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Camera Makeup for Men ► Tips from a live YouTuber

Photo Moment - January 17, 2018

You're a dude… so you don't wear makeup, right? Well, if you're going on camera… you should. I'm not talking about eyeliner and blush. But a little bit of care (seriously, it takes half a minute) and you can knock back that oil slick on your forehead and before you step in front of the lights. It's easy… and it's cheap. (And I won't tell anyone, I promise)

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If you're going on camera… you should wear makeup. Not much, but something. and you can get it all here:
Talk faster!
love the video. had to look up tips - i do music covers (and originals) - and just upgraded to a good 4k camera rather than just my phone, and a 3 point lighting system - and when i watched it back after it uploaded - the shine was outrageous and made me look like i was sweating the entire time. and i definitely was not haha.
Nice! It’s amazing to me how many people overlook this simple improvement.
it's almost impossible to find a vidéo about film make up for men thank you !
@PhotoJoseph, what kind of earphones are you wearing? I haven't seen them on your kit site. Thanks!
sir!!!! sir!!!! please reduce the rate of speech, its too fast...
These aren't from the makeup community, these are from the drag queen community
Is there a difference?
Thanks so much for this!!!! Great to know about on-camera makeup.
with the blotting sheets, try patting not dragging. Dragging irritates the skin and creates wrinkles.
That powder has a "transparent" variety which "blends seamlessly with your natural skintone".

Also consider a fabric defuzzer.
Helpful. Thanks!
Perfect! Thanks for keeping it simple!
"Snatched" means it's so ridiculously perfect it's almost unreal, inhumanly perfect, perhaps even god-level perfect; imagine as if reaching your ultimate form (if you were a pokemon/digimon ect...) In otherwords "Amazing".
LOL… so, not me? Haha
@PhotoJoseph Based on her list of buzz phrases, she would probably go hysterical (in addition to your fans) if you made an updated video tutorial and called it "How to Paint for the Gods" or maybe just "Painted for the Gods" hahaha. Just an idea.
Thanks for a good video instruction. With WFH video conferencing I have had pretty good luck with Cetaphil wipes, and then Neutrogena Shine Control Power, or Neutrogena Shine Control lotion. However those clean and clear sheets look worth a try.
I swear by them!
Great. Thanks.
A blotting powder from MAC is the best powder for shinny face esp men. I use it all the time for the groom.
Hi Joseph. Great tips for makeup when filming guys. I cannot find your website.
Soin is French for care
Good skincare routine, some sebum control primer on nose and forehead, a little couple dots of concealer in the corner of the eyes and blend in and some powder (eglip blur). Not much but a huge difference.
I’ll look these things up, thanks…  you’re basically speaking a foreign language to me ;-)
Love the content!!! I would recommend BB cream because its great for a natural look and no one would ever tell you have it on. I've put together a list of male grooming tips on my channel that will instantly make you appear more attractive -@ check it out
Which video? None of yours at titled such that I’d know there’s a list there.
😂😂😂😂 no tea no shade lol
hehe someone with a beard had to say it… 😂
"Spilling the Tea" is the modern equivalent of "Letting the cat out of the bag"
Yep… the whole makeup world is like a foreign language ;-)
Great tips - I was actually in a department store trying to get advice today on this. As well as filming myself I will be recording interviews, hadn't even considered the makeup for clients aspect.
Those three quotes are all from drag culture, which currently has a lot of influence on beauty influencer culture
Sounds about right
Nice Video, which brush is best ? any brand ? and this "Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder" is 100% natural items ? not hard for face skins ?
Thanks and I can’t say “best”; this is just what I use. For “best” you’ll want to visit a real makeup channel. As to the Rimmel; click the link to see what it says. I can’t verify anything beyond what’s on the packaging!
@PhotoJoseph ok thanks joseph
No, you should NOT wear any of that muck. More and more men these days are acting like women and seem to think it's normal to use women's products. I just don't get it. Ok, we see some shiny parts or whatever - So what? It doesn't hurt anyone. It's just so gross to see a man using that stuff. Yuk, what's wrong with you?
Spoken like a real man
Also you do know that every actor, newscaster, etc of any gender and for all time who’ve put their faces in front of a camera have worn makeup… right?
CowsRus- I definitely agree. But I am more attracted to woman that generally don’t wear makeup too. Don’t need it. I’d rather know she’s a natural beauty.


I’m about to do an online interview and I’m actually going to step up my game with this stuff. Not going to start wearing makeup or anything on a regular basis but why not carry those degreaser papers in my car. I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

PhotoJoseph - how close can you get before you can tell the matte is on? Does it wipe off on your close or stay on?

