codec are you recording on the Ninja? Doesn't it get full very quickly?
The ATOMOS recorders all record to both ProRes and DNX. ProRes can be LT, 422 or HQ. Yes, they are big files. 422 is about 600 to 800 Mbit.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks! What do you use to record longer videos? LT?
No, always 422. I have 512 GB and 1TB SSD drives. Never not had enough space.
@PhotoJoseph So not HQ? Why?
Because HQ is a waste for this. LT is probably enough to be honest.
When I press the AFV button, a bunch of cat videos start playing narrated by the voice of Tom Bergeron and laugh tracks. I called Blackmagic to troubleshoot but they hung up.
I can't imagine why
Good video. Thanks!
thank you for watching!
We are trying to setup Green Screen through the Blackmagic ATEM Mini. We need to know what settings to use to be successful.
If there was just one setting, then the green screen would have an on/off switch. It has a series of adjustments because every green screen setup is different. Follow the instructions on how to enable it and how to adjust and find the settings that work for your setup.
Epiphan Video Webcaster X2 - I would say it is not low cost with 400 $
They are discontinued and people are marking them up. They should be $250.
What should be the laptop specifications for a youtube live streaming of 1080p?
Do I need a high end laptop or normal i3 with 4gb RAM will be sufficient?
Check the requirements of whatever software you’re going to use (OBS, Wirecast, etc). Or get the ATEM mini pro instead and let it do the streaming!
Great video. Thank you!
There is the "AFV" option and i was wondering is there a way to let the video follow the audio to?
well… that's the same thing. The 1-4 buttons switch video. "AFV" is "audio follows video". You couldn't have the video be triggered by an audio change, because you can have as many audio channels on at once as you like, but of course you can't have all the video channels on at once.
​@PhotoJoseph Okay. many thanks for the reply... I got it I think... 🤔
My idea was to have automated switching of video feed. For example in a conversation to the one who is speaking. Similar to a Videoconference where the one who is speaking is always the main video feed.
(I'm not sure if I make myself clear cause I'm not a native English speaker... who would have guessed? 😊)
Oh I see. There’s definitely nothing like this. It’s easy for a conference call app like zoom to do that because every speaker is isolated. If you had a group of people on stage, even each with their own mic, those mics can still hear the other people. Besides, you really wouldn’t want the software switching for you. A good live camera switch require skill and art.
​@PhotoJoseph That makes truly a lot of sense and it saved me a lot of searching for a software solution that isn’t there. Thank you very much! I will just have to do the post editing with the two camera streams that I want to produce then I guess…
So, thanks again for your kind replies and wish you all the best. ✌
Awesome and you’re welcome!
You sold me on this.
They sure did! I made a video on it:
Thank you so much for this video! By far the best overview of the ATEM Mini that I've watched.
Aw, thanks!!
Is there a mode where the switcher can be automatic? Switching without the user switching.
Totally. You build a macro and loop it. So for example. “Switch to Cam A. Wait 20 seconds. Switch to CAM B. Wait 30 seconds.” Then you run that macro with the “loop” enabled and it’ll continue indefinitely!
Fantastic review. I'm looking to get one for live streaming weddings during the current C19 pandemic. Do you know if it is possible to switch the ATEM mini remotely? If I was in the room it would be great to switch to different angles from a remote in my pocket, or if I have to set up my mac in a different room, perhaps I could just run a hdmi cable to it?
Thanks. The ATEM can be controlled over the local network. You could use a Mac/PC anywhere on the network to control it. You can also use an iOS app (search “strata ATEM” in the App Store; there are a few with different levels of control) to control it. If you’re looking for a physical button you could keep hidden in your pocket, I’m sure it could be done through some clever scripting. There’s lots of third party integrations so something could be rigged up.
Great tour :-) The audio delay can now (with the latest software update) be set in the audio mixer.
I just released a video on that!
Nice Presentation, thank you. Just had an email from ATEM to say they've added 'audio delay' to their latest software upgrade - Yay!
Nice! My ATEM arrived yesterday, I can’t wait to use it :)
Bas Hageman mine too!
Great info! Thanks! I’m getting one!
Can you please do a vid on the green screen keyer. It’d be great to know about that too!!
Thanks in advance.
It's not high on my priority list but I may do one. In the meantime, check out this older video on doing green screen on the original ATEM. Same concepts, but the one in the Mini is more advanced.
Would like to see the encoder please
Blackmagic update available today that "Adds adjustable audio delay on the analog inputs on ATEM Mini models."
Amazing. Thank you!
You have managed to explain everything i needed to know and more in 1 video, after watching about 10 other tutorials about the atem mini i still didnt get the same info
haha glad to help. My videos may be long… but they attempt to be thorough ;-)
Hi, thanks for the review, I plan to use the Atem mini pro in a Church, and stream it live, but I need also to stream you tube videos of hymns. Can I connect a computer HDMI output into an input on the ATEM? Do I need a program for that?
Yes you can and no you don’t.