also random side note- one of my nursing classes deals with nursing across cultures- I would say I’m pretty cultured however, I had no ideas what those phrases meant in the beginning of your show. Read a comment that said it’s from drag culture. Geez- it doesn’t matter how cultured you are there’s still stuff you’re not going to know.
really concise and simple! this almost isn't even makeup, but just...degreasing.
Yep. I don’t want to look like I’m wearing makeup, which in itself is a challenge!
@PhotoJoseph I see. I have the complete opposite skin type that you do, so if anything I have to be adding oil back.
Hey Joe , Thanks for the info , I have always wonder how to do makeup and I am currently in test / preproduction to starting my channel .
I truly appreciate your video , super job , take care , Gary  ( Dreamer )
Thanks for the nice comment!
no tea no shade lol
“Soin” lol That’s French for “care” 😂🤣
Excuse me man I thought movie stars or other famous people like singers ( men and women) wear makeup before shooting a movie or doing a music video
On camera? Wear makeup.
@PhotoJosephok, one more thing can a male wear make up if he wants to hide pigmentation or scars or something?
Traylon Wilson sure, makeup can hide anything. But that’s bring my skills.
Pretty cool
kindly please talk less work more
Kindly please comment less watch more
Awesome, thanks Joseph!
Great video! Soin means care in French.
Even a lot of women don't appreciate the value of an oil-free noshine appearance.
I think it’s so important! Looks awful being shiny on camera
Great tutorial, and just the essentials. If we had the budget to hire a makeup person, they wouldn’t need this tutorial. Just as I don’t need an hour long regiment of moisturizers and concealers to deal with skin shine. I doubt any male I Point a camera at has ever had makeup applied before, so even basic makeup is asking a lot.
A little bit makes all the difference in the world!
Is your wife a dude?
Are you?
@PhotoJoseph : Sometimes.
Did your man just out you???
Every day.
Haha, your ‘bunch of stuff’ pile is a tiny little drop in the sea of many thousands of dollars worth of magic potions it takes to make me look 39, when I’m actually 44. Love the video 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

PS: spilling tea has grown. It was traditionally used in the gay and drag community, meaning spreading gossip. It’s not exclusive to, or originated on makeup channels. Haha. Just FYI. Shade is being rude to someone, and same, originated in the drag community. Snatched is PERFECT, and again, originated in drag 🦜🦜🦜

Your buffing stippling powder technique is IMPRESSIVE 🏆 If you get a loose translucent powder, it should work for all skin tones. Just a tip for you 🙏🏻 Also, for anyone who cares, Rimmel is cruelty free, MAC is not. Other drug store brands that are cruelty free are Wet N Wild & Cover Girl. Other drug store brands DO test on animals and sell in China, where its mandatory to test on animals prior to taking a cosmetic to market. The MAC prep and prime ‘ointment’ you’re using, is a mattifying primer. You can get those at the drug store, better performance, for keeping oil at bay, and cheaper. Mattifying primers are EVERYWHERE. NYX makes a decent one for around $5. I’d suggest a primer even under powder for long filming time. Controls oil magically ✨✨✨✨ Ok I’ll get my makeup obsessed ass out of your comments section now 🙀
Best comment ever 😊 Makes me happy when someone who really knows makeup watches my video and says I’m not an idiot!! Haha Thanks for all the tips, too. I’ll check out some of those brands and look into the good ones. Thanks again!
PhotoJoseph Awesome!! If you ever need tips, please don’t hesitate to ask !! I bet your wife and I could get up to some real trouble at a Sephora haha. Your stippling of the Powder was actually a lot better than many MUAs out there (makeup artists).
This is an amazing video! You’re such a pro! Watch out beauty community! :)
Lol this video.
Any good?
Yes of course plenty..
Oh good!
I’m watching it. Haha.

I'm a tv makeup artist and I think you did a great job!!! Love the dry shampoo idea. :)
That's awesome to hear, thank you!
I'm a guy that uses "tv makeup" for an everyday look. I want it to be totally unnoticeable and just look like I have good skin.

Right now my routine is after skincare
>little green stick on redness blended
>regular concealer stick all over and blended
>matte powder
>setting spray

It looks damn good rn. But im a noob. Anything else you would recommend? The big pores on my nose turn white but it looks fine. Thats my biggest concern.
Brother, you’re way beyond what I do! I couldn’t possibly recommend anything else. Sorry, but I would say checkout real make-up channels and post your questions there. Good luck!
What are the main colors you keep in your kit for the Mac Powder ?
Somehow I was struggling to find decent make up for video tutorials with links to products. This was awesome, thanks a bunch!
My pleasure!
A little concealer might be good. Esp when you weren't able to get a good night's sleep.
Whoah, harsh!! 😂 Yeah that’s fair I suppose, although for me personally it’s more about the shine (I hate the shine) and not about looking younger/better.
Do you need multiple powders for clients with different skin tones?
definitely helps, if you have someone with a darker complexion and you use the wrong powder you can create a grey cast on there skin
A translucent powder should be no pigment, enough so that you can apply it to the roots of your hair and it shouldn’t show. Coty Airspun is cheap, and they make a Translucent, but it’s SMELLY as hell. The BEST is Laura Mercier Translucent, or 100% Pure Bamboo Blurring, but those are around $40.
However you ought to be careful with both on deeper skin bcuz they have a tendency to flash up on camera, Laura mercies has a deeper option of there translucent but airspun does not and that one has a tendency to be a little grayish if too much is applied
Your sense of humor made this so much more entertaining. Haha. Very useful as well! Great production👍
4 cams and you switched streams cleanly + you inserted overlay graphics/audio too, well done (was this a live stream originally?) I grabbed a good still image of you doing man-makeup to share on our local YT/facebook page. I could see that a lot of prep work went into this segment. Polished-casual delivery, you must have a gift for this.
Thank you! Yes, all produced live, but this show got some extra graphics later. PiP is all live, opening graphic is live, and so is the bouncing lower third. The animated youtuber account thing I added later. Tune in for a live show sometime! I usually do almost no editing to the uploaded version. This one I just played with a bit more than usual.
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