I wish they come in Sdi inputs
Check the ATEM Television Studio, starting at $1,000 with four HDMI and four SDI. No built-in encoder or built-in scalers though.
@PhotoJoseph THANKS JOSEPH for your help. Appreciate it
Can this mini ATEM take 4K cameras? Panasonic Ag CX350
It won't scaled 4K but the camera should be able to output HD while simultaneously recording 4K. The LUMIX ones do; I've never actually used the CX350 but I'm reasonably confident it can, too.
@PhotoJoseph Oh thank you soo much Joseph I'm looking for a 4K switcher for CX350.
You want to stream 4K? ATEM 2M/E. $6,000+
@PhotoJoseph yes Joseph
Please do a show on the Epiphan Webcaster X2. Can it go directly from a camera to the streaming site?
I've done several shows on the X2; just search my channel. However the X2 is now discontinued, so not quite as interesting any more :-)
amazing product and excellent video :)
I appreciate that!
Can you monitor the different camera views prior to it feeding to your live stream (web cam into computer/encoder). Like if you want to PTZ a camera to the proper spot prior to switching. Or does that require other monitor solutions per camera? And if it does then would you have to split the hdmi out from the cameras to separate monitors.
Actually you want to use the ATEM Mini Pro if that's your goal. Check this out:
Hi joseph, thanks for your time and your are so so clearin your explain of the product! this ATEM Mini one can record the program? we are a cooking school in Chile, and because of COVID we will go to live online classes and we would like to transmit the program though vimeo Live, and offer the record of the video for about 60 days after the show, any idea on how to do that! can we export the show to a file?
The ATEM Mini can not, but the Pro can. Watch this video:
Excellent video!
Hello PhotoJoseph, A couple of questions, if you don't mind. 1) If a sound board allows it, could it be the only audio input for ATEM Mini in a multi-camera and multi-mike setup? I would like to use dedicated mics, and not the audio coming in from cameras. 2) Can I use an iPad as the monitor for the ATEM Mini, or would you rather go with the ATEM Mini Pro for double the price? Thank you
1) You have total control over which audio is being used, so yes, you would feed your sound board into one of the two mic/line-level inputs, and disable all the rest. 2) There’s no way to use an iPad as a monitor on either device. The Pro gives you Multiview and built-in live streaming and recording to USB drive. If you don’t need those, then the regular will suffice.
@PhotoJoseph Thank you for taking the time to reply. Much appreciated.
Very good job. My question. When you do the fade to black can you program it to fade the audio as the fade to black is activated?
No. FTB is video only. If you want audio to cut off as well, you have to program that, too. Unfortunately programming an audio fade isn’t simple, so I made a video on how to do exactly that:
Why are all the shots except the main one so dark.. Is that an issue with the Atem, not taking the time to adjust the alternate angles or just that only the main shot was lit for broadcast? This is not a lighting criticism but a real question... As I'm think of getting one, and if it's an issue with the Atem it's important to my decision... Thank you :)
Thank you for the complete review. The one we ordered finally arrived after two months on back order. For $295 this is a fantastic little box, pairs well with OBS, and Stream Deck (Using Companion). Blackmagic Design really hit the mark for a budget system, that is very powerful.
Which lav mic do you use?
What mic are you using for this video?
Sennheiser AVX
yes please streaming demo!
Coming next week!
you are champ
Thanks for this Joseph - extremely informative. I have my mixing desk (all mic's running into it for drums, guitar, vocals etc - also often used for zoom meetings while playing) plugged into a Roland VR4HD but thinking of switching to this or the Pro... the issue of delay is managed on the Roland but its cost is huge compared to this... would you recommend plugging sound from the desk into one of my cameras and switching between cameras but running sound through one?
I don’t know if doing this with music will hurt the music or not. The preamps in a camera aren’t the greatest; fine for dialog and general audio but may hurt them music quality. I’d test. The cheapest delay box I know if you have to go external is the Behringer Shark
Thanks for the overview. I wanna ask which camera type is best that allows the LCD to show when an HDMI cable is plugged to it and also give clean HDMI output.?
Thanks as you reply
Nearly all LUMIX cameras
PhotoJoseph, I am a teacher that needs to make a lot of videos because of Covid-19. I like to mix video of me with images/voice over. I post to Google Classroom and IGTV. I have been using a variety of video software and want to settle on one. I use Mac at home and pc at school. I am good with tech but not excellent. Willing to sacrifice some features for ease of use. Can you recommend software. I see you use Final Cut Pro. Is that too much for my needs? I have had issues with iPhoto.
FCPX is great. iMovie is easier to use and will still do what you need.
great video man!!! great work!
thank you!
Just came across this channel as was looking for some info regarding ATEM mini,
And wow, been a while since i seen a direct, highly informative, no nonsense, finely paced review and tutorial of a piece of AV tech equipment, so many online these days lack this.
Instant sub!!!
Thank you, I appreciate that!
Joseph - thanks so much for the great walk through!
Glad you enjoyed it!
Can you use the HDMI out as an output for a video only live event?
sure can!
